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PG Interviews In Chicago

I do agree that Lawson is the most likely to go to Philly. Curry will be drafted very high up, mabey even top 5 if he is lucky, and Flynn will possibly go to the bucks. Lawson may be drafted lower because of the risk of injury, but I think he would have the best chance of going to the Sixers. Plus, I think he is a better point than Curry (in the way he plays a normal point).

deepsixersuede on May 30 at 18:30

Mr. "not go out on a limb" will probably draft a shooter and bring back A.Miller.Brian, you mentioned Wash. trying to save money and looking at their roster they really don!t have room to add much so maybe a swap of picks [#5 for #17] plus a future lottery protected #1 [2011] would get us Curry, just a thought.

I'd do that in a second.

I read today that the Knicks offered the Grizzlies $3M cash for the #27 pick and the Griz said no. That's surprising to me.

John reply to Brian on May 30 at 22:44

Not me...if the 3 million was there today - it'll probably be there later - nice to know the 3 million is there - but maybe you can work a better deal involving the 27th pick.

Or maybe the whole 'oh my god no one wants to use their first round draft picks' is an overblown creation of a poor media spear headed by ESPN?

Well, Memphis is one of the few teams in very good shape against the cap. $3M for a pick to a team who's over the luxury tax would have a much bigger impact. A team like New Orleans, for example, may jump at the offer.

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 9:58

Brian, interesting interview with J.Lynum on comcast sportsnet this morning, I don!t know how you could get it on the net, I am a dinosaur computer wise, but if somebody could put it on here it is a good listen and helped me feel better about our new coach.

Yeah, I caught that interview too. I liked how he talked about what EJ is all about. There are a couple of articles on Philly.com



They talk about how what sold the Sixers was watching EJ diagram what his version of the Princeton Offense would look like with the Sixers personnel. Apparently, from the sources, he talked about using Brand as a high-post center offensively, a la Chris Webber. Doing that clears the lane for Thad and Dala to slash and cut. If they are playing through Brand that way, then I think that points more to Miller's departure. I also wonder if that means they would hope Speights could earn a starting spot opposite Brand. They could play hi-low game with those two, sort of what Webber & Divac played in Sac.

Thanks for the links Sean. The financial angle is interesting. Pretty funny that the Wizards will be paying half of his salary :)

I love the idea of Brand at the high post. Offensively, I think Speights can absolutely thrive in this offense, I'm just more than a little worried about the team on defense if the plan is to start Speights at the five and stick Sammy on the end of the bench.

The Miller situation is the biggest decision as far as I'm concerned. If he's brought back, I don't see anything but minor tweaks happening to this roster. That worries me.

John reply to Brian on May 31 at 13:42

My problem with the article is that it again presumes that Willie Green would be the starter with a healthy brand. The comments about miller and green in the back court seemed rather silly to me as with a healthy sixer roster, Willie Green is not a starter...and anyone who covers the sixers really should know such things.

When he's talking about Brand as a center in the high post, does that strike you as a literal interpretation. Meaning, Brand at the 5, Thad at the 4, Iggy at the 3 and then two gaurds?

Also, here is a link to the blog of the shooting coach Jordan employed in DC. In this link, Arenas talks about this great drill that Hopla taught him. Ed Stefanski said he would be hiring a shooting coach, so here is a good candidate.


If he can help the Sixers shooters, that would be great.

There are already rumors that Mike O'Koren will be coming here and Aaron McKie will be staying. Do you guys think Lynam will be staying also, given their previous relationship in NJ? What about Randy Ayers, who was EJ's assistant in DC?

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 12:31

Sean, thank you. Not crazy about Lynum coming back.Is Jordan past the "have a veteren on the staff" stage?

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 14:52

Brian, in regards to your Brand at the 5 statement, with a coach that has a strength in offense, does utilizing your personnel towards that end make sense? If Brand and Jason were your centers and Marreese and Thad [both versatile like Jamison] were your p.f.!s than offensively a guy like Thornton or Ellington at the 2 may allow Miller and the team to be real good offensively but than there is the other end again,dammit!!!

