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Taking The Pulse

they must draft ty lawson, eric maynor, or terrence williams. collison if we buy a late pick. many say maynor, but he cant defend)

they need to use the mle to sign either jarret jack or anthony parker if they want to contend. they need a heady vet that can shoot and be a great defender.

it is time to part ways with andre miller. its time to move forward. this time will be extremely mediocore if they resign miller.

both, worried and excited for both sides of the ball. offense should be better under system. requires new personnel to make this offense work for this squad. kapono was a good move in the right direction but not nearly enough (but i bet the front office already knows that). defense, i like how jordan does not like daly. i am hoping it results in a move or one of the young guys to step up. it might also raise the team's defensive iq, but i am afraid of our assumed small lineups against certain teams. the brand at the 5 lineup will flourish against certain teams but will kill us against contenders.

the sixers need guys to spread the floor and defend. signing a guy like udoka could help add depth. i would also prefer to sign carney as a backup sg over green. contrary to popular opinion, i don't think needs a superstar to contend.

the core is good.

i will give him an 8. there are still a lot of question, but he really has not done anything to make me abandon his trust.

this would be my lineup:

jack, lou, rookie, ivey
igg, ime udoka, green
thad, matt barnes, kapono
brand, speights, richard hendrix (from d league)
dampier (i wish), smith, mutombo (can mentor speights and smith)

assuming people improve and people stay healthy, this team should have good chemistry and be scary.

I think you may be the first hoops fan in the history of the game to wish for Eric Dampier :)

In all seriousness, though. Dalembert may be dumb as a sack of rocks, but the team as a whole is about 20x better defensively with him on the floor.

zig reply to Brian on Jun 12 at 20:16

it is not that i wish for eric dampier. it is just that i want somebody different in the middle.

i am actually hoping that the front office focuses more on getting more long term pieces (through draft and possibly mle) and then next year the team can trade sammy and willie for players we could use. unless stefanski pulls a major danny ainge, i think we have to live with one more year of mediocrity. the 2010-2011 is when we can hit the ground running.

zig reply to zig on Jun 12 at 20:20

u did mention that in earlier post right? right now, it is starting to make a lot more sense.

1. Andre Miller. It'd be nice if he signs for $5 mil or so but we know that's not happening. So hopefully a sign and trade, I'm guessing at around $7-8 million or he walks and we use the MLE.

2. I like the idea of the Sixers signing Gortat as a FA, assuming they draft a point guard. I like both Lawson and Maynor, at #17 it's anybody's guess who will end up being the better pro at this point. Hopefully workouts will tell us more about this.

3. I like the Princeton Offense for this roster but I am very concerned if the Sixers decide to play small ball with Brand at the 5 and Thad at the 4. I think if the goal is to be a contending team you cannot run an unconventional small lineup like that. The Sixers will get killed on the boards night in and night out, no matter how high a bball IQ Brand has. I wouldn't mind the lineup for stretches in a game (I don't think anybody would) but to make this our starting/finishing lineup I have a problem with. Hopefully Speights or Smith earns playing time so Iguodala can slide over at the 2, or if Gortat is signed he can step in.

4. I like the Sixers' direction, I see Ed Stefanski having a 2-pronged attack at this point. On one hand he can try to win now within the next couple of years. So I would not mind if Ed went out and signed/traded for veterans who have 2 years or less remaining on their contracts. If that doesn't pan out then Ed can scrap the Elton Brand experiment and rebuild around Iguodala, Thad, and a couple of other gems we pick up along the way.

5. If the team is really set on moving Sam Dalembert, and it sounds like they really are (word is the Sixers are currently shopping Dalembert with the #17 pick to see if it can net them anything) the team NEEDS to acquire a defensive big man in return (Gortat does fit this bill to an extent) to replace Dalembert's defense and rebounding. I would not be comfortable at this point trotting out Brand with Thad or Speights flanking him.

Good stuff here. Wondering where you heard they were packaging Dalembert and the #17 pick. Is this a move to sweeten the deal to get rid of Dalembert? Is it a package to move up in the draft? Do you have a link?

