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You Can Call Me Ed (May 26th)

I have Dalembert winning the battle here, simply because I think the competition pushes him to dominate (defensively), which he's capable o

Don't see it...that implies a motivation to 'succeed' that I've never seen from Sam...see the O'brien era...I expect he'd lose the job and whine about it every day until he got traded or fined (whining publicly should be conduct deterimental)

Aside from that one thing, I like a lot of it - totally forgot about Udoka - he kind of vanished a bit this season - he was on the spurs still yes?

I like the trade up to #5 thing - but I don't think speights and 3 million would get it done...even in a weak draft high picks are going to be hard to get...

Couldn't come up with a better plan myself though

That's the beauty of Gortat. If Sammy turtles up and whines, he has a nice warm spot on the end of the bench.

Who knows how he'll react, he hasn't really had anyone challenge his job since he signed the contract.

Ford on Curry today, for what it's worth:

Nick (NJ): I hope the Knicks do not select steph curry. Regardless of the system, hes an undersized 2 who wont be able to defend anyone or create his own shot. hes got a quick release but i dont think hes worthy of the 8 pick in an average draft year. (and this is well below average). What are the chances the Knicks take Jonny Flynn? Some guys just know how to play in the garden and thats half the battle. And this kid can do it.

SportsNation Chad Ford: I like Jonny Flynn and he could be a good player for the Knicks, but I think you're wrong about Curry. I got to see him workout today and I think he's bigger and better than you think he is. He'll figure out how to run the point and when he does, I think he can be special. His jump shot is a thing of beauty and he's so clever with the ball. I still think Steve Nash isn't a crazy comparison.

I still think Steve Nash isn't a crazy comparison.

Aside from - you know - the years nash played at point guard / running an offense before he came from the nba?

I think it's a crap comparison personally - find me a guy who primarily was a scoring guard who 'ran' the offense for one year and then was successful at a mid major - nash didn't even go to a mid major - i mean dear god he went to santa clara i believe

I think the nash comparison is a bad one

My blog mate Pete also got in a question with Ford asking if the top point guards are all gone who the Sixers should pick. He said Jeff Teague.

What do you think of Teague? His three-point percentage was great at Wake, but I keep hearing that he's a poor shooting. And the comparison I've seen most often is Lou Williams, which doesn't exactly excite me.

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 15:36

Well according to DX that's a worse case scenario - check out their best case


Yeah, read the blurb there. He must have take a ton of his threes off the dribble or something for those numbers to make sense.

Watched him a bit since he was in the ACC. I liked Teague all year until he started to disappear down the stretch. It's one thing to go in a slump. I can handle that. What I don't like is when guys that talented stop being aggressive when they have the ability to dominate games the way he did against Ty Lawson and UNC this year. That is my biggest concern because that is something harder to coach or teach I think.

He can shoot but like most rookies will need to prove his range extends with similar accuracy.

I can understand the Lou Williams comparisons. He is quick as hell to the basket and likes to attack the rim more than stop short shoot floaters like Maynor. So he gets fouled like Lou does now and is a little bigger as well.

Personally if he isn't projected to be a lottery pick I think he should go back to school and show more point guard ability. He drives to score not to pass and turns the ball over a bit too much. And because he was the main penetrator you didn't get enough chances to see him in catch and shoot situations to get feel how he would work out on the Sixers in that role (I think he would be ok with it though). If he showed more true point guard ability (teammate shot creation and lower turnover rate) he would probably be a lock top 10 pick like he was projecting to be earlier in the season.

I think he could become a scoring point guard whereas I think Lou Williams is a straight up shooting guard.

Here is the one thing I look for now with these 6-2 / 6-3 comb-ish type guards: #1 Are they coachable and #2 do they want to be a point guard vs. being a scorer. If both those are there I am cool with them. Because the guy I would look to model them after is Chauncey Billups. He isn't a really high assist point guard like Nash, Paul or Williams. But he is good enough 5-8 per game, has good size for the position, and a nice jumper.

