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Eddie Jordan Blogger Conference Call

Thanks for the write-up Brian. Any chance there's an audio recording?

I have one, but it's pretty bad quality. I'll post the transcript online, but I doubt I'll post the actual audio because it's so bad. It's *just* good enough I can make everything out.

Nice recap Brian. The thing that kinda stuck out to me (and I haven't had a chance to listen to my recording again, I'll try to post a full transcript of it today) was his non-committal stance of pretty much everyone except Brand and Iguodala, and mostly Dalembert. The number of times he said "If Sammy puts his mind to it", and "if Sammy works at it" was telling to me. At one point he even called Sam selfish in the past.

He didn't rule out Young and Iguodala at the 2, but he sounded more apt to (at least on the start) play small ball.

I'm smelling Young at the 4 and Brand at the 5 quite a bit.

That's the part I found most interesting/telling in Brians summary actually, he basically called Sam out (at least to you guys) - now if he has the same conversation with Sam it ought to be interesting

bebopdeluxe on Jun 4 at 10:58

Damn...who asked the question "if you believe that shooting from distance and perimeter defense are two of the biggest issues this team has, how will re-signing Andre Miller lead to an improvement in these two vital areas?"

It was on my list.

Unfortunately there was a very strict time limit, and with 6 of us on the call, not all that easy to follow up. He really didn't get into Andre Miller's potential role with the team at all.

bebopdeluxe reply to Derek Bodner on Jun 4 at 11:20


I certainly understand, bro...but his viewpoint on this (along with the role that Sammy can or cannot play) is probably the single biggest issue that has to be worked out over the next month. I think we all have a very clear idea of where EJ stands on Sammy...but we have virtually no clue about where he stands on Miller. Based on what we know about his offense and based on the afore-mentioned issues that need to be addressed, I don't see the fit of Miller on this team, but perhaps he can't say that (trying to preserve Miller's S&T value).

Unfortunately, staying at 17 on draft night won't provide any info, either...

john reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 4 at 11:24

Or he's just not making it publicly clear so as not to interfere with any negotiations.

Sam's under contract, calling him out won't make him more likely to sign with another team...Jordan expressing any inherent positive or negative towards ANdre miller can impact any negotiations.

Course i'm just weird that way

You really don't want the coach saying anything about a free agent publicly at this point. It can only hurt in negotiations, either way you slice it.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 12:01


The thought of the Sixers being careful about what they say about Miller because of how it might impact "negotiations" made me throw up in my mouth a little.

As I said, they may be trading lightly to preserve S&T value, which would be fine with me.

john reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 4 at 12:04

I'm not sure why S&T value doesn't fall under the umbrella of negotiations.

And I'm not sure why you have this 'at no cost' thing towards miller, 2 years for a reasonable (not putting the sixers over the tax) salary isn't the worst idea if you only other options are going to be lou williams and a rookie with 0 nba experience that isn't derrick rose

The impression I got from the coaching search was that Ed Stefanski is the guy responsible for building this roster. I'm sure Jordan has some input, but ultimately, these are Stefanski's decisions. I don't think you want your new coach dictating team policy to the press (or bloggers) less than a week after he's gotten the job. It's perfectly acceptable for Jordan to talk in broad terms and say absolutely nothing about Miller either way. Honestly, I don't think a coach should ever make public statements about roster moves that haven't happened. Not his place.

john reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 12:14

I agree with you - completely - I'm good with both his answers on Andre and Sam - I mean Stefs made it clear that if he could have found a (reasonable) taker for Sam in February he'd be gone already.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 12:41


I do find it interesting/telling that there has not been a lot of insight shared by Jordan about Miller and how he would incorporate him into his offesnive schemes...although you could read Jordan's comment about how he views his offense as being run by two "combo" guards as less than accepting of an uber-traditional PG like Miller.

He was the starting PG. He was - along with Iguodala - perhaps the team's most valuable and consistent player last season. He is an UFA that is a HUGE decision for the franchise. While I am not exactly expecting Jordan to come out and spill the beans about what their game plan is as it pertains to Miller (and that game plan may not be fully fleshed out until at least draft night), I find the relative paucity of comments about Miller to be interesting.

What should he say? I mean, what can he possibly say about Andre Miller that won't either tell Miller the team doesn't want him OR tell Miller the team desperately needs him?

Miller is Stefanski's concern, has nothing to do with Jordan at all, at least publicly, until he either re-signs with the Sixers, or signs with someone else.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 13:35

He can say SOMETHING. Mention the man's name.

There are three possibilities related to Miller:

1) We re-sign him;
2) We do a S&T with him;
3) He walks

In two of those three scenarios, mentioning him positively does not hurt you...and if the guy walks, then anything you say right now means JACK. I would guess that ANY interest that they have in re-signing him will depend - at least in part - on what happens on draft night...my guess is there is at least some possibility that he will be here next season (especially if he is willing to be flexible on the amount of years that he will sign for), so how does a comment like "look, Andre is an unrestricted free agent, and as such, we don't know whether he will be here...but if he is here, he is the kind of intelligent, unselfish ballplayer that will thrive in this offense..."

I get the sense that they really don't want to talk a lot about the guy - partially for negotiation reasons, but also partially because they really don't want to answer questions about how they perceive his game fitting in with what they are going to do - because they have the same questions.

I just think that not talking about him AT ALL is like avoiding the "elephant in the room"...which is silly.

john reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 4 at 13:40

ANd I disagree with you whole heartedly and think they handled it fine - the expectation that the GM and or coach are going to tell reporters or bloggers or fans everything they're thinking is ludicrous...jordan addressed miller, he didn't ignore it, he just skirted the re-signing issues, and the 'three things thing' is rather obvious - no need to state the obvious is ther?

Stefanski and Jordan have talked about Miller on WIP during this interview.

I agree.

It looks like he used your blog as a list of who to invite, Brian. Not surprised! Great job as normal.

It was pretty much the same lineup as those who were on the call with Stefanski last year. I think they pretty much just based it off of that list.

And Jordan was invited, just would have hated to see him get the short shrift

Well...apparently with the exception to us at Philadunkia.

john reply to Jeff on Jun 4 at 11:23

Not for nothing, but young jordan in vegas was left out as well

I have a feeling Jordan was invited, but it was too early for him. He was on the call with Stefanski last year. Is Vegas a 3-hour time difference?

DeanH reply to Jeff on Jun 4 at 11:36

I figured you are famous as espn blog every team has? Obviously I am just guessing.

OK, I've had a subway ride to let this digest, here are my thoughts.

1. As of this second, I believe Jordan has Iguodala and Thad penciled in as his forwards, and Brand as his center. The other two spots, I have no idea, and neither does he. This will change if (a) Sammy works his ass off and earns a spot in the starting lineup, (b) Smith or Speights really show him something in camp or (c) a trade is made for another big.

2. Jordan isn't counting on Sammy for anything. Again, I think he'll be given a chance (if he isn't traded), but Jordan basically said Iguodala will play the two if either Speights or Smith earn PT. Sammy doesn't factor into the equation right now.

3. Jordan is absolutely firing a shot across Sam's bow right now. Basically saying, if you're going to try to pull that crap with me, you'll find yourself on the end of the bench, or worse.

4. I thought the answer to my first question was a little telling. His first answer was that you have to score the ball, and if a guy can't defend, you cover for him by playing team defense. Then he sort of worked his way back to the opposite, you can run the offense around a guy if he plays great defense.

5. I like his defensive philosophy, as stated. I just hope there's a commitment to it.

6. One thing to be happy about, nothing Jordan said in this interview seemed deluded to me. He's new on the job, he's probably not exactly sure what to expect from the guys on the roster, and there are still big roster decisions to be made. Basically, seems like he's hanging his hat on Iggy, Brand and Thad, as he should be, and he'll figure the rest out.

Overall, it was cool to talk to the guy and great to hear from the other Sixers' bloggers as well (especially Ricky's awesome guido accent). Nothing earth-shattering here, but he took the time out to answer our questions and didn't really dodge anything.

Nice summary here Brian. I posted some pretty similar observations over at my blog. I agree, there was nothing earth shattering but I think the most telling statement was in regards to Sammy D. He essentially put him on notice in saying that he absolutely needs to commit to the philosophy and his teammates. In addition, I might be taking a leap here and reading too far between the lines but I think he had some telling signs on Andre Miller. He continually highlighted the need for combo guards in this system and also pointed out the need for a three-point threat. Miller does not fit in either of those scenarios. It seems that given the offensive system in place and the needs of this team, Miller will not be donning a Sixer uniform next year.

He's on WIP right now with Stefanski, they talked about Miller. Basically, they have no idea what Miller is thinking, and they have to plan for the season as if he won't be here. Jordan said Williams and Green would have to step up in his absence and a rookie will not be able to fill the void left by Miller.

Jordan also said they'd have to address losing Miller via free agency.

john reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 13:27

And what did stef say about addressing through free agency?

Eddie's a big fan of Hinrich.

And so am I, but is he gettable?

He can't say anything about that. Only can address them as players.

The caller wanted them to get Gordon and Hinrich, which they laughed at.

john reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 13:39

I was more asking in general - I don't know that the sixers have the 'horses' to get Hinrich do they? I think his value is higher than most people.

ALso - until the bulls know for sure the future of gordon i would think moving hinrich is on hold?

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 13:41

Well...it sounds like Miller is gone...which is fine with me.

The UFA pool - for the most part - is crap...so it sounds like a S&T is the most likely option. While I have no great love for Steve Blake's game, I guess I would consider him as a stopgap for a year (provided that Portland picks up his option, of course).

I LOVE Hinrich...think he would be a perfect fit...but the cost would probably be Speights, and I don't know if Stefanski would pay that price.

john reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 4 at 13:42

That presumes a team wants Miller enough to negotiate a S&T - and let's not ignore Bibby in the FA market - it's no like Miller is the only option for a team looking for a 'veteran' point guard.

And it does seem that if portland wants him they can clear enough cap to sign him without any S&T complications

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 14:15

I don't know abuot Gordon...but it is possible to get Hinrich - if Portland 1) wants Miller and 2) would be interested in Speights as Aldridge's backup (it does sound like the Blazers are looking for somebody to back up LMA)...

Sixers trade Miller (S&T) and Speights
Sixers get Hinrich and filler (for example, Freeland)

Blazers trade Rodriguez, Freeland and $7-8m in cap room
Blazers get Miller and Speights

Bulls trade Hinrich
Bulls get Rodriguez and cap room to sign Gordon

While the Blazers could sign Miller without us, we could entice them to do a S&T...with Speights being the price of admission. If the Bulls want IMMEDIATE cap relief to sign Gordon without going into lux tax territory, Portland is about the only team that can give it to them...there has been a lot of talk of Hinrich going to the Wolves, but they will have to take salary back to do it...this deal gives them cap relief this summer.

Will this deal happen? Probably not. But if you believe - as I do - that Hinrich is the perfect fit for us, this is a plausible trade where everybody gets what they need. The Blazers get their veteran PG (along with a young big with potential), the Bulls get their cap room (and a developmental PG), and we get our PG of the future (and a developmental big who could be our Luis Scola in a year or two).

Good job fellas. Sorry I wasn't there to ask my usual "We think Bill Green sucks, what do you think of him question?"

Favortie question and repsonse has to be the shooting coach question -- good news.

Thanks Brian for bringing this to us.

Stefanski and Jordan on the WIP right now, I'll put some notes up in the comments here.

Eddie's a big fan of Hinrich.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 4 at 14:03


Where did you get that Stefanski is a big fan of Hinrich? Did he say that on WIP today?

yeah, not in so many words, but sure seemed like it.

thank you Brian, great job as usual

I knew my guido accent would have got some love, LOL

later with more comments, I'll try to have my own post up soon

Jeff-Philadunkia on Jun 4 at 12:46

Nearly done transcribing everything so I'll let you know when it's finished. Ricky you do have a sweet accent I must say.

LOL thank you Jeff

while I must say all of you guys were speaking a very good english, really... mothertongue, say :-)

I'll add your site to my blogroll, sorry if I didn't do it before, but I haven't been working on the site in these weeks.

BTW if I recall well last time on Sixers.com they put the whole transcript of the blogger conference, not sure why they didn't do that (yet)

Thanks for the full transcription. You guys did a great job with the questions.. who needs the traditional media? ;) (except Tom of course... we need a bridge between the media and the fans.)

This Q&A session helped provide better insight into how Jordan thinks and his outlook for the team.

A 'cross posted' group summary article would be nice :)

Jeff-Philadunkia on Jun 4 at 13:36

Here is the full transcription:

Brian Depressed Fan - When it comes right down to it, who gets the playing time: a weak defender who fits the offensive system or a strong defender who does not? What is the priority?
Eddie Jordan - There has to be a balance. If you have skill to score the basketball, you're going to play. I mean, you can't win 0-0. If you have a weaker defender, you play team defense to cover for him. At the same time, if you have four strong offensive players, then you can carry one defender, sometimes two. I think championship teams start with a solid, veteran front line.
Ricky Sixers 4 Guidos - Do you see Lou Williams in the combo guard role he's played in the past, or could he slide in as a starting point?
Eddie Jordan - In this offense, you really play two combo guards at all times. In training camp, we'll see how Lou handles it. But yes, I see Lou as a combo guard.
Derek RealGM - Can Iguodala play the two?
Eddie Jordan - Yes. I think he can flow from the two to the three. I like to think he's a three-man first. It depends on the roster, if Smith or Speights can earn time, then he's at the two. I played Jared Jeffries at the two on a team that went to the second round of the playoffs. I will use him at the two if one of those big men can earn the time.
Dannie ReclinerGM - How will Samuel Dalembert fit into the offense next year?

Eddie Jordan - Just like everyone else Samuel has to buy into being an unselfish player that cares about his teammates. That has been a knock on him, he has to get past the selfish up and down mentality of playing in the NBA. I’d like to see him care about his teammates, the offense can run through him or around him, and he can still be a valuable part of the offense. He has to have an approach that he can be highly competitive and being unselfish teammate and that’s what we’re looking for first.

Ricky Sixers 4 Guidos - The Sixers couldn’t sell out an arena last year, even during the playoffs. Is this because the Sixers just have to win more basketball games or play a fun style of basketball or both?

Eddie Jordan - I don’t know. I really don’t. I haven’t been here long enough to understand why they haven’t filled the arena for playoff games. I think if you have an exciting team and they win than people will come out to see them. That’s been proven throughout the NBA in the history of the NBA. If you win and you’re exciting, and if you have a chance to play for either the Conference championship or NBA championship, than they will come and fill the arena. So outside of that I don’t have a problem.

Brian Depressed Fan - During your time in Washington it seemed as if once you had your full arsenal of players with Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, and Antawn Jamison you were one of the fastest teams in the NBA and had close to the most possessions per game. Than when you were hit by injuries in 2007-08 that pace slowed considerably and that was how you competed with a depleted roster. What do you foresee for the Sixers this year, do you see them as a top 10 team in possessions per game?

Eddie Jordan - I think we’re going to be a high possession team. Two reasons: number one we have terrific athletes. I think Andre Iguodala can run, I think Thaddeus Young is a runner, Samuel at the center position can be a runner if he puts his mind to it, Willie Green can get up the floor, Jason Smith was very athletic before he got hurt and that’s number one. Number two, this team has shown they can generate points on the defensive end. They can create turnovers and they get out and run. We should continue to defend well, rebound well, turn people over, get out and get earlier baskets and if not than get into the offense. I think part of this team matches Washington. Gilbert Arenas was a really quick shooter off the break and in the offense, Antawn Jamison at the forward position was a catch and shoot guy in the early offense, so I don’t see those type of players here and when we were hit by injuries especially Gilbert we had to slow it down because our backup guards weren’t fast enough (DeShawn Stevenson and Antonio Daniels) so we slowed the game up a little bit. I really envision our 76ers being a high possession team.

Chris Heard in the Cheapseats - One of the primary weaknesses of this team last year was defending the perimeter and I’m curious what is your philosophy is on the defensive end of the floor particularly around defending the three point shot?

Eddie Jordan - Well you emphasize containing the defense, you emphasize containing the dribble. One of the first things you work on, and work on very often throughout the season is one-on-one containment. If you can defend the first dribble, then you’ve done 80 percent of your job on the perimeter. If you get deep on the first dribble than it’s hard for help to come. If you can stay in front of your man on the first dribble than that’s how you can stop the draw and kicks and you don’t have to help so much. When you help you leave somebody to help and there’s a shooter left open or the next guy passes to the next guy. So that’s number one, you have to defend the first dribble and defend the dribble on the perimeter. How do you do that? First of all you’d like to have guys who are defenders first, you have to have athletes. You have to be able to move your feet, stay in front of the dribble, change direction, and sometimes get up on somebody to make it hard for them to even put the ball on the floor. That’s how you can number one stop the three, two if there is help you have to keep coming in the rotation and that’s a term we use throughout the season. Don’t stop your defensive rotation, if they draw and kick and one guy flies at him another guy must come and another guy must come so keep coming and you have to run people off the three. You have to rebound the ball and not give a guy a second chance because you see a lot of games where there’s an offensive rebound and a kick out for a three. Those are daggers as we like to call them. So again stay in front of the dribble, keep coming in your rotation if there’s a breakdown, and you have to rebound the ball so there won’t be a kick out for a three.