The usual source from RealGM message boards mentioned it, apparently the Sixers are shopping Dalembert hard but they are unwilling to move Thad with him unless they get an offer they can't refuse, so the latest idea has them shopping the first round pick with Dalembert. The source hasn't mentioned anything about moving up in the draft, seems to think the Sixers will take the best guard available at 17.

There have been some mentioning of the Sixers attempting to use future first rounders to try to get players they want.

Real and Speightacular on Jun 12 at 4:03

  1. The draft-worthy at that spot: Lawson, Maynor. I've cooled on Teague. I like D. Green and love Thornton in the second round.
  2. Gortat. CJ Watson. Ariza? Childress?
  3. a) Part ways, like what the Lil General said.
  4. b) an offense with some flow, some sense of purpose is right excitin.
  5. Yes.
  6. Yes.
  7. Eventually, Thad's gotta go. Packaged right, should be able to get a real nice, needed piece for him.
  8. Confidence might be too strong a word. He hasn't done too much just yet. Am I optimistic so far? You bet. 7/10 on that scale.

Watson would probably be a bi-annual or minimum guy. If you have a choice w/ the full MLE, do you take Gortat, Ariza or Childress?

The Sixers need to draft Best point available.
The Sixers need to use the MLE to sign ? if they want to contend.
It's time to part ways with Andre Miller(sign & trade) & no 1 pick(17) with portland for Steve Blake, Martell Webster(has long contract) & 24th pick. Sixers draft best available point at 24.
I'm worried about this team's defense & excited about this team's offense.
Are the Sixers a couple of smart moves away from contention? Yes
Are they headed in the right direction? Yes.
Do they need to move one of their core players to shake things up (Brand, Iguodala, Thad)? NO.
Rate your confidence in Eddie Jordan from 1-10, 10 being supremely confident. 6

They can't do a S&T w/ Miller before the draft, but this confuses me beyond that. You want the Sixers to sign and trade down in the draft, sending the best player in the deal to Portland for Steve Blake and Webster AND moving down 7 spots? I don't get that.

deepsixersuede on Jun 12 at 8:35

Lawson will be there at #17, we take him. We acquire a late 1st rounder or early 2nd and get[Ellington,Thornton,Taylor].We acquire a late 2nd rounder to either a]draft J.Brockman or b]trade it to Houston for J.Dorsey.Both these guys will toughen up Spieghts in practice, set bone rattling screens,and are Elton insurance. I than offer the Clipps a future #1 for D.Jordan,a player we tried to get last year and if they don!t bite I bring in R.Hollins or J.Anthony as a 3rd center behind Sam and Jason.The draft day moves won!t allow me to have the full m.l.e. so I sign Carney for what!s left and my final depth chart would be;
Lawson,L.Will.,Ivey Brian, they will be as good defensively as our coach allows them to be, depending on the lineups he puts out there; offensively I have no question about being better.We can make the next step this year, win a series at least, maybe 2.Iggy was part of the reason Turk struggled, I believe he has gotten healthier also but what Orlando has done gives me hope.If Spieghts can become a top 10 p.f. and Lawson can reach a J.Nelson level this team can win as put together.Jordan, worst case, brings structure to this group, I!ll give him a 7.

Jambooli on Jun 12 at 8:48

The Sixers need to draft Stephen Curry in a trade-up... if not, then the best guard available (I'll go with Ty Lawson).

The Sixers need to use the MLE to sign Marcin Gortat (if they draft Curry) or Anthony Parker (if they draft Lawson) if they want to contend.

It's time to (a) part ways with Andre Miller.

I'm (c) both.

Are the Sixers a couple of smart moves away from contention? Yes.

Are they headed in the right direction? Too early to tell.

Do they need to move one of their core players to shake things up (Brand, Iguodala, Thad)? No.

