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Grab Your Sombrero!

Better than going to europe - no time zone issues - not sure the draw to mexico for the sixers or the suns, what am I missing?

Andre Iguodala...sounds vaguely Latin American, I suppose.

Check this out from Iggy's wikipedia page:

As a senior at Lanphier in 2002, he averaged 32.5 points, 13.9 rebounds and 8.2 assists per game, helping lead his team to the state championship game. He was named Chicago Sun-Times Player of the decade.

They named their player of the decade in 2002?

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 12:48

Well wikiepedia ain't the most reliable, nor is it footnoted...he was named player of the year (high school my guess) for 2002.


I thought the NBA tried to find 'ties' to the nation of at least one team when they send them internationally...

Phoenix is pretty close to Mexico, although San Antonio is the closest NBA city to Monterrey, I believe.

noah reply to john on May 26 at 13:45

quick little digression: A study conducted by the British journal Nature revealed that Wikipedia contains fewer factual errors (as a percentage of the overall content) than the Encyclopedia Brittanica, and that was in 2005, since which Wikipedia has adjusted its rules and format to become even more accurate.

john reply to noah on May 26 at 13:47

Well, as someone who was trained in the hard sciences and writing research journals, it's still an iffy source, and any one using one source always makes me wary, the fact that the 'player of the decade' thing doesn't even have a footnote on wikipedia makes it suspect as it is easily verifiable and disproven on multiple other sites...in fact someone should fix it :D

deepsixersuede on May 26 at 22:36

With the way things are in Mexico, I don!t know if I want my team going there.

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