Coming out of Colorado Billups had the same issue of being confused as a combo guard and he struggled early on with teams and coaches shuffling him back and forth between both guard positions and it took him a while to know when to be a point and when to look for his shot. It wasn't until he got to Minny that got an opportunity to play point and learn from a good one (Terrell Brandon who also was a scoring point) that he really figured it out.

Billups is the type of point guard the Sixers need. If you can find a young kid with talent willing to learn and has a desire to be a real point guard get him and make sure you have the right ppl around him to support his development. I just don't think Lou even wants to be a point or is all that coachable.

According to chad ford - the knicks ware interested in darko

why is anyone interested in darko?

BTW Brian - don't know if you noticed it but ford says the 5 is definitely in play but that the wiz want a 'veteran' (they have 76 million committed next season already, how does that GM have a job?)

Yeah, I saw that. You think they want to move Antawn? They have some bad contracts, but the worst expire this season (Etan Thomas, Mike James).

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 15:59

Antawns is pretty bad I think - horrible deal - so glad the sixers didn't sign him to it - but the second worst deal they signed last off season after the over rated arenas (even if healthy) deal.

I'm not sure what contracts that they'd be unhappy with - but which ones do the sixers have that would be shorter?

None. Iguodala for Arenas and the #5 pick? No thanks. Iguodala for Antawn and the #5 pick? No thanks. Brand for Arenas and the #5 pick? No thanks.

Nothing with a veteran works, unless you consider Lou Williams a veteran. Lou for Darius Sonalia and the #5 works :)

Here's the bigger question, though. I think it makes sense for the Sixers to move up and get Curry. Is there a team out there who would feel the need to trade a quality veteran to get up to the number five spot? I mean, we're talking about Curry, maybe Hardan, DeRozen, Hill. None of those guys seem to me like the type of guy you're going to take on a bad contract and give up a real piece to move up for, no?

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 16:03

Would you trade a longer contract (regardless of skill level) and the #5 with reggie evans - or does the player matter?

Tough question. I really, really want to avoid any contracts that last longer than 2012. But if you could get rid of Reggie and get the #5 pick. I don't know, it would depend on the player.

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 16:10

Well that's why i omitted the player (looking at the wiz roster i'm not sure who is out there really)

I don't know about the wiz but bltache and nick young match up salary wise...give em 3 mil and they that's about 1/3 of what evans is due the next two seasons

Blatche, Nick Young and the #5 for Reggie Evans and $3M. Yes, I'd do that.

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 16:14

Doubt the wiz would :)

Nick Young was the one with the documentary made about him right?

Blatche is really the only deal i can see them having that the sixers could offer something shorter - have they given up on blatche yet?

Who knows. You'd think at this point they would've given up on everyone but maybe Caron, yet they're interested in adding a veteran to put them over the hump. Your guess is as good as mine.

If I'm Ed I would trade up to try to get Tyreke Evans. I believe he can play point in the pros and at worst split the time at the point with Iguodala as the primary ballhandler and playmaker. Evans has proven that he is a number one scoring option and his game is perfect for the NBA game. This might not work out though because I seem to be one of the only ones who thinks Iguodala can play point full time. Evans does have a chance to be a star player and at worst a really good scorer.

john reply to Steve on May 26 at 16:13

It's unfair to evans, but he's a frosh sensation out of memphis - i can't get the memory of the last one (No not carney) out of my mind...


john reply to Brian on May 26 at 16:18

smart ass :)

the last one drafted by the sixers in the top 10

the one the sixers (brown) thought would make an excellent point guard

Sorry Tyreke - it ain't your fault but hughes is almost as scarring as sean bradley

Graham reply to john on May 26 at 17:19

Hughes was out of St. Louis.