Rate your confidence in Eddie Jordan from 1-10, 10 being supremely confident. 5

1. Stephen Curry
2. Sessions (among other moves)
3. Part ways (although I loved watching him play)
4. Both - excited about the offense; worried about D.
5. Maybe, depends on what the moves/trades/draft picks are.
6. Yes, although I'm worried about the direction of the defense.
7. Not yet, but it may come to that within a year.
8. Confidence level of 7, he will make a difference and they'll have a better record. However, his past playoff record has me in a wait and see mode with him.

See, if they get Curry then I really like adding Sessions because they've added shooting elsewhere. If they don't add another legit shooter, then I don't like Sessions so much. Good thoughts here.

bebopdeluxe on Jun 12 at 9:07

1) trade Speights to move up to get Curry
2) Gortat
3) part ways - S&T w/Speights to get Hinrich?
4) VERY worried about D
5) Curry + Gortat - contention
6) we'll know by mid-July (have a sack, Eddie)
7) no (we move Speights)
8) 3 - offense better but D (bigger problem) won't be

1. The Sixers need to draft _________ .
-Just like the last 2 years, the guy with the most upside (even if not a pg.) You can't count on a future starter at 17, let alone someone ready now. Sounds like there are lots of PG's, which helps. Trade up for an future impact player if possible.

2. The Sixers need to use the MLE to sign _________ if they want to contend.
-This will be a year of growth. No MLE signing will have them near contention. Get a good temporary fit for the system, like Parker, or if you can steal a stud like Sessions then go for it. Gortat is a good idea too.

3. It's time to (a) part ways with Andre Miller- but a 2 year deal would also be fine. I really have enjoyed watching Miller play. Just don't want him here more than 2 more years.

4. Offense should be improving, but a year of adaptation to the new offense.

Defense could be cringe-worthy if the front-court is Brand/Thad and the back-court is porous. Steel yourselves...

5. Are the Sixers a couple of smart moves away from contention?
-More like a couple of years if they are very lucky and smart. Next year is about Young, Speights, Lou taking another step. The team learning a new style, and hopefully a healthy Brand and new PG. Keep the young talent and work to build a contender down the road.

6. Are they headed in the right direction?
-Maybe. They should still be focussed on their youth. Brand was a bit of a mistep, given how far away the rest of the roster is. Don't mind Jordan, but I don't want to see moves like Speights and Young for 30 year old vets.

7. Do they need to move one of their core players to shake things up (Brand, Iguodala, Thad)?
-I hope they stockpile as much young talent as possible. If Brand re-asserts is value then I'd move him before he is 34 at being paid 18M. Otherwise give the young guys a year to improve and increase their value.

8. Rate your confidence in Eddie Jordan from 1-10, 10 being supremely confident:7. He will do what we expect. Upgrade the offense. The defense will regress further.

...Overall, next year is about getting Brand and Smith healthy, improvements from Young, Speights and Lou and learning the new offense. I don't care that much about their record next year. probably another start slow and finish strong season.

I want this team ready to make some noise in 2-3 years.

John reply to tk76 on Jun 12 at 9:46

This I like, not just because I agree with most of the points, but the way it's expressed as well...

Real and Speightacular reply to John on Jun 12 at 10:02

Your turn. It's easy.

Not really, I don't do things like this, my post would be more reflective of tks than any of the others, and he made the points I'd want to make better, so no reason.

Real and Speightacular reply to John on Jun 12 at 10:17
"Not really, I don't do things like this"

What's the deal?

I meant I find targeting 'specific' names an exercise I don't like participating in, I'm not a huge fan of trade machines or anything else - I understand for some people it's enjoyable, for me not so much.

My response to brians intial question - as i've stated at least twice now - would be more theoretical - and like I said - tk said everything i would have said - but better (though I am not sure i'm as ready to give up on brand as he would be) so why repeat what he said - when he's already said it?

deepsixersuede on Jun 12 at 9:41

tk76, your point about Brand I totally agree with. If he comes back healthy and has an 18/10 kinda year but we don!t show as a team that we can contend than maybe,just maybe he allows us to fill out our young core for down the road through a trade to a team that is ready to win it.

deepsixersuede on Jun 12 at 10:42

tk76, question, when you said we can!t expect a starting quality p.g. at #17 does that mean you aren!t high on Lawson? This is reminding me of the J.Nelson situation, instead of taking a guy that has showed he is a winner,a lot of teams are looking for his warts or a reason not to take him.I hope they all pass on him.E.S. is supposed to be real good at evaluating talent and now that we are in "draft noman!s land",I hope he brings his A game.