Ricky Sixers 4 Guidos - In terms of veterans inside the locker room, Andre Miller might not be back as well as Theo Ratliff and Donyell Marshall. Do you think the team will need a couple of veterans to keep the locker room united and also to play on the floor or are you find with 25 year olds running the show?

Eddie Jordan - I think that’s a good question, that’s a good point. You always like to have solid veterans in the locker room to keep everything professional, to keep a work ethic, to keep a focus, to keep a serious mindset of going to practice everyday, and that’s very important. Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler were great leaders in our locker room in Washington. You like to have responsible veterans to be there and keep our young guys focused. It is a relatively young team, but I do think our young guys are very serious and they have great work ethic. I’m talking about Thaddeus Young and even Andre Iguodala is still very young and has great work ethic and a serious mindset. That is a big part in the NBA.

Dannie ReclinerGM - How would you address the roster the way it is in terms of strengths and weaknesses?

Eddie Jordan - I haven’t had much time to talk about personnel with our front office. I just got the job on Friday and we’re looking at the draft and working guys out tomorrow. We’ve already addressed some issues with the team: three point shooting, point guard if Andre doesn’t come back, and probably another big man that can defend in the paint. Right now I think the playoff experience that this young core group has had is very important they’ve got to the first round two years in a row. Number two this team competes. They’re undersized but they compete. I think that’s partly due to one of the best players being defensive minded: Andre Iguodala. If one of your best players defends than everyone else follows. It’s a young team it’s a team that’s got some talent and some young players that haven’t played a whole lot like Jason Smith. Plus Elton was out all year and he’s been a continuous all-star. So I like the fact that they compete and they’ve got two guys coming back from injury that didn’t compete last year.

Brian Depressed Fan - Will there be a full-time shooting coach on staff?

Eddie Jordan - Yes it is something we’re looking into. We hope there will be.

Brian Depressed Fan - Coaching against the Sixers you were 7-11 against them and I was wondering as an opposing coach what is the look on the Sixers. What are you trying to shut-down what are you trying to exploit? As the Sixers coach what are you going to do to try to improve those areas?

Eddie Jordan - Number one when you’re going against the Sixers you want to prepare to not turn the ball over. They’re a very fast team and if you turn the ball over against the Sixers than they can get out on the fast break on you and score on the open floor. So number one, limit your turnovers. Number two you can’t allow them to get offensive rebounds. Samuel Dalembert and Andre Iguodala can both hit the glass and they both pose problems on the offensive glass. I also think that the bench with Lou Williams coming off and Willie Green was coming off the bench at one time, I think the bench had a lot of risk takers but they turned you over. You’d have to keep the energy off their bench. Now as far as us as a team when I’m coaching them I think you have to be a lot more organized and a lot more often in the offense. I think that’s a big key for us this year

Philadunkia - The shooting guard position has kind of been a pressing issue during the off-season so far. I saw that you have Toney Douglas of Florida State, Stefon Jackson from UTEP, Jodie Meeks from Kentucky, and Terrance Williams from Louisville coming in tomorrow to workout who are all shooting guards. Is this definitely a need position that you’re looking into in the off-season?

Eddie Jordan - Yes it is a very big issue that we’re addressing that we need better three point shooting whether it’s from our forward or from our guard spots. Both positions have to improve and the coach and the coaching staff has looked at improving through development. Now that’s not always going to be the end all, we need to acquire better shooters. Our job is to continue to work with our players and see if Willie Green can be a better three point shooter, if Andre Iguodala can be a better three point shooter, if Lou Williams can be a better three point shooter. I had DeShawn Stevenson the last two years and he improved to be a 40 percent shooter last year from the three point line. So its how much work can our current players put in and how much work our players are willing to put in with our coaches to improve and get better. Than its up to our front office to see if we can make transactions where we can acquire, without losing our core guys, some shooters.

Anthony Heard in the Cheapseats - The coaches last season tried to fit Elton Brand into a certain system and than obviously got hurt. So how do you see Elton Brand fitting into what you want to do, especially offensively? Also do you believe as a coach it’s better to fit a player into your system or kind of tweak the system to better utilize the skill-sets that certain players have?

