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Random Tuesday Thoughts

deepsixersuede on Jun 9 at 8:31

Brian, there are 4 guys,one late 1st and three second rounders, that I would reach out for in this draft because they can be lock down defenders and hit the three.Two are s.f.!s and only work if Iggy becomes the starting s.g..Sam Young is the late 1st rounder and as a backup to Thad could be a good addition if we acquire a late 1st rounder.The other s.f. is D.Brown, I love this kid.More of a p.f. at Xaxier he is similar to Thad in a lot of ways, needs time t6o develop his perimeter game but could step right in a be asked to shoot the 3 and lockdown a P.Pierce.The 2 s.g.!s are D.Green and J.McNeal, more of a combo guy. With Jordan talking about versatility McNeal would be a good fit here because he can play next to L.Will. and defend a bigger guard. When you say hungry I tend to think younger guys that have something to prove, that is why getting 2nd rounders is a cheap AND good way to go.

I love Jerel McNeal. I think he's gonna be a stud in this league somewhere. He's succeeded at every level and hasn't gotten nearly the recognition he deserved. If Dominic James stayed healthy this year and McNeal didn't have to take so much responsibility at Marquette, I think he's a 1st team All American. I hope we find a way to get him, he'd fit in the Princeton offense.

Here's the blurb on him from ESPN:

In a league that loves athletic shooters who can play lockdown defense, McNeal should get a close look.

God bless ESPN. On the surface, his percentages were poor this year but he and Wesley Matthews had to shoulder so much of the scoring and ballhandling, he had to create his own shot while being double teamed. I love him as a 6th man and in the right place (HERE) I think he can open some eyes. Dwyane Wade but an inch smaller. That's a hyperbole, but I'm so excited to see him succeed.

bebopdeluxe on Jun 9 at 8:44

While I like Carney's athleticism, I don't know enough to know if the guy is a plus-defender...guys like Bell and Bruce Bowen (a guy with a similar profile) were guys who bounced around for a while before they got a steady NBA paycheck...they had to work their asses off to latch onto a roster, and made in-your-jock defense their calling card. While he has the tools to do it, I don't know if Carney has the hunger to become THAT kind of player...but if he was willing to make that transition, then I would definitely be interested in having him on the roster.

Sean reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 9 at 9:17

Well, Bop,

I have to disagree. Carney is a plus-defender; in the playoffs against Det, he was the only guy capable of actually guarding Rip on those staggered screens. When focused, he locks on his man, and also contest shots very well. He has also shown the ability from time to time to block shots as a help defender. If they bring him back and give him a consistent 20+ minutes off the bench while EJ lives up to his player development rep, we could really have something.

He was one of my definite targets and I know for a fact that Ed S. has his eye on him.

bebopdeluxe reply to Sean on Jun 9 at 9:23


I didn't say that Carney was NOT a plus-defender...I said that I don't know if he IS a plus-defender. Big difference.

I like Carney...and would take him in a swap for Rush in the rotation in a heartbeat.

Sean reply to bebopdeluxe on Jun 9 at 12:58

Actually, I would have Carney play 20 minutes off the bench, spelling either Thad or Dala.

Interesting Carney splits last season in Minny:

26 times he played more than 20 minutes, in those games he shot 41.1% from three (60 for 146).

41 times he played less than 20 minutes, in those games he shot 23.8% from three (19 for 80).

This could be more result than cause, though. If he was hitting his three, he got more burn.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 14:31

Yeah, but then it was McHale coaching, who had a random habit of yanking people in and out(unless they were a big). I remember how Carney credited Evans with tipping him off to Ray Allen's shooting work ethic and that was how he improved toward the end of his last season here.

I definitely like the Carney idea. Why do you say you know for a fact he's on E.S.'s radar?

