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Friday Odds and Ends

deepsixersuede on May 22 at 7:41

Rubio!s representatives have already threatened that he will stay in Europe if Memphis picked him.Normally I would dislike that attitude but he has to "buy himself out" to come over here to play using a sneaker deal or some other way so that could make things interesting.Dannie [recliner g.m.] mentioned moving M.Gasol to the p.f. and drafting Thabeet, that works if they want to play a slower pace but Marc is more of a plodder than his brother.Rubio!s reps mentioned L.A. and Sac. as places he would like to go so a trade to Sac. [#4] would allow Memphis to take J.Hill[ a reach at #2] and maybe get Sac.!s late 1st rounder also.

bebopdeluxe on May 22 at 8:34

Get Hinrich.

Sixers trade Miller (S&T) and Speights
Sixers get Hinrich and Joel Freeland

Blazers trade Rodriguez, Freeland and $7-8 mil in cap space
Blazers get Miller and Speights

Bulls trade Hinrich
Bulls get Rodriguez and $7-8 mil in cap space

If the Bulls really want to re-sign Gordon this summer without paying the lux tax, they really need to get Portland's cap space. They could work directly with Portland, but if 1) the Blazers would prefer Miller over Hinrich and 2) if the Blazers want a backup PF for Aldridge, this is a deal that they may like. The Bulls also get a young PG with some upside, and we get a young big getting better in Europe that we could bring over to replace Sammy when the time comes.

There is also talk that Memphis may want to trade out of their slot...perhaps we could trade Speights, #17 and $3 mil (the max cash that cam be thrown into a deal) to get the rights to draft Rubio. We could also trade Speights to move up in the draft to take either Curry or Holliday....

Or...we could just stay at 17, draft Maynor, and re-sign Miller to a 3-year deal...

Big freakin' yawn...

No guts...no glory.

I love Speights...you love Speights...yada, yada, yada...bottom line, you have to trade something to get something...if you are committed to Iggy, Thad and EB, and you are a rational human being and understand that NOTHING else on our roster will provide the firepower to acquire somoebody to move the needle, youo may come to the same realization that I do - Speights is our best trade asset...and unless you simply want to draft Maynor (if he's even there at 17) and re-sign Miller or one of the MLE options (if somebody like Jack, Sessions or Felton can even be had with the MLE), moving Speights is the option that makes the most sense, IMO.

I wonder...if we hire Thibodeau, I wonder if Hinrich left an impression after that Chicago series? He would be the PERFECT PG to plug in if he really want to fire up our D...and we can STILL draft Maynor whatever young PG strikes your fancy...

That trade for Rubio talk at realgm has been inspired by this: http://www.hoopsworld.com/Story.asp?story_id=12721

"More likely might be the Philadelphia 76ers, who will likely lose Miller, or the Washington Wizards, who thought they were going to get the #2 pick and have already given Rubio a lot of thought. "

From earlier in same article:

"a rumor quickly followed behind that the Memphis Grizzlies would look to trade the pick rather than use it themselves. While Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace has been openly interested in Rubio, we're being told that the Grizzlies would rather have the $3 million they'd likely get from a team looking to move up, as well as a slightly lower pick."

Two problems I see with this scenario: #1, sign-and-trades are very, very rarely beneficial to the team who is signing and trading. Sometimes they wind up with a pick or maybe a minor piece in return, but the odds of a significant coming back to the Sixers is minimal. Essentially, the only way they happen is if the team the guy is leaving sees some minor advantage in helping out the team he's going to. I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that the Sixers would send Miller and Speights to Portland. If they're doing a sign-and-trade, it's because they really want Miller and they don't have the cap space to sign him outright. They're at the disadvantage, so there's absolutely no reason to send them another piece.

Number 2: If this deal was at all possible, I think Portland would simply cut Philly out of it altogether and make the trade directly with Chicago for Hinrich. He's younger, he's a better defender and he's signed to a reasonable contract.

bebopdeluxe on May 22 at 9:43

Thanks for filling that in, tk...