I took it to be more of a 'you can't expect a starting quality player at #17 - it's just low in the draft to really expect things.

the ESPN true hoop guys were doing a lot of drafting research the past few weeks, looking at the entirety of the performance of guys not just looking for specific 'good' or 'bad' examples - and it wasn't exactly pretty for "after 10" guys.

I know the sixers need a point, but they need a lot of things, and if there's one guy real high on their board at 17 they shold take him - point or not - all things being equal between multiple candidates then maybe go for need.

At least that's how i see it

I plead ignorance. Just don't know enough college hoops. You can get great players at #17 or later, you just can't bank on it. Their other off-season moves should not be predicated on who they pick. Best case scenario they find a complementary player this year or a guy who can develop into a stud in a few years. So either way, they need to go into next year without expecting anything from this years #1.

Maybe if they listen to Brian and trade up for Curry it will be different- but that's not player you get at #17. Even if Lawson ends up better than Jameer- remember Jameer took several years to hit his stride.

BTW, Derek was planning on breaking down the PG crop through film study. Haven't heard if he has any conclusions yet. Draft express has a good PG article, but I think they rely a bit to much on college stats.

I don't think it's necessarily impossible to get a guy at #17 who can step in and start at PG, but I do believe you'd be a fool to go into the draft expecting that, especially if winning this season is a priority at all. If it did happen, it would really buck the odds.

deepsixersuede on Jun 12 at 10:59

John, can!t argue with that, and that is why if T.Williams or A.Daye are 2 guys E.S. loves because of what they could be than he would have to trust his gut even though they may be redundant to what we have.John,if you were E.S. would you draft one guy and go after a bigger splash m.l.e. guy or manuever for xtra picks?

From what I've been reading about Austin Daye - if stefanski (and DiLeo) 'love him' we got problems - dudes sliding...
Again the hypotheticals are tough, cause I don't know the talent, I don't know who is willing to take the MLE and I don't nkow who to trade up to get.

Moving up in a draft ALWAYS tends to cost a lot - even when teams are motivated (the wiz) to trade their pick they also don't want to be seen as 'bailing' either.

Personally, I don't want to give up speights for curry - i just don't like the idea. If it didn't cost speights young iguodala or brand to move up - i'm sure i'd consider it.

MLE is tougher as it depends on the sixers and the luxury tax - moving up costs more money to pay the first round pick so their is less 'tax space' - so if the tax isn't an issue - i'd blow as much as the MLE on possible on Ramon Sessions - he's been my guy for two years now - but it's personal preference and I know he's flawed, but i'd prefer sessions than Miller....

If he lasts into the second round i'd like to see the sixers purchase a pick and pick up the rights to nick calathes...

I'd alos like more information on Brandon Jennings if anyone can find it :)

1. The Sixers need to draft _________ .
It is a B.G.W.C.S.A.(Best Guard Who Can Shoot Available) situation. If Curry is not available, they need to pick Williams or Lawson. I am currently undecided, but I am leaning toward Williams, with his size, defensive prowess, and athleticism, with tremendous untapped potential.

2. The Sixers need to use the MLE to sign _________ if they want to contend.

Contend immediately? It is Gortat, hands down. He gets you an interior presence and makes it so that every big on the roster can shoot at least 15 ft. That means driving lanes for our slashers and, hopefully, hi/low games for Speights or Brand with deep position. I'd also look at cheap bargains like Courtney Sims, Rodney Carney & Sheldon Williams to round out the roster. Carney especially; with the handcheck rules, you can never have enough quality wing defenders, especially one who can shoot it somewhat.