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 12:10

Well, I had an opportunity to go to the final home game as a season-ticket holder for next year, but I had a class that night and sent my nephew instead. So, he was in the box, met Stefanski and asked Ed a series of questions. One of which included the possibility of Carney's return, and Ed said, with that unspoken wink, that he was very aware of Carney's status and would be keeping an eye out.

So, I know Carney is very much on their radar

john reply to Sean on Jun 9 at 13:00

Well that's definitive information

Brad reply to Sean on Jun 9 at 13:21

Cool stuff, Sean.

Charlie Ace reply to Sean on Jun 11 at 17:20

I'm happy that Ed is taking a serious look at Carney. (How do you know that? I know you won't tell me, but do you really know?) I like Carney a lot. I think he's a late bloomer; he has been since high school. He's ultra-fast and is a good shooter from deep. I worry about his desire, though. He seems so passive sometimes.

Another name I would toss on the fire is Morris Almond. He is more a sharpshooter who is evolving as a defensive player in the D-League, but he is one of those guys where the only reason he is not on a NBA roster is because his team(Jazz) is filled at that spot with guaranteed deals. If available, I would grab him and Carney. He is more of a 2-guard than Carney is

Almond's kind of a gunner, right?

john reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 11:24

That's only 21 attempts, he shot the three pretty well in the D-League.

john reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 11:40

So did ahearn :)

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 12:44

I think so, but he could be that instant offense from deep off the bench, perhaps like Pietrus. I think I'd prefer Carney over him, but I would not mind grabbing both, possibly

Bring back Bobby Jones.. either one.

As for Carey, I don't know if he has much of a BB IQ. If he settles into the mentality of a defensive role player he could excel, but I'm not sure he wants to be that guy.

Ugh, Bobby Jones may have the worst jumper I've ever seen. At least, the one who's still in the league (sort of) :)

He did improve to 34% from deep this season, though.

Aren't you really just describing Royal Ivy? He is a very good defender and showed this year that he can hit the 3-ball every once in a while. If he works on his shooting he might thrive in the princeton offense because he will definitely be getting open looks. Ivy is definitely someone that needs a little development, but as you said thats what you are looking for. Personally, I think that Royal Ivy fills the Raja Bell role for the Sixers. I'm never opposed to having more defenders, though. Especially if Eddie Jordan is going to be so concerned with the offense.

I think the Sixers needs to focus on a legit shooting guard, though. I don't think we have the means to obtain one this year, but I would not be opposed to trying to put ourselves in a position to be able to get one next summer.

I think it's important we plan ahead and make moves that put us in the best position possible for when Dalembert, Evans, and Green come off the books. Do you have any ideas about what we could do to prepare ourselves in that regard?

Exactly. What we need is a more consistent version of Royal Ivey. Check out these splits:

Ivey played in 34 Sixers wins this season, in those games he shot 42.6% from three. (23 for 54)

Ivey played in 37 Sixers losses this season, in those games he shot 26.7% from three. (16 for 60)

The best long-term plan regarding Dalembert, Green and Evans is to wait out their contracts and either move them at the trade deadline next season, or let them expire and use the cap space.

Would you rather use the cap space (next summer or during the season via a trade) on a shooting guard or a center to replace Dalembert?

If we got a more consistent version of Royal Ivy what would we do with Ivy? Wouldn't the more consistent player take his minutes? Would it be easier to just develop Ivy and focus our attention on getting a new player that fits a different role?

Ideally, we'd get a better version of Ivey to replace Willie. You can't have too many guys who can defend and knock down threes on the roster. Ivey needs to improve his shot to really fill that role for 20 minutes/game.

I'm still of the belief that they should go after Gortat this Summer with the MLE. I'd feel much more comfortable giving him a long deal than I would over-reaching for one of the free agent SGs at the MLE. I think he could supplant Sammy right now, and shore up the 5 spot on the cheap.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 12:51

Yeah, I think my ideal "realistic" off-season(ruling out trading up to lottery level) would be Lawson & Gortat & Carney.

Though, if Lawson or Maynor is not available, I'd take a guy like Ellington and target Jack in the off-season, especially if Indy drafts a point

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 15:02


I am completely down with Gortat for the MLE...but with the Kapono trade, I am getting REALLY concerned about our perimeter defense...I just hope that whoever replaces Miller at PG (if you sign Gortat) can play some D.

It's a valid concern. Would you be down with this starting lineup?

Iguodala, Kapono, Thad, Brand, Gortat?

john reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 15:22

I hope the sixers did not obtain Kapono with the plan of starting him - that would make me retch.

Would it shock you?

john reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 15:25

Yes it would - because suddenly the sixers have gone from wondering about Iguodala as a 2 and starting him 'ostensibly' as the point guard.

Don't see it happening

I never saw Kyle Korver as a starter, a solid bench player, and that's Kaponos ideal usage as well - if he was obtained with an eye towards filling that 'hole' at the guard position I have to downgrade the trade a bit - even though I'm thrilled to get rid of evans - because of the thought process behind it.

I kind of doubt they have him slotted in as a starter, if they do though, then I have my fingers crossed that Holiday is the guy they wind up with in the draft.

I don't think it's something we really need to worry about, though. Not yet.

beopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 15:39


In this offense, Iggy could probably get away with being a Ron Harper-like PG.

By the way, those are great stats on Ivy. Much appreciated.

I completely agree with a more consistent version of Ivey. If I didn't dislike him so much, I'd say JJ Redick is a guy that would thrive in this offense as a guard off the bench. Defensively, he's still a liability in my eyes, but he'd have help in good defenders like AI and Thad (developing) around him. He's signed on for one more year with a qualifying offer the year after, but I'm not sure if Orlando's ready to give up on him with a surplus of wing players around. I'm still in favor of picking up a 2nd rounder and taking either McNeal, Marcus Thornton, Jermaine Taylor, or Dionte Christmas because any of those would fill a big need of a shooting 2 guard off the bench.

I ran a bunch of numbers on basketball-reference.com before writing this post, trying to find players w/ similar numbers to Raja Bell's through their first couple of seasons. Redick was the only guy who popped up in every comparison, actually. He played good D on Ray Allen down the stretch in that Boston series, and if you buy into David Thorpe's evaluations, he's been very impressed with Redick on the defensive end, basically says he's one of the guys who thinks ahead on defense, which can make up for physical limitations. (As opposed to thinking behind, like a few Sixers do).

Just a thought

are you even ALLOWED to negotiate with agents before the start of Free agency?

Nope. Can't even talk to them right now, not until July 1st.

john reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 12:56

Yeah that's kind of what I thought.

Then again in a world where Skip vs Iguodala is advantage Skip _ i'm not sure what to say

I like Quinton Ross an unhealthy amount in case anyone else agree with that. Just throwing that out there.

Yeah? He shot the three pretty well the past two seasons, not a ton of attempts, though.

I wouldn't mind Q. We could have him for really cheap, and we're so thin on athleticism on the bench. He'd be a solid backup wing.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 14:38

Cool link.


On his video blog, Iguodala was signing a bunch of those and talking about how cool the whole idea was. He had a Kobe and Penny doll coming up, so it felt like a full circle.

What was interesting was on that same vlog, Dala was talking about being excited about EJ's hiring while watching game film from the Portland game to improve defensively. It was the night before the press conference.

Tray reply to Josh on Jun 9 at 14:18

Definitely a good move.

That would be an awesome start to the off season as far as i'm concerned

but isn't there some kind of moratorioum on stuff like this during the playoffs and is there any other source that isn't a canadian paper?

User comment

Great pickup. Evans busts his hump night-in night-out. Kapono was way too streaky for my liking.

Good start to the retooling.

Is this a dream about Reggie going to Canada?? I feel like I died and went to sixers heaven! We even get a worthile person in return! Am I missing something??? Kate confirms it is true!!! Wow!!!!

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