Brian, great tidbits to start the holiday weekend. The Ed's & Tony will be deciding on their new coach while having some burgers, dogs & Coors Light over the weekend. Then they will bunker down and get into the offseason draft/trade discussion. Definitely my favorite kind of talk. Let's let AMILL walk, use Speights, our draft pick and whatever to get our next point guard AND sign our coach for the next decade.

Tom Moore on May 22 at 10:12

A source close to the situation confirmed the Sixers interviewed Chris Ford and Jay Wright, with additional interviews to come.

bebopdeluxe on May 22 at 10:51

Stefanski actually sat down and INTERVIEWED Jay Wright?


I thought that Jay Wright was contacted to gauge whether or not he had interest, and - while flattered - respectfully declined.

When did the actual interview with Wright take place?

bebopdeluxe on May 22 at 11:00

Never mind...saw Kate Fagan's blog...if that is what the Sixers are characterizing as an "interview"...well...OK.

Tom Moore on May 22 at 11:18

'Nova just issued a statement saying Wright has withdrawn from consideration.

That statement that was issued sounds like they are done for the 1st round of interviews. Of those 6 candidates(Jordan, Casey, Rambis, Thibodeau, Wright and Ford). I would rank them in my order of preference:
1 & 2) Thibodeau
3a and b) Casey and Rambis
5a & b) Ford and Jordan

With no Turner even making the cut, Mr. Thibs is my clear-cut choice. Here's hoping Ed gets that 2nd interview in before the Kings get their 1st, and starts the negotiations quick. His skills in defense and player development gives me hope that he might be capable of saving Lou(maybe even Sam). I may be in the minority, but I think Lou has the tools to be an elite defensive guard when focused and disciplined. Thibs can bring that focus and discipline

DeanH reply to Sean on May 22 at 14:03


I agree 100% w/ your thoughts, maybe we can make our minority larger!

I personally believe that Lou can be a top guard in the NBA given the right tough coaching.

John reply to DeanH on May 22 at 14:07

I'm so curios as to what facts support this argument? I've never seen him as more than a poor mans iverson, at best, and iverson might be the most over rated 'star' in the history of the NBA...what is it about lous shoot first second and third mentality that makes people think he can be a top guard?

Sean reply to John on May 22 at 14:37

The difference between AI and Lou on defense is this:
At AI's best, he was a gambling free safety that made any pass near him an adventure for the opposition. But he was never good at ball pressure, nor weak-side help.

However, when Lou is focused, he can pressure the ball, play the passing lane and even really contest shots of taller players(gets a few man-to-man blocks too). He has shown flashes of being more of a complete defender then AI ever did. If a coach(like Thibs) can get him locked in all the time, he could become a great defender at the point of attack.

Sean reply to DeanH on May 22 at 14:39

I hope so. He is too young to write off this quickly. Do I think he could be Stockton? No, but I see no reason why he could not become Tony Parker with 3-pt range.

John reply to Sean on May 22 at 14:54

See...you've gone from 'better on defense' than Iverson to Parker with Range...parker runs an offense, Lou Williams doesn't and never really has.

Where does this 'he can run an offense' come from? He's never done it, and when he tries to, it's a disaster...I see nothing to indicate he has the point guard instincts required

Sean reply to John on May 22 at 15:53

Actually, he's done it in spurts. His most consistent period was during the 07-08 season, yet even then, he was up and down. I've argued elsewhere that Ollie, Henry Bibby and Mo helped to keep him better in line and more under control. But this year, none of those people were around, and Miller was never a vocal mentor for him in any shape or form. Just to be clear, I am not saying Lou is a masterpiece; he is very much a work in progress. But, the potential is there. Plus, playing w/Dala, he can share the ball-handling mantle.

Besides, Parker was very inconsistent when he first started running the Spurs, to the point that Pop often had him splitting time with Speedy. They were going to sign Kidd and make Parker more of a 2-guard if they kept him. But Parker matured and balanced himself out as a point guard somewhat. He still is more of a scorer, but he can make plays for others too. The key is that Pop stayed on his ass from day one.

That is the scenario I am talking about.