3. It's time to (a) part ways with (b) re-sign Andre Miller

Part-ways, use him for a S&T. My targets would be Rip in Detroit, Crawford in GS, and Hinrich(probably involving a 3-way). Crawford and Rip get you perimeter scoring punch. Crawford especially could be a valuable bench scorer. From recent articles, he seems willing to do anything to get to play in the playoffs. Jordan might be able to harness his game some.

Rip is an interesting idea from our friend at RealGM. But he is a better defender than Crawford and will provide spacing and scoring. Gotten better as a passer too. Maybe the move might ignite him like it did for Billups?

4. I'm (a) worried about this team's defense, (b) excited about this team's offense, (c) both, (d) neither.

Both. That is one reason why I am strongly considering Williams with the pick. He would add another plus defender to a team with more than a few already. At that point, unless the scheme is suicidal or masochistic, the team should be effective defensively. To his credit, Lawson is also a plus defender as well, and would be a pit bull in ball-pressure situations.

5. Are the Sixers a couple of smart moves away from contention?
IMO, yes. If you either revive or replace Sam with an effective player(Gortat or a maturing Speights or Smith?), replace Miller with a better defender who can space the floor(Hinrich, Good Lou, #17?), and improve the scoring off the bench(Crawford?) to help the slow periods, this team can do damage. It is the ensemble approach, featuring an emerging closer in Iguodala. Of course, it helps that there are no "great" teams left in the league. Only very good ones.

6. Are they headed in the right direction?
IMO, yes. Just needs a few tweaks here, and some growth there, with better leadership, organization and direction from the coaches.

7. Do they need to move one of their core players to shake things up (Brand, Iguodala, Thad)?

As Whitney once said: Hell to the No!!
Brand is not damaged goods, he had two completely unrelated injuries, one of which he will be two years away from in Aug. Also, if anything, watching Jameer in the Finals reassures me about his shoulder issues.

Thad is not far away from being a legit #1 option offensively, and with his work ethic, I believe he will make it.

Iguodala is the engine of the whole thing. A multi-dimensional, unselfish, two-way impact player that is only a consistent jumper away from being an absolute monster. If he gets that, which I think that he can, this team will be very, very good.

8. Rate your confidence in Eddie Jordan from 1-10, 10 being supremely confident.

He is running at an 8. I like his offensive scheme, especially with it devaluing the pure point guard concept. He is big on playing "the Right Way" without trademarking it like LB. Looking back, considering the candidates, he was likely the best coach available who could handle both ends of the floor. I am reserving judgement until January though, but he talks a good game.

deepsixersuede on Jun 12 at 11:17

I watched Sessions in college a lot because I thought Fasekas could be on the Sixers radar.His numbers were good but when Skiles stayed with Ridnour alot it made me think there may be issues defensively or something,but I would have no problem with him. It sounds like Blair may be sliding and him being there at #10 may allow Milw. to let Vill. go and sign Sessions but not sure if they can.I don!t think we can get Gortat, seems there are too many options and Parker would be second to Carney because of age.If we aren!t going to win now, give me a younger guy.

According to most reports I've seen - the bucks can't afford Sessions OR Villanueva - that's how bad their money / contract issues are. Regardless of who they draft - those reports may be inaccurate.

My feeling is that Skiles just didn't like Sessions - cause I feel he's better than Luke, just all around...yeah I know he's not a great shooter, and everyone wants a point that's a great shooter, I personally don't feel the need for one so much as I'm a more 'pure' point guard type fan - intiating and passing - but then Jordan says you don't need one of those.

Oh right - Nick Fazekas - he was supposed to be a great NBA player? How'd that work out - secondary tier college big man - yuck.

I like Ariza as well - but one team that can afford whatever luxury tax bill they ahve to pay and still be rolling in cash is the lakers, they have a yankees like 'leg up' on other teams due to the fact that their front row seats are like 10 grand - per game - and they always sell out (ok not that much, but the tickets to laker games are just so much higher)....

