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Thoughts On The NBA Draft Combine

The ESPN talking heads sure think Curry is going to the Knicks.,

Which is interesting, cause according to reports i read the knicks hadn't even met curry until at the combine this week

Curry said he has a visit scheduled with the knicks and bobcats next week.

john reply to Brian on May 28 at 16:46

Yeah, I read somewhere the knicks were meeting with him soon - which is why this whole curry to new york thing is interesting...i think they've talked themselves into it - they see the system that he runs and think that curry would fit perfectly - i mean when the knicks were 'horrible' and a top 5 they still had curry going their - like a fait accompli wherever the knicks might pick if not top 2.

Though - wouldn't rubio do well in such a system?

Yeah, I would love to see Curry, but what you just said really made me feel satisfied if they end up with Maynor or Lawson. I had the thought that if they end up with Maynor or Lawson, that they could end up starting next year. If that is the case though, I'd really love to steal a late 1st or early 2nd and get Thornton, Ellington or Christmas as a shooter prospect.

I guess at 17 I just can't get my hopes up too hight - would i love to see them make a move? Sure - do i believe they'll move up - I don't - i think fiscal concerns will be factored in to every move the sixers make this off season with their roster - and i'm not sure comcast isn't a little 'happy' that they have the pay 17th pick salary instead of top 5 pick salary

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 16:51

If they take a shooter at #17 there are 2nd round guys that could contribute; T. Douglas [defensive player of the year in the A.C.C.]GOOD 3 PT. SHOOTER,not a pure pt., like Curry.C.Jurrells[compared to Lowry];A.J.Price [pure pt.,okay shooter]and my sleeper who may not get drafted [Devendorf] 6!4" shooter who could be S.Blake type.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 17:03

From when the Knicks pick[#8] to when we pick every team seems to have p.g. covered.If any of these teams go p.g. than somebody [Jack,Felton,Sessions,Hinrich and Ford] may become available.

sessions will be available unless MIL can move Redd or Jefferson. MIL cannot afford to pay him. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jack move on. Felton's a question mark. Hinrich is a long shot to be moved, IMO.

john reply to Brian on May 28 at 17:07

According to reports the bucks can't afford sessions of charlie v

guess the economy is hurting herby pretty bad

Stupid contracts are hurting them more than the economy. If they signed Sessions to the full MLE he'd cost them over $10M this season including the lux. tax. They're screwed.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 17:16

How can you lose your starting p.g. and p.f. and compete? Skiles can!t be happy.Alexander better become a player.Jack may fit but can Indiana go with 2 midgets [Ford and either Flyn or Lawson]

I'd gladly let someone else overpay Villaneuva. Sessions is just going to be a casualty of the luxury tax and paying too much money to Michael Redd/Richard Jefferson/Ridnour/Bogut/Gadzuric etc.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 17:25

If we wanted Redd,we could probably get him if we fill some of their needs with 3 players and a pick but his injuries are an issue.

Dalembert and Reggie for Redd would work money-wise, but it wouldn't save them any years or cash.

I have no interest in redd

I don't really either. Although if they could sign Gortat, draft Maynor, I wouldn't mind a deal sending Sammy and Reggie. I mean, there's a chance he could contribute in a role off the bench and you wouldn't be taking any additional years back.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 17:30

Brian, can two teams have an [after the draft] deal in place and pick for the other team, I thought it happened but I might be wrong.

I can't remember it happening, but I'm sure they could. Just make the picks then wait until July 1st to consummate the deal.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 17:35

Can Gortat shoot from 15 ft.? I was wondering if they sign him and move D.Howard to the 4.

Yes he can. I remember him burning Sam a couple of times in that Game 6. I don't know about him starting, don't they still have Foyle under contract as a backup C?

Can D Howard shoot from 15 ft?

If I was in charge of the Magic, I'd definitely start the lineup of Howard, Gortat, Lewis, Lee and Nelson next season (assuming Hedo walks). I think they're more likely to go with Howard, Lewis, Pietrus, Lee, Nelson though.

Hndshake agreements are always 'possible' but they arent enforceable.

See boozer and the cavs.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 17:50

Lee may get his ball handling duties doubled,along with Nelson when Turk. moves on.Sac. has interest in Turk. supposedly.

I don't think they have enough cap space to sign him outright. Could be a sign-and-trade possibility.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 18:28

According to D.Lynam, Iggy would like Kuester involved in the process.

He was a name floated about two weeks ago as a deep dark horse candidate, by a cleveland paper, if he's responsible for any sort of offensive game planning in clevelend i'm a little concerned

Hmmmn. Does Iggy have ties to him?

john reply to Brian on May 28 at 18:50

He used to coach here didn't he?

Yes, but the year before Iguodala got to the Sixers (2003) was his last.

Whoops. He came back to the Sixers in 05-06. So Iggy did play w/ him as the assistant.

deepsixersuede on May 28 at 19:08

She also said E.S. was absent from courtside for a fairly long period at the draft workout, may have been having a meeting of some sort. And also,out of all the candidates, Thebodeax has been the most secretive,from both ends.She believes something breaks in the next week to ten days.No sources quoted but she was right last week about Casey being a strong candidate so who knows.

This was per Jasner:

"There is reason to believe that the Sixers no longer have an interest in Boston associate head coach Tom Thibodeau"

Hope he is wrong.

Yeah, I put up that link on the coach tracker earlier. I'd love to know what his reason is.

Back to your orig topic...

Do you really think any of these rookie PG's are ready to start next year? Even under a non-PG system like the Princeton offense?

I think going after someone like Sessions is more likely- but I doubt they can get him for the MLE and wonder about his lack of shooting.

Maybe a sign and trade involving Sessions and Redd?

Don't want Redd.

I think Rubio, Curry, Maynor and Lawson could all step in and start on the Sixers. Holiday, Teague, Flynn...none of them look ready to me.

choopong on May 29 at 1:02

You know, I don't see them falling out of the playoffs is they don't re-sign Miller. I can't say for sure they'll be worse or better. Completely depends on who they get and what Brand looks like.

How did Patty Mills go?

He didn't look to bad in what I saw of him. They talked about him a lot, thought maybe he was a bit of a combo guard. Said he has to play well in the Euro camp, in five-on-fives to boost his stock.

Draftexpress is really improving yearly.(or I'm picking up on old features a year or 2 late) That player/team workout page is terrific. Thanks for the link.

Here is a link to some raw "efficiency stats." They aren't adjusted for anything, but draftexpress/david berri's blog will likely both have articles up within a month or so that are. Looks like Calathes would have been a player to take a long look at. He made the right move though likely. He will make more than an average American overseas because he is a dual citizen and thus won't be part of the whole 2 American rule or whatever.

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