Lou may have the quickness and leaping ability to be a decent defensive guard, but he's sorely lacking strength. From a tools perspective, maybe he could be passable. From a "What I've actually witnessed with my own two eyes" perspective, he's garbage defensively. Freakish athleticism with limited mental ability and desire pretty much equals a lackluster defender. That's what I've seen from Lou for basically his entire career. His on-the-ball defense consists of letting his man blow by him, then chasing after him, instead of moving his feet to keep his man in front of him.

Yes, he's made a few spectacular defensive plays (I remember one block of Okur in Utah, I think he might's blocked a shot from Yao once too), but those plays are few and far between. If a coach can come in here and turn Lou into a decent defender I'll nominate him immediately for coach of the year, because I simply haven't seen any signs pointing to something like that happening.

Sean reply to Brian on May 23 at 13:30

That's why I like Thibodeau, he has a rep for player development combined with a mind for defense. I believe that, of all the candidates named thus far, he could make Lou into a good defender. I am not saying its not a project. But, other then strength(which can come with age and training), he has the rest: quicks, hops, good hands, good feet.

There is a Sixers insider who sometimes posts on the RealGM board. He has gotten a lot of stuff right over the years ahead of the press. He said that the team will be interviewing Mike Budenholzer(Popovich's chief deputy) and that they loved Thibodeau and were very impressed with Casey. He believes those are the top 2. Also, Avery Johnson apparently turned down the interview, preferring to do TV and wait for his ideal job to open up.

Mikey Miss (if you trust him and his sources) is saying the Sixers plan to interview Johnson, Collins, JVG and Budenholzer.

John reply to Dannie on May 22 at 14:01

I'll trust the guy from realgm than mikey miss as i've heard him talk about the sixers and think his basketball iq might be lower than Sam Dalemberts

Sean reply to John on May 22 at 16:00

Especially since that statement that was released sounded as if the initial round of interviews is done and now they are fine-tuning just who the final choice will be. Or else, why send out that message if there are more candidates to be interviews.

There's also some talk regarding the draft that Memphis might just keep the pick and draft thabeet and than OKC would take Rubio (for some reason, Rubios people mind memphis but not oklahoma city) which could mean interesting things for the future of russell westbrook.

Early days post lottery, lots and lots of smoke, lots and lots of writers speculating to fill column space, and lots of this speculation will evolve beyond speculation on the internet by people writing posts that lend more credence to the item than baseless writer speculation, happens a lot :) It's interesting to watch that sociological 'whisper down the lane' aspect of the internet sometimes.

The big talk yesterday from the bulls that I read was all about moving Tyrus Thomas cause they prefer Noah, and now it's time to discuss extension, and Thomas and the coach just don't get along. There's a lot of Thomas supporters out there who claim he gets a bad rap and the numbers indicate he 'should be better', not sure I buy it, and not sure I'd be interested in Brand for Hinrich and Thomas...trading Elton Brand now would be ridiculous and Stefanski would have egg on his face for years to come unless the trade somehow won the sixers a title - and it wouldn't

Not for nothing - but this rumor has been floating around for a while, and the smoke is building into a fire possibly, majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats is looking to sell the teams. Teams looking to sell often shed salaries and long term deals to look more attractive to potential buyers...

Another point guard who might fall into the draft mix?

While I was in New York, I traveled east to Long Island to watch UConn's A.J. Price work out. Some terrible traffic in the area meant I got to see only around 30 minutes of the workout, but Price looks to be in great shape.

He won't be a great workout player. He's a point guard who's at his best when he's playing in a real game. But he showed off a nice midrange jump shot and a terrific stutter-step off the dribble.

His NBA 3-pointer was inconsistent, but that has been the case with every prospect I've seen on the workout tour.

Also rumor that detroit would look to move their pick (15) but for instant cap relief to increase cap space for the 09 off season

Does anyone know if the sixers are actively looking for more draft picks? I see no reason for them not to atleast try to pick up another one or two. cost is low, risk is low, and return COULD be high.

Tom Moore on May 22 at 19:05

Avery Johnson's agent said he hasn't talked to Stefanski.