Eddie Jordan - Number one Elton will be moved around in the offense, he’ll be facing the basket from the logo area, he’ll be facing the basket from the elbow, he’ll be posting up on the box. He’ll even look at the basket from the top of the key or between the top of the key the free throw area, he’ll play a lot of two man games off the elbow like Kobe and Lamar Odom would do or Kobe and Gasol would do, hopefully he can get out and run, than we’ll do some pick and rolls with forwards and guards and Elton likes to pick and than pop so all those options are available for Elton in this offense. Number two, I think that Elton is a guy who has to defend the post, but again a lot of these things will work out in training camp. Good coaches develop players and fit a system with their players. Whether it’s the triangle, whether it’s the UCLA offense that Jerry Sloan has been using for 20 some odd years, we fit the offense to our best players and that’s what good coaches do. Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, and Caron Butler were the highest scoring trio in the NBA in the system and before that Gilbert Arenas, Larry Hughes, and Antawn Jamison were the highest scoring trio in the NBA and that’s because we tilted the system to fit our best players.

Ricky Sixers 4 Guidos - Is there any chance that Thaddeus Young could evolve into an Antawn Jamison type power forward?

Eddie Jordan - I think he could because Antawn was an interior player to start and even when I talked to coach Dean Smith he said that he saw Antawn had been taking a lot of threes and he never thought that he would evolve into that type of player but its effective and I said yes coach he’s worked on it and he’s been an unorthodox player since he’s started with scoring in the paint and he moved out to the three. I think Thaddeus being left handed could pose some problems of first being an interior player and we’re going to see if he can move out and improve his mid-range jump shot and see if he can make a high percentage of his three point shots.

I missed the WIP hit - but it sounds like jordan/stef are making the rounds today - anyone heard anything on 950 about an appearance today?

Ed Stefanski was interviewed by misanelli on June 1st and said there were no financial restrictions on hiring the coach whatsoever.

Also basically said what Jordan said this morning regarding Sam Dalembert

Ed is on CSN at 6pm daily news live (will be on ondemand later).

deepsixersuede on Jun 4 at 22:02

Guys, Two things about Jordan coached teams stand out; #1]not good defensively #2]they play an offensive system that is at its best when all 5 players can be involved and are average at worst in basketball I.Q.. His centers to date have been [Polynice,Jah. White,Laettner[limited min.] and Haywood]. Adding Sam to this list is not helping things,and playing Elton at the 5 for more than a few minutes isn!t good either.Jordan, a former p.g.,doesn!t seem to think a pure p.g. is a necessity in his system. We have talked about using Spieghts to move up and get Curry, why not use Spieghts to get a center that our new coach has never had, a high I.Q. guy that can defend, hit the 3 and play the high post.On July 1st I call Dumars and Sheed!s agent and see if a sign-trade of Spieghts and L.Will. interests Detroit at all.Sheed gets close to his 8 mill. request and we get to keep Elton at the 4 and along with our draft pick have solved our shooting and I.Q. issues.Were his numbers down because of age or the shitty situation they had in Det. last year, I think it was a little of both.Does his signing here make Kidd, Bibby,Miller or Sessions possibly take less to come here? Maybe.Or if you go with a young p.g. does a T.Parker maybe have interest, possibly.
Lawson,L.Will., Ivey

Detroit is desperately trying to shed more payroll so they can afford two near-max deals, according to reports. I doubt they do any kind of sign-and-trade with Sheed. If you could get him for the MLE I'd probably do it, but didn't he say he'd retire if he didn't get $8M?

deepsixersuede on Jun 5 at 4:50

Brian, L.Will. and Spieghts make a combined 6.7 mill. next year so you could give Sheed close to 8 mill. . As far as Detroit, your right about shedding salary but getting 2 young talents for 7 mill. and using their #1 to get a 3rd guy may equal [9 mill.in salary total] what one big free agent gives you. They are talking about moving #16 to help clear salary for the 2nd big free agent but [Spieghts,L.Will. and say Mullins] at a 9 mill. price may intrique them. I meant A.Parker, by the way.

If you make that trade you should also keep AMILL. Sheed's 3pt shooting will offset AMILL's lack of. Don't know how the money will work. Draft a point and a shooter(acquire a late first or 2nd rounder).
Iggy/Ellington or Thornton,Green
AMILL,Collison or TDouglas,Ivey

I don't think they'd view Lou Will, Speights and Mullens as being better than Ben Gordon or Carlos Boozer, which is the type of player they're trying to land.

deepsixersuede on Jun 5 at 9:00

SFW, with Jordan continueosly bringing up stopping dribble penetration I am not sure he wants Miller here, but he may not have much say in that.

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