Besides Rose, Dajuan Wagner was the last top 10 Memphis draftee.

john reply to Graham on May 26 at 17:23

Ah right - you're right

For some reason i put him in memphis

I'm with you on Iggy at the point. I'm not with you on Evan though. Everything I've read says he can do everything but shoot. Having another slasher on the court who can't stretch the floor isn't going to get this team over the hump, IMO.

bebopdeluxe on May 26 at 16:12

I have laid out my three way with Portland and Chicago to get Hinrich (Speights and a S&T'd Miller...and we get back Joel Freeland's rights in the deal)...but assuming that doesn't happen, I like most of what Brian lays out here...I do think we may have to give up #17 along with Speights to move up to get Curry (which is the guy we MUST get IMO if we can't get Hinrich somehow), which makes me hope that we can somehow get CJ Watson with the biannual exemption you have going to Udoka.

Does this quote remind anyone of a current Sixer?

He leaves the air too much to make decisions...

Pretty strong scouting report, though.

john reply to Brian on May 26 at 16:32

I give him props on the frogger reference

Lloyd Braun on May 26 at 16:25

I agree, Curry is going to be SPECIAL!

He is a special talent and a student of the game. He will be the best player from this draft class.

Would you consider going after Ben Gordon as a possibility?

Here's how I see it:
Andre Miller signs somewhere else. I don't really think that would come as much of a surprise.

We use the space from the salary he had to sign Gordon. Might have to load the back of the contract more and include money from when Dalembert/Willie/Evans come off the books next summer.

Then we draft a PG with the 17th pick, and develop that player.

In the meantime Royal Ivey or Lou Will start at point. Considering you would use a rookie as a PG I don't think having Lou Will or Ivey start is that crazy of an option. Personally, I would start Ivey for his defensive abilities. Ben Gordon would take a lot of shots anyway and make up for what Ivey lacks on the offensive end. Ivey and Gordon would do pretty well on defense together.

The starters would be Ivey, Gordon, Iggy, Brand, and Dalembert. The reserves would be Lou Will/Rookie PG, Willie Green, Thaddeus, Speights/Evans, and Jason Smith. I think having Lou Will and Thaddeus come off the bench would be great, especially since last year the Sixers had problems maintaining consistent play from quarter to quarter.

We would then address the situation at center by either making a trade with expiring contracts during the season or getting someone in FA with the extra room after the season.

My overall theory is that we have 3 major needs on this team: SG, PG, and C. It's easier to get a good PG by drafting and developing a player (most teams with a good PG hold on to them). A proven SG is harder to get in the draft because a lot of them come into the league and don't live up to expectations. And finally, I just don't think we have the room available to get a real Center, so we should probably wait and use our expiring contracts.

Could you see anything like this even as a possibility, I assume Ben Gordon will cost a lot so maybe he isnt the guy, but anyone else?

The problem is that even without Miller's salary, the Sixers are over the cap. The most they could offer Gordon is the mid-level exception (so roughly $5.3M per year, with 8% increases). He's going to be offered much more than that from someone else.

As for the PG position, I'd feel more comfortable with a rookie starting at PG than Lou or Ivey at this point.

deepsixersuede on May 26 at 22:25

Brian, I am going to have some fun with this, you don!t get to be a g.m. often.I hire the best defensive coach out there,Thibodeax.I do your Spieghts move but draft Holliday,the best p.g. defender and a guy with star potential.Not as good a shooter as Curry but that won!t matter because I have a blockbuster on the table for after the draft.I select the best 2/3 defender at #17 [T.Williams].After the draft,when he is no longer a b.y.c. player I move Iggy to G.St. for Azuibuke and S.Jackson.I use part of the m.l.e. on the birdman [4 mill.?] and sign a shooter [L.Head] for the bi-annual [1.99 mill.] I have traded my best defender yet gotten better defensively by adding 3 lockdown defenders [Holliday,Williams and Jackson] along with the new B.Jones [birdman]. Depth chart: Center;Dalembert,Anderson,J.Smith
P.F.; Brand,Marshall[min.],Evans
s.g.; Azuibuke,Williams,Head
p.g.; Holliday,Williams,Ivey

Alright, nothing crazy here. All the moves are certainly possible. I'm not a fan of Jackson, he's a gunner, but you have him coming off the bench, I assume at the two and three. Holiday's shooting wouldn't be as much of an issue with this lineup.