Also, Ford Friday on his interest in the job: "Once a coach, always a coach."

Read this on another paper's site:

The source added that Jeff Van Gundy, Doug Collins and Avery Johnson also might get a look.

It looks like Ed is enjoying looking for a coach. Would like him to wrap it up sometime.

CSN just stated that the first round is not done yet and another round of interviews will take place after narrowing the field.

Sean reply to DeanH on May 23 at 10:20

I think that Budenholzer's probably the last coach, I don't think Collins, JVG or Johnson gets a look, but that is my opinion

Tom Moore on May 23 at 13:58

Can't add a comment on the coach tracker, for some reason.

Ford's coaching record is wrong: He's 323-376, not 323-476.

I know people are down on him and he's probably a long shot, but he has a better winning percentage than E. Jordan. And Dalembert loves playing for him.

Thanks Tom, I fixed that coach tracker post so you can comment and also fixed Ford's record.

I feel pretty much the same about both Jordan and Ford. Not sure why people would want coaches w/ career records below .500. I'd rather take a shot with someone who hasn't failed elsewhere.

And wasn't Dalembert a big fan of Ford because Ford just let him do whatever he wanted?

Tom Moore on May 23 at 14:00

Trading up to No. 5 would be very difficult for the Sixers, given their lack of pieces other teams want (other than Young and Speights).

I'd be willing to deal Speights, and they could also use money (up to $3M) plus future pick(s).

If they want to do it, they could probably move up.

A. Dalembert loving playing for a a coach isn't an encouragement - it's a discouragement because of Sam's history and approach to the game

B. Winning percentage of coach means very little to me unless they were coaching the same exact teams and the same exact time with the same competition. I think Jordan got more from that wizards roster than anyone ever can or will

Really, you don't think anyone else could've taken a team with Arenas playing out of his mind, a dynamic wing in Butler and another potent scorer in Jamison at the 4 to the playoffs? I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I'm not that impressed with his work in Washington.

I say if you're going to hire guys with head coaching experience, I want to see someone who has at least had success in the role.

John reply to Brian on May 23 at 20:08

What was lenny wilkens career won loss record? Was he good or bad?

180 games over .500 on his career. Also won a championship. Good parallel to draw to Jordan, though.

It's a sunday odd and end and not confirmed, but calathes now seems like a wasted pick - this makes no sense though?


Calathes already signed a contract in greece?

That's insane. Before reading the story I thought maybe they gave him a ton of money, but he'll be making the same over there?

What would this mean as far as the draft is concerned. Can a US team draft him and own his rights whenever he decides to come back? Is he considered a rookie if/when he does or would he be a free agent? Crazy.

John reply to Brian on May 24 at 13:58

Yeah, they can draft him...and own his rights, but people expect the buyout to be huge...also rumors that this is Calathes dad, and not Nick, which gives me Lindros nightmares I don't want to think of.

THis isn't something you gotta do now though, wait until after the work outs, a week before the draft, the option will still be there, if this turns out to be true it makes no sense to me from like 7 different ways...why not just stay in school?

Though if it suddenly comes out UF is under investigation for things involving Calathes...

I don't get it at all. You have a chance to play in the NBA for the same amount of money, probably on pretty good team considering where he's going to be drafted. No sense at all.


At the bottom they talk about invites to vegas to audition for 2012

If Iguodala isn't among a group that invites Glen Davis, I mean what the frack?

Iguodala was on basically the scout team last year, I have to think he's on their radar. Oden and Big Baby don't belong anywhere near that list, neither does Perkins.

bebopdeluxe on May 24 at 20:16

I dunno...I was actually pretty impressed with what I saw from Perkins in the playoffs...he's not an all-star, but he's better than any 5 we have.

(I know that's not saying much)

Perkins as our starting 5 would be a MAJOR upgrade.

Major upgrade? Perkins turns the ball over more than Dalembert, doesn't rebound nearly as well, doesn't block as many shots.

This season he was a more efficient scorer, a marginally more efficient scorer, that's pretty much the only area in which he was better than Dalembert.

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