I have no interest in carney whatsoever - don't believe he's any better now than he was when he was in philly just find it an 'absence fonder heart' effect :)

deepsixersuede on Jun 12 at 11:45

N.Fasekas,a poor man!s J.Smith, that can!t be a good thing.That Redd contract is killing the Bucks,17 mill. than 18 mill.,yikes!!!!With a spread floor , hopefully,quickness may pay dividends,that is why Lawson,L.Will.,Iggy and a guy like Carney may flourish.As far as the p.g. position, it seems it is 1]shooting; 2]defense; 3] p.g. skills; in that order; not sure I agree with that because with Arenas Wash. seemed like a rudderless ship a lot.

not sure I agree with that because with Arenas Wash. seemed like a rudderless ship a lot.

Except there's a difference, I think between 'shooting' and 'scoring'...allen iverson scores a lot of points but no one calls him a shooter - he's a volume guy. I always saw arenas the same way - oh yeah - and as a selfish twit still out to prove he isn't a second round pick worried more about 'his' than his team.

Bruce reply to john on Jun 12 at 12:34

Gordon JohnCOCK...

He was a former Indy 500 champion.

Go Sixers!!!

Real and Speightacular on Jun 12 at 12:25

Back to wild 'n' crazy ideas posting: how about some package with Stuckey for Thad as centrepiece (or does it work straight up)?

Next you work some kind of easy deal to get CJ Watson an blammo! you have your backcourt for the foreseeable future.

Then you pick up TWill in the draft mainly as a defensive stopper, facilitator. Grab Gortat with the MLE.

Now you have...


Look at it and marvel. Is that not a lineup with a depth that basically destroys all unlucky to come in its path? lol

Real and Speightacular reply to Real and Speightacular on Jun 12 at 12:27

Oops! Kinda forgot I traded Thad. Duh.

S'okay, you have TWill who can back up Iggy. And there's still Ivey an whatsizface. Still, tremble! lol! I love sunny fridays.

1. The Sixers need to draft a point guard. After Rubio and Curry, they I have no preference. Maynor, Lawson, Teague, holliday all work....
2. The Sixers need to use the MLE to sign gortat or sessions. This all depends on what we do with miller/dalembert and who is available. Just don't sign an old guy for a bunch of years.
3. It's time to let go of miller. He can't really shoot, his defense is subpar and he's gettin up there in years. Not a good fit for the EJ offense.
4. I'm (c) worried about this team's defense and excited for the team's offense.
5. Are the Sixers a couple of smart moves away from contention? This season? I don't think so. But next year we will have green, dalembert and kapono as trade deadline bait for their expiring contracts and smith, speights, iggy, lou and thad will each have another year under their belts.
6. Are they headed in the right direction? Yes. As painful as the Magic series was to watch, we did take an NBA finalist to 6 games with a young, brandless team.
7. Do they need to move one of their core players to shake things up (Brand, Iguodala, Thad)?
No. Test out the core for one more year at least.
8. Rate your confidence in Eddie Jordan from 1-10, 10 being supremely confident. 7.

Long day. Thanks for the comments guys, I'll spread sprinkle some responses in this afternoon. In the meantime, check out the Sixers draft headquarters. They have a bunch of draft profiles up, notable in his absence, Stephen Curry. Hopefully a big misdirection :)

I did ther whole questionnaire and was gonna post, but it is so long... these are my thoughts right now.

The Sixers can only be successful if Iguodala is the 2. That is all I really have to say on the team's future. The lineup needs to be PG, Iguodala, Young, Brand, Dalembert for 82 games if all are healthy. If that doesn't happen, my confidence in Jordan is a 2 and I don't think the team is headed in the right direction and I don't think any realistic move can get them to contention.

As for the draft, just don't trade up. Curry seems like a terrible move to me. I would prefer to just have Collison and Keep Speights or Terrence Williams and keep Speights.

Do you like the idea of using the MLE on Gortat?

Joe reply to Brian on Jun 12 at 15:35

Very much so.