I think Birdman carries a lot more risk than Gortat, and I think the upside of getting Gortat is much higher. I wouldn't do it, but this is a quality plan.

I'm not sure I could root for Stephen Jackson - ever

deepsixersuede on May 26 at 22:44

John, he is a bit of a knucklehead but he seems to play well in big situations and in a Posey type role could thrive.We can!t get too young, and if we lose both Dre!s we need some experience.

The amount of money he makes ain't a posey type role (and a posey type role didn't work out for new orleans - this is what happens when you over pay a guy for a playoff (small sample size) performance)

Oh yeah - THAT WAS A FOUL ON VARREJAO I don't care what the clock is at - you can't swallow your whistle on that

deepsixersuede on May 26 at 23:27

guys, out of Varijio,Anderson and Gortat who gets the most money this summer?

Can't call it yet - depends on which team makes it to the finals and who has the biggest impact.

Psey like

I'm not sure a trip to the finals even matters to Gortat, unless Howard gets suspended for another game and dominates. I'd say Varejao gets the most in free agency. Even though he's just a rich man's Reggie Evans.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:36

I was basically referring to Andersen and Varrejao...I should have been more clearer - Gortat makes less money than those two no matter what in my opinion.

But Andersen really has to think support system when he signs a new deal.

Well, I'd say w/ $4-5M/year he can afford to move his support system wherever he goes.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:41

If they are willing to move, seriously, guy needs to take that into consideration...as I understand it, he realistically could only sign in Denver or New Orleans due to the support system...but right now it's looking like Varrejao might miss the finals

I don't know the particulars of his support system, but he could hire a couple of guys to live w/ him full time, control his money, drive him everywhere, etc. He could afford that wherever he goes. But you're right, I kinda doubt he leaves Denver.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:46

A support system is more than that - it's family - it's friends - it's familiar surroundings - not just a couple guys you hire - they aren't a support system - they're hired help - guy like andersen as deep as he went - as far as he came back he needs people who truly care about him without money as a motivation to keep him clean and keep him away from temptation.

Addiction is fracked up - you need a lot of help from people who truly care to stay good - not just a couple guys who you pay - if he relaly wants to guarantee being clean - NOH or Denver are the only places he can go according to reports.

Agreed. I'm just saying he can rationalize anything. Ultimately, it's up to him. Doesn't matter if he's surrounded by all of his relatives, and hires a staff of guys to keep watch over him, he needs to stay clean for himself.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:53

If all the things he's gone through and talked about are valid, I can't see him leaving Denver if Denver makes him an offer.

The problem becomes, what if, for some reason, neither denver or NOH offer him a deal?

deepsixersuede on May 26 at 23:43

Watching Cleveland, especially if they lose,could Sammy work for Wallace and their 1st rounder.Ilgauskas could play a few more years if his minutes were cut and Hickson could eventually replace Varejio.We save a year in salary and add could draft Calathes for his rights.

Good showing LeTurnover.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:47

I knew you were skip bayless alter ego

He blew that game.

I wonder what flavor Vitamin Water Dwight Howard likes?

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:51

I didn't see the end, i'd rather watch the last episode of reaper actually, but i saw a bad turnover on a fast break with like a minute left...thing is, in the NBA, we all know it takes more than one really good to great player, even jordan didn't win a title without Pippen...and James hasn't had that, I still think James is probably one of the top 3 in the game right nwo but you can not do it alone...and the magic have more secondary talent even if Howards game isn't as mature (at different positions) as James.

But if Lebron sees this - and realizes this - going to New York without any help or staying in cleveland without any help - that's a problem.

The key is how to find a team where Lebron can have his 'robin' - is that even possible - can you build that or do you have to 'draft' it?

Will Miami have enough for a max contract offer for LeBron next Summer? If Wade doesn't opt out, that is.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:54

I was wondering how much cap room cleveland would have before re-signing lebron - could they work out a deal with him to sign someone? Cap holds are wonky.

No. His cap hold will be monstrous.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:58

Hmm....he and wade and bosh and melo all have opt outs right (god that's a sick draft wasn't it) - is wade really the guy for lebron? Could Melo and Lebron play together, Melo looks good this off season, and hella healthier than wade.

And Is it Wade he should be hoping to be with, or Bosh? If I'm Lebron, I'm talking Cleveland into getting Bosh somehow, anyhow this off season.

And I think he's the best in the game. I just enjoy watching a hype machine fail.

John reply to Brian on May 26 at 23:56

And I can of feel bad for him for that, he isn't responsible for the hype - and people sort of put it on him...

eh. He's no innocent bystander. He makes a complete spectacle of himself on the court, the stupid chalk clap. Running around like a little girl after hitting the 15th game winner of the playoffs (act like you've been there before), team pictures before games.

John reply to Brian on May 27 at 0:00

I just never saw that stuff as contrived, I see it as a kid (really he's pretty damn young still) who still just loves playing the game...and he's having a helluva time doing it...I don't mind the full court shots...to me he's just a guy having fun...

It all seems douchey and contrived to me. "Look how marketable I am!"

Oh, and wasn't all the talk about how the rest of their roster was awesome this season? I thought Mo Williams was the missing piece. Now that they're down 3-1 the supplementary players blow?

John reply to Brian on May 27 at 0:04

The front court supplementary players PF/C were always second tier - and that's the problem right now - the magic are too tall - and better with their 'tall guys' than the cavs - and can't handle Howard at all...even with Varejaos cheap ass foul at the end of regulation.

As for the contrived doucheyness - people were putting this kid on the cover of magazines around 9th grade - I personally don't see it as contrived doucheyness - but maybe that documentary wil change our minds.

Either way - if he were a sixer - I wouldn't mind it :)

Sean reply to John on May 27 at 10:36

Let me say this, I appreciate LeBron as a physical marvel and a tremendous talent. All that being said, the way he plays the game bores me to tears, and I find his "act" completely aggravating.

Plus, his whole act, it is entirely contrived. This is the type of guy that before this last playoff game said, "If I could clone myself, we would be all right."

He is arrogant & conceited. The type of guy who takes 4-5 steps, gets called on it, and still insists for days after "seeing the play again" that he did nothing wrong. He poses and postures after making plays, preening constantly so everyone can look at him.

Is he more amicable than Kobe? Sure. But that does not make his whole thing better in any way.

john reply to Sean on May 27 at 10:47

And that's your opinion, and I think it's genuine...and he is the best over all player i the league - and he doesn't get away with 'more' than any other star in the league, people just give him more grief for it.

Either way, if Kobe or Lebron were a sixer tomorrow, ever sixer fan would love them immeidately

Sean reply to john on May 27 at 12:17

It is your opinion, but I respectfully disagree. You find him genuine, I think he is an arrogant front-running punk.

He doesn't get away with more?! Are you kidding me? I've watched most of the playoffs, especially the last couple of rounds and I can say that I've seen LeBron get calls where the exact same thing happened to Turk, to Kobe, to Melo, to Billups, especially on drives. I remember being stunned during the Atlanta series when he literally reached in and smacked Josh Smith in the face while Josh was driving without a call. I remember being disgusted when I watch ESPN highlight his "DPOY" candidate defense by showing his chasedown "block" of Jason Richardson, but never showing it in slo-mo, because if they did, it is easy to see that it was an obvious foul. I mean, how many players get fouls shown as "highlights?" Besides the Jordan pushoff on Byron Russell?

LeBron gets away with a boatload, and it is very annoying to me as a fan of the game. If he were a Sixer, I would still find his act aggravating, from the posing for photos and the front-running celebrations and all that crap and posturing combined with how much BS he gets away with. It tarnishes the game for me. I hate that crap.

But that is my opinion

deepsixersuede on May 26 at 23:58

What position do they add their "robin" at, the p.f.? Could V.C. be him?

Actually, he could probably use a guy like Iguodala.

I think he needs a big man - the magic could be solid for a few years to come - and right now there's no big man on that team and ilgauskis is going to end soon...

He probably could use a guy like Iguodala - tough...

Are the Magic still solid if they lose Hedo?

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 0:04

With the economic situation, do these guys really switch teams,is it worth it?

You mean LeBron/Wade, or Hedo?

I think Hedo's gone. He's definitely opting out and I don't see Orlando paying that much cheese to keep him (probably $15-$20M when you factor in lux tax).

As for LeBron and Wade. I don't think Wade leaves Miami. LeBron could very well leave Cleveland. I think he cares more about his image than anything else, if he can be bigger in NYC, he'll do it.

John reply to Brian on May 27 at 0:08

In this global 24/7 world - i think you can be a superstar anywhere - even Cleveland - I don't think New York makes a difference any more like that - especially since that team won't win - mike d'antoni doesn't like defense

Brian - don't know if they are solid without Hedo and don't know if they lose Hedo,

Deep - if the econonmic situation stays the way it is and lebron james is a free agent - do you think he's NOT going to get as much money as any team is allowed to offer? The economy affects a company like cablevision or gilbert a lot differently than it affects us.

And if the economy is still shot but next summer, we are all royall fracked anyway since there's a lot of indication that the 'recovery' has already started to turn on the upside.

The Lakers still sell out their obscene seats, the knicks know if they sign lebron they'll be able to charge laker like prices for every seat (the lakers have no fear of the economy because of their hollywood links, NY has a lot of stars too)

The economy may affect second tier guys - but I can't see it affecting a Lebron, Bosh or Wade...

Same theory as in baseball this winter. The big names got their money, the second tier guys didn't. The big markets also spent money while the smaller markets didn't.

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 0:07

Why don!t they go after Shaq, he gets a third pretty good teammate.

Cause if anyone in the NBA has a bigger ego than Lebron or Kobe or Wade - it's fat shaq on the downside of his career...

Absolutely true. And I still think if they get knocked out by the Magic here, we see Shaq and LeBron next season in Cleveland.

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 0:12

We are talking about trying to build around the best player in the game; man!!! E.S. REALLY HAS HIS WORK CUT OUT FOR HIM.

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 0:17

If Hedo switches teams next year does that give the Cavs the edge?

Depends on other moves. A lot can happen between now and then. If Garnett's healthy the whole year, neither one of them would be the favorite, I don't think.

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 0:24

Boston may lose Powe and Davis also.I meant Hedo to the Cavs, but him and Lebron would each need the ball.

The Cavs don't have money to get Hedo, not even close. If he leaves, it'll most likely be to one of the few teams with a lot of cap space (Detroit, Memphis, OKC).

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 0:32

Trade Wallace[14 mill. exp.],Gibson and Hickson for Shaq and talk Sheed into signing for the m.l.e.That might do it.

I like the guy. Wonder how many teams will be interested. If this was the NBA back when Kobe/Shaq were in LA, every Western Conference team would be throwing money at him.

Tom Moore on May 27 at 11:49

I hear Sixers plan on talking to Van Gundy and Collins, though nothing is scheduled.


Kurt Rambis has been notified, thanks but not thanks

Tom Moore on May 27 at 11:52

Brian, I know I'm a little late here, but how could Washington take Speights without giving a player in return since the Wizards are capped? Don't the salaries have to match within 25 percent? Picks don't count in the financial part.

That's an excellent point. They have to take back roughly $1.25M back in contracts. And it would have to be someone already signed (so they couldn't simply re-up Juan Dixon and package him with Dominic McGuire.

Javaris Crittenton ($1,477,920), or Oleksiy Pecherov ($1,547,640) both work.

john reply to Brian on May 27 at 12:06

Crittenton please :)

If Chad Ford is reliable, than it's going to take more than just speights to get the pick from the wiz - looking at their contracts, blatche is the worst long term deal that isn't their big names and one of the few longer than reggie...if they're looking to shed long term salary - that cold be a starting point...

Do you think Washington would be interested in Lou?

Actually, nevermind. He's BYC until July 1st.

john reply to Brian on May 27 at 12:14

I don't know why anyone would be interested in Lou - especially the wiz who already have gilbert shoots a lot, stevenson as well and nick young (who probably ha more upside than lou still)...

Maybe if avery johnson gets a job - he can convince the GM that lou is the starting point guard he needs :)

Good stuff as always Brian.

I have been pretty high on Udoka for a few seasons. He plays very good defense on the perimeter.

What about a guy like Grant Hill for this team?

john reply to The GM on May 27 at 11:57

What could Grant Hill really bring? I mean he's a nice guy and everything but he's useless if you need significant contributions from him - that's where he is in his caree in my opinion

Hill had a nice season last year, but he's not worth the MLE, I'm not sure he'd sign for the vet's minimum, or the bi-annual. I think he'd probably be a luxury at the 3, but I'd consider him for the bi-annual. Nice to have a veteran scorer off the bench.

john reply to Brian on May 27 at 12:19

But a little low on the list of 'luxuries' to consider in my opinion, plus i don't think he'd come here

How about the luxury of a guy that knows how to play and play the right way? Who cares if he doesn't go out and score 30 points a night, that is what Elton, Iggy, Thad, etc are for. Hill could get these guys pointed in the right direction, especially the wing players. Despite his age, his game is complete with the mental makings of a great player.

I doubt he would take the veteran's minimum or if he would even come to Philly, but he is the kind of player that could help this team for the long run.

john reply to The GM on May 27 at 16:01

Sorry, nothing personal, but i found most of what you just posted the kind of nonsense that often involves the use of the words 'grit' and 'heart' - and other adjectives applied to players of barely moderate talent who for whatever reason are seen as golden boys.

David Eckstein in MLB comes to mind.

I like your Gortat idea. If the Sixers could find a way to move Sam, that would be ideal. If I were Ed, my moves would be this:

1) Thibodeau as head coach with Mark Price's Deputy as shooting coach. The staff would include Eric Snow, McKie and possibly either Terry Porter or Sam Mitchell as vet asst. It also has Moses as Big Man Coach where all the bigs must go with Moses to Houston for a month during the Summer to train w/Moses and Olajuwon.

2) Draft - I would like Curry, but not at the cost of Speights, if Curry drops past NY(feasible if NY can get their hands on Rubio) to the 76ers, then I take him. Otherwise, I pick from Maynor, Holliday or Ellington. I like Maynor because he reminds me of a cross between Billups and Cassell. Holiday, with Thibodeau's player development cred, could become a rich man's Rondo(plus jumper). Ellington reminds me somewhat of a Courtney Lee type, a guard that can shoot and defend, which is something I think the Sixers need.

2) Trades & Free Agency -
My top free agent targets are Korver, Gortat and possibly Boki Nachbar or Jarret Jack(depending on the draft). If I can successfully trade Evans for Kapono(which works in the Trade Machine), I no longer need Korver and can target Gortat. Or if I can move Sam, possibly in a 3-way with GS and Utah involving AK-47, with maybe Crawford and/or either Azubuike or Korver coming back depending on filler, I also push for Gortat.

However, I am going to use the easiest moves. Evans for Kapono gives me my shooter. If that falters, I sign Carney to the bi-level. We draft Maynor(he is most likely the one available at that spot, I think Holiday will go earlier). We sign Gortat. We push to trade Sam, hopefully netting Crawford. As far as Miller goes, we consider S&T possibilities, but he is not coming back. I will assume that we cannot find a match and he signs for the MLE elsewhere.