Offensively, I think Brand can work against 5's at the high post in pick & roll/pop situations. Defensively, it's a problem.

Defense worries me more than anything right now. Take a look at how bad the Wiz were defensively under Jordan. Granted, I think the Sixers have much better defenders on their roster. However, you could put a poor defensive team on the floor for the Sixers if all you care about is scoring points.

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 15:04

Finding a big that can defend like Sam but be a smart and good passer that can have the ball in his hands and be part of a center rotation is hard to find.One name that is in the league that fits that bill is Turiaf;Reasonably priced [4 mill. per] and a very good passer he would be an ideal guy to be used against the Howard!s of the world.Sammy just won!t buy into such a parttime role, what a shame.Brand at the 5 works against most teams in the league but the playoff teams.

I love Ronny Turiaf - been a turiaf man since his junior year - but for all the reasons you said - why is GSW giving him up

and as much as i like the guy - he's not a starter...

deepsixersuede on May 31 at 16:05

Brian,as far as Brand at the 5,I just checked the standing reach of current players and he compares with a lot of centers, for what it is worth.T.Chandler,Gortat,Bogut,Bargnani,Hawes,Bosh,Aldridge all have his standing reach of 9'2".D.Howard is 9'3.5" and Thabeet,Shaq and Lopez are 9'5".Oden is 9'4" and Kaman and Okafor beat him by a 1/2".Players with less are Stoudemire,Noah,B.Griffin. They always said the fact he has no neck makes his stature fool you but he COULD play center 20 minutes a night if needed.

Theoretically, I think that if Speights gets stronger and also becomes actually becomes passable defensively, you might be able to play him and Brand in the same frontcourt, where Brand takes the tougher assignment. That allows you to have a 5-man threat on offense.

We're still one threat short until they re-sign Miller, or replace him w/ a threat.

Sean reply to Brian on May 31 at 22:41

That is one reason I like this offense, because you could get a combo guard who can shoot and defend as opposed to a pure point. Stephon Curry? Or Jeff Teague. Or perhaps more of a shooter like Wayne Ellington or Henderson or Taylor?

bebopdeluxe on May 31 at 21:40

It is sounding more and more like Speights is staying....I'm not necessarily unhappy about that, but you can kiss PG options like Hinrich and Curry goodbye...

I wonder if we could do a S&T swap of Miller and Bibby?

Not sure ATL would really want Miller, but I suppose it's possible. Bibby shot the three really well last season. He's 30, so I suppose it wouldn't be crazy to give him a three-year deal in the $30M range, but then that's it. No more moves because you're into the lux. tax area at that point. Does Bibby at the point, maybe Lawson or Maynor at #17 and a minimum contract or two solve the shooting problems?

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on May 31 at 23:12

I don't know if they would want Miller...but Bibby is a pretty good 3-point shooter, and my guess is that he would be about as good an option to stick at PG in Jordan's offense as anybody - he sure knows the offense pretty well.

I don't know if Atlanta is looking to get younger at PG or not...don't know if they want to re-sign Bibby...but if they want a more traditional PG...a guy who will certainly allow their young guns to flourish...then they might be interested.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 1 at 10:26

How about a trade of Williams and Smith for Bibby (S&T, 3 years, $25 million)?

I would hate to lose Smith if he is healthy - especially if we are going to move Sammy at all costs - but this seems to be a relatively low-cost way to bring in a guy who knows this offense cold and can be our 3-point shooter to boot.

That would work, financially. Lou is from Georgia, so maybe they have some interest in him. Only problem is, the Hawks are going to have cap space if they don't re-sign Bibby. Wouldn't they be better off just letting Bibby walk and signing a guy like Sessions or Felton rather than making this trade?

deepsixersuede on Jun 1 at 0:03

John, hopefully when Sammy is outta here,a guy like Turiaf is available as part of our centers.Jason,Elton[limited minutes] and Turiaf would be a nice mix of skills if we can!t get a stud at the position.

I'd be pretty happy with Lawson. Never thought giving up Speights was a wise move and it looks even worse to me with the hire of EJ.

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