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NBA Draft Combine

There's a new mock in the 'network' of this blog from airinitout - also has lawson at #17

The NBA scouting/draft process is just messed up - and removal of the 5 on 5 just seems stupid to me.

DX is probably adjusting Rubio based on all the rumor nonsense of his agent maneuvering him away from Memphiis and OKC towards the Kings and one other team

I don't know. I mean, you put five guys on the floor, all trying to make an instant impression on the powers that be, can you really expect to glean useful information from that?

I'm torn. I'd like to know what scouts and gms think of the changes after the fact.

john reply to Brian on May 27 at 15:09

THere are ways to make it work i'm sure - you don't throw the five out there and just have em run playground ball.

It's got to be more usefull than a one on none - there's just so many wrong picks in the NBA draft you gotta think that it could be better

Maybe this will be a step to make it better?

Somewhat breaking news. Dwayne Casey gets a second interview. Sounds like Ed is intrigued. From what I saw it looked like he did a nice job in Minnesota with a sinking ship there. He seems to have a real defensive mindset as a coach.He also seems to be somewhat of a disciplinarian.I think both these things are needed to coach this club. Certainly not a sexy name but wouldn't be a bad choice. I would love to see Ed talk to JVG which it looks like he is trying.

Do you have a link?

Sean reply to Brian on May 27 at 16:32

Matches the rumor I heard that Thibodeau and Casey are running neck & neck with everybody else pulling up the rear. Let's hope Thibs doesn't bomb the 2nd interview, or rather Sac chooses to chase Jordan.

Removed the 5 on 5 because no one the teams really wanted to see play participated. Ideally you see top prospects competing against other top prospects in an effort to see direct competition among position players and against equal competition. What it turned out to be was second rounders and undrafted players (expected) competing against each other. NBA decided to cut costs there because of it.

Word coming from the players agents this year is that many of the top prospects aren't even going to participate in the individual skills drills this year. Only the measurements, medical physical and interviewing.

Also it's televised this year on ESPNU Thursday (1pm) and Friday (9am).

john reply to Dannie on May 27 at 15:28

How many of the 'top prospects' skip the NFL combines without at least an injury excuse...this is just more evidence of how messed up I think it is...the agents have WAY too much control and say in this process

I don't even know if I get ESPNU. Guess I'll check tonight. Hopefully they'll rerun it.

Nice, I do get it. Have to remember to set the Tivo tonight.

Also the link about Casey is on Sixerville. Jasner is reporting this:

deepsixersuede on May 27 at 18:21

As far as Harden going #3, it seems their front office doesn!t know if Westbrook is a pure p.g. but would rather put a facillitating 2 next to him than move him to the wing [inconsistant jumper].The more I read about Rubio, the more I wouldn!t sacrafice anything to get him.Gold. St. would be a good situation for him, running team with shooters, and a good market.A.Randolph and #5 probably would satisfy Memphis and would be better than taking Dalemb &*^%$%#, I mean Thabeet.

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