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The Three-Point Difference

deepsixersuede on May 25 at 8:04

Brian, getting a coach with a better defensive plan may allow us to play guys that have the ability to hit the 3, but not defend well.[Kopono,as an example]. A new offense with less dribbling and more screening and cutting, along with a healthy Elton may get more open looks for this team as well,again the new coach will be the key.I disagree about Donyell, I hope he is back and allowed to play the R.Horry role in more games, but less long minute stretches.He has a knack for coming off the bench cold and burying a three, which is hard to find,especially in a young player.Coming out of draft night with two guys that can shoot,and play in the backcourt is the best possible scenerio and possible by just buying a late first for a future first or cash.Calathes leaving hurts but there are guys available there.I!ll throw one more Spieghts trade out there although I would rather they not move him.Minnesota has Foye,M.Miller and Carney on their wings and will probably be taking a backcourt player with their first pick.At #18 they would probably like to go big,and if Spieghts is better to them than J.Johnson or Mullins would we do a Spieghts for #18 and C.Brewer deal. If we came out of this draft with Brewer,Lawson[#17] and either Ellington or Thornton at[#18] would that be enough of an improvement in your eyes.

Brewer is a bad, bad idea for the Sixers. It would take a lot of work to make a trade to make the shooting on this team worse, trading for Brewer would accomplish that.

The only way I move Speights is if it lands us Curry or a guy like Hinrich.


Good post.I do agree with something Brian said which the pundits here in Philly don't. Every writer, journalist,etc. has said that Iguodala is not a 2 he is a 3 and it won't work with him and Thad in the lineup. I totally disagree and think if the Sixers can land a point guard with 3 point range,that would be the best situation for them. I think that situation would really allow them to spread the floor and play inside out with Brand. This also gives them their best defensive team.

Well, one of the guys in the draft I thought would be a good fit for the Sixers is gone. Nick Calathes is going to Greece:

I thought he'd be a good fit for the Sixers with his shooting, passing and high basketball IQ.

Such a crazy turn of events.

Chris reply to Brian on May 25 at 18:07

I guess I don't blame him. He's getting mid-1st money, a house, a car and no tax. I'm somewhat surprised with those deals the NBA isn't losing more players like this or Childress.

That being said, now I'm hoping for Maynor if they stick where they are in the draft. Quick question, with Rubio saying he might not want to leave Spain do you think the Sixers could move up and get Rubio? Would we want to?

John reply to Chris on May 25 at 18:41

The NBA is still the best professional basketball league in the NBA - there's a lot less risk of violence in the stands and you don't ever 'not' get paid - both things that can happen in euoprean ball...

Good post Brian,

Although, if Thad can shoot everywhere from three what he shoots at home(40%), that would improve their effectiveness, especially if he can do it in volume. Plus, I have hopes that Lou might get back to the mid-30s as well. Iguodala needs more catch-and-shoot threes and less pull-ups and step-back attempts. I hope he can refine that shot. He twitted about going to ATTACK gym to put up some shots. You never know, maybe he can get to the mid-30's, nearly average shooting.

I have an interest in a few possible free agents that could help. Kyle Korver has said that if any team shows an interest in him, he's opting out. Would you be interested in Kyle's return? As a 6th man, he could be quite effective.

Another player that might be available and could hit some threes is Rodney Carney. He would be cheaper than Korver, for sure, but he is a much better defender, though not as good of a shooter.

The third is a bit of a wild card candidate: Boki Nachbar. He played in Russia this year, and things did not go well due to the Economic collapse. He can shoot, finish at the rim(just ask Sam) and has a connection with Ed Stef from NJ.

What do you guys think?

I would say yes to Korver, provided we have already addressed the PG position. Yes to Carney if they sign him for the minimum or bi-annual.

Nachbar, I don't know, I never really saw enough of him. From the numbers, it looks like he did a nice job of stretching the floor. Above-average three-point shooter. It would depend on how much he'd cost.

deepsixersuede on May 25 at 14:18

Brian, he shot last year [Brewer] more like he did at Flor. and stepped up big in big games for Flor. in the tournament.They tried to change his form [ugly] his rookie year but last year,before he got hurt was pretty effective.I think he is a real good catch and shoot guy and defensively we know what he can be.

I'm with Brian on this one, Brewer would be terrible for us. We can throw out this year's shooting numbers (he only attempted 12 3-pt shots this season) and focus on his rookie year, when he had the second-worst TS% at his position in the entire NBA. Now, a year later coming off major knee-surgery, why would he be any better.

True, he's a good defender. But read what John Hollinger had to say about his offensive game:
"Brewer has a high dribble and seems to lose his balance a lot when he tries to drive; he's also incredibly thin, so using his size in the post is a nonstarter. His offensive numbers were unimpressive even in college and it's pretty easy to see why -- in addition to the shaky handle, he's a poor shooter with a flat shot. He actually airballed a two-foot finger roll in one game I saw. He can finish in transition, but in the half court his best bet at becoming somewhat useful offensively is to develop that midrange jumper. "

Yeah, I'd need to see a lot more than 12 attempts to convince me that he isn't a horrible shooter from three.

bebopdeluxe on May 26 at 12:02

Good post...all this does is reinforce the point that IF you are committed to Iggy, Thad and EB at the 2, 3 and 4, any material improvement in 3-point production is going to have to come from the PG...which is why - like you - I am open to moving Speights to either 1) move up in the draft for Curry or 2) package Speights with a S&T'd Miller in a 3-way with Portland and Chicago to land Hinrich.

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