1st choice -
Starters -
G - Iguodala
G - Williams
SF - Thad
PF - Brand
C - Gortat

Reserves -
G - Maynor/Ivey/Ollie
G - Crawford/Green
SF - Kapono(Carney?)
PF - Speights/(Evans?)/Marshall
C - Smith/Developmental Big(7 ft)

I would also resign Kevin Ollie & Marshall as a player/coaches/mentors

2nd choice -
G - Iguodala
G - Maynor/Williams/Ivey
SF - Thad
PF - Brand
C - Gortat

Reserves -
G - Williams/Maynor
G - Ivey
F - Carney
F - M16/Smith
C - Sam/Smith

This 2nd roster is the one I feel is most likely, though the 1st one is the one I'd prefer. Iguodala would be the primary facilitator, with Williams as the secondary initiator. This allows Iguodala to flourish in his natural role as playmaker while sharing the ball-handling with Williams. Crawford as the 6th man gives you explosive offense off the bench. He could be like a bigger Jet Terry type, and from reading some recent articles about him, he sounds ready to sacrifice if that means reaching the postseason. I also believe that Thibodeau could design a scheme that allows Crawford(and/or Kapono) to be effective defensively. Though, if Carney could become a near040% shooter, I might prefer him over Kapono since I know he could guard any wing very well, especially in Thibodeau's style.
Gortat allows the Sixers to actually open the lane offensively(he can hit the 15-footer).

IMO, watching Orlando has given me hope that an ensemble approach can still win in Today's NBA. Everybody had called Detroit a fluke because they never won again, but that was because their talent got complacent. Orlando lacks an offensive superstar, yet they get the job done. And I think Iguodala can be put into at least into Hedo's class as a closer. That roster above can score and if Thibodeau works his top-10 defensive magic, they could make some noise.

john reply to Sean on May 27 at 13:22

However, I am going to use the easiest moves. Evans for Kapono gives me my shooter.

I'm confused as to why Toronto makes that trade?

Sean reply to john on May 27 at 13:30

From what I understand, TOR feels a need for a more physical frontline presence. Even if they resign Marion, you are still featuring a frontcourt of Marion, Bosh and Bargs, with Bosh and Bargs especially being able to be bullied. With Evans they get a banger that, due to their offensive weapons, does not need to see the ball. They are like the bizarro Sixers in that way, because shooting is practically a luxury for them, they need physicality. Plus, Kapono has been a bit of a disappointment for them. This gets them out of his contract.

john reply to Sean on May 27 at 13:32

His contract runs no longer or shorter than Evans...they save a couple million but evans doesn't fit what they're trying to do and it's sure as heck not going to help them re-sign bosh

I agree that Evans is a better fit for TOR than Kapono. Both have huge warts, both are paid too much. TOR doesn't need another shooter who can't do anything else. PHI doesn't need an offensively challenged big to help "toughen" them up. I could see both teams doing it. TOR saves about $3M in the deal to boot.

Sean reply to Brian on May 27 at 14:49

Yeah, that $3 million is a definite asset. The only things that concern me about Kapono is his defense and the idea that he seemed to catch that Mike Miller disease where he didn't want to shoot 3s. If he gets back to being a sniper, I am good with him, Smith and M16 being the offense off the bench, especially with Maynor running the show.

Evans makes less money, plus Toronto's emphasis in the draft is supposed to be a wing player(Possibly Tyreke Evans, Henderson or DeRozen), which makes Kapono expendable. Meanwhile, the closest thing to a banger type on the roster is Kris Humphries. They understand they need that, so it might be something that can be pursued. If not, I am good to go with Carney. Would I rather have Korver, sure, but if I can get Gortat and Carney instead, that is a pretty good deal.

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 18:43

Brian, how would you, as g.m., make it work if E.S. brings A.Miller back.To me getting a sharpshooter two guard, and bringing Thad off the bench may be the best scenerio.It, Miller coming back, is a possibility.

If Miller's back...I really don't know. Someone said it pretty well in an earlier post, this offense has come just about as far as it can with Andre Miller at the point.

If they re-sign him, they won't be able to use the MLE, so you're basically saying they'd be getting an SG good enough to start at #17. I kinda doubt they'd get someone better than Thad, so if Miller's back the best starting lineup is probably miller, iggy, thad, brand, sammy.

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 19:33

Your assignment,if you accept it Mr. Phelps, is to use your current resources that you were willing to use to get Curry,to get a veteran two guard, good enough to move Thad to the quintessential T.Prince bench role.

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