Jambooli reply to Joe on Jun 12 at 15:46

Hey Joe,

Just wondering... if we don't trade Speights, but also sign Gortat, aren't we creating a bit of a logjam at the 4 and 5? We'd have Brand, Gortat, Sammy, Jason, Speights, and some Thad thrown in as well. With Brand getting big minutes, how would we be able to give reasonable playing time to all these other guys?

john reply to Jambooli on Jun 12 at 15:47

The hope I assume is that hte sixers find a sucker for Sam like they did for Reggie...

Which of course leads to a question - are there any 'one note' players out there with 2 years left like sam who make 10 million - but can drain the 3 like no bodys business :)

sfw reply to john on Jun 12 at 15:56

John, Marco Jaric, make over 7 mil for memphis with same expiration date. I thought he plus another would fit but now that we have a somewhat similar player don't think we'd go there.

Jason Richardson, Michael Redd, Jamal Crawford (who I want no part of, for the record), Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Peja.

There are bad contracts out there.

john reply to Brian on Jun 12 at 16:39

but are there teams that would find a use for sam and his whining to give up those bad contracts for sams bad contract

i truly think due to the 'other factors' of sam and his not taking benchings or coaching very well that the sixers might have to take back a 'longer' contract (one year only maybe) to get someone to take sam off their hands in a straight up evans / kapono like deal

It's possible, here are some deals that are one year longer:

Maggette & S. Jackson (both 2 years longer. GSW really has some long contracts)

Baron Davis (2 years longer)

Vince Carter (1 year longer)

Kevin Martin (2 years longer)

Nocioni + Beno (each 2 years longer, combined it works)

Here's a question, would you trade Dalembert for Nocioni, Beno and the #4 pick?

John reply to Brian on Jun 12 at 21:28

Um...hell yes :)

Joe reply to Jambooli on Jun 12 at 16:03

If they got Gortat, then, yes, Speights becomes much more expendable. I agree.

I would, as John said, try to trade Sammy first, though, due to how much he makes.

Smith and Speights are cheap labor right now. I don't think you deal either because they aren't in the rotation.

Joe prompted me to take the time and respond. I agree Dre needs to be the 1 or 2.

The Sixers need to draft _________ . a VG Point Guard
The Sixers need to use the MLE to sign Gortat or RIP (I think Gortat will be higher than the MLE)_________ if they want to contend.
It's time to (a) part ways with (b) re-sign Andre Miller
I'm (a) worried about this team's defense, (b) excited about this team's offense, (c) both, (d) neither.

Andre, thank you for all your great teaching and hard work for the sixers. Enjoy your summers year around, no need for you to stick around. Time to move on!

Are the Sixers a couple of smart moves away from contention? YES, DEFINITELY
Are they headed in the right direction? YES
Do they need to move one of their core players to shake things up (Brand, Iguodala, Thad)? NO, but would not be real upset if they trade Speights for 1 piece to complete the team.
Rate your confidence in Eddie Jordan from 1-10, 10 being supremely confident. Right now, 4 or 6 depending on my mood. I think Thibs would have been the right coach. But, too soon to tell. Ask me in November.

I strongly believe they need to move Sam if at all possible for another big guy even if he sucks. Sam is not teachable, most NBA players have more brains than Sam.

Sam is not teachable, most NBA players have more brains than Sam.

This is so true, and it's so frustrating. He's just a dunce on the floor, but I'd say there are maybe 5 guys his size that can to the things he can do athletically in the league. I'm so sick of thinking about what he could be if he just focused and accepted the role he was really born to play. Ugh.

john reply to Brian on Jun 12 at 15:46

Sam is teachable in my mind - that's not the problem - per se - but maybe this is just a fine poitn - he's not willing to learn.

He could learn, he could get better, if he wanted to - it's not the brain, it's the will and desire and the dedication (thus why when people say chase budinger might 'slip' to the sixers i get hives)

will and desire is part of the brain. he does make some plays that make you wonder what grade level his intelligence would be clocked at, though.

john reply to Brian on Jun 12 at 16:29

I don't disagree - i just make a distinction between ability to learn and desