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Sixers Hold More Workouts

If we came out of this draft with Ellington and Collison, it would be a nice draft.
Collisons lack of size should not prevent the Sixers from drafting him. Actually, if they sign AMILL, he would be a good compliment off the bench.
I believe the days of trying to find a bigger point to match with Lou Will are over. He hasn't gotten too much attention from Ed and Eddie in the press. It's time to hold him accountable for his play on the court.
I wonder if we would actually trade back and get a later first and an early second?

Real and Speightacular on Jun 11 at 7:41

Update: DX updated their mock this am. They have Thornton @ 32 overall (2nd in 2nd round) now.

Curry up to #5 on that mock. They have Christmas and McClinton going at the very end of the second round.

john reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 11:49

And Lwson and Maynor both still available at 17

DX has the sixers taking Lawson though

(still not response from writer who mentioned trading up)

You know - all these mocks are so sure the sixers are taking Maynor or Lawson I just think they aren;t

I'm wondering if they'll work out Maynor.

So far, Lawson is the only guy they've worked out who the mocks even have going anywhere near #17, right?

john reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 11:57

I believe so yes.

I don't knwo the exact workout regimen but i wonder if they brought the 'other guys' in with lawson so as to compare lawson to them - working him out in a vacuum seems like a bad idea.

I mean that's how i'd do it - bring in a bunch of guys even if i'm only interested in 1 or 2 of them possiibly just to get a gauge

deepsixersuede on Jun 11 at 7:56

I believe they have their eye on a group of 3 possible p.g.!s at #17 [Lawson,Holliday and Maynor?] and one possible s.g. [T.Williams].If their not on the board a trade down may be possible.With a certain amount of money to work with [luxury tax ?] and the fact the Kapono trade cost us thew amount of a late #1[1.6 mill.] a move back may allow them to acquire a couple 2nd rounders.I am interested in Calathes being brought in because if we get 2 first rounders we only have to pay for the one till he comes over [next year]. A p.g. in waiting?

Real and Speightacular reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 11 at 8:48

Calathes won't be coming this season. Signed to a Greek league team, I belive. He'll be available 10/11 season.

He has an easy buy out - a smart team will draft him and hold onto his rights for a while - worth the 50K investment of a second round pick

If he stays in, he may not last to the second round. One of those "cheap" teams who pick late in the first may take him, simply because they wouldn't have to pay that draft slot this season. The money is guaranteed, but not until he comes back stateside, so they can plan for that. Just a thought.

john reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 11:48

Yes of course - and that's always a possibility - but int he second round it's better for calathes too cause there's no slotting.

If this works out for Nick - this could be hella more 'important' then jennings of childress foray into europe.

Yeah, I think it's better for him if he goes in the second round. Probably better for the teams drafting him if he goes in the first round, assuming he pans out and comes to play in the U.S. eventually.

john reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 11:59

If he slips to the second and the sixers DONT spend 50K on the kind of low risk high reward investment like that, i'll be bummed

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Jun 11 at 12:26

AFAIK, I thought the condition for him signing with the Greek team was that he had to withdraw from the draft. I don't think he's officially done so yet so that might've been just some innanet hooey.

Well most reports contradict what you just wrote so i'm going to go with no - most reports indicate his contract is 'year to year' and has a very reasonable 500K buy out...

Portland has picks no. 24 & 33(3rd pick in 2nd round) and others.

You know, if Maynor or Lawson is not there, I would not mind seeing them pick up Terrence Williams, especially since we are running the PO. He is basically a big athletic combo guard/point forward type who has become a better shooter from deep(38%). Him, Dala and Thad along the perimeter would be a defensive nightmare. What do you all think?

I've seen him going before the Sixers pick in a couple of mocks. Don't know much about him, personally.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 16:04

He is training with Gary Payton in Vegas. He is supremely athletic, but a pass-first guy. Improving shooter.


i like terrence williams but not on the sixers. he's basically a less talented version of iguodala, with a slightly better jump shot. we already have enough of those guys.

Sean reply to Mike on Jun 11 at 22:26

I would say, given the PO, he comes across as more of a big, athletic combo guard. He would be the type who could work with Iguodala and Thad as interchangeable parts along the perimeter. It would be something like what the 2nd 3peat Bulls used(Harper, Jordan, Pippen) and what the Lakers(Harper, Bryant and Fox) used as well. And the Triangle is not really that much different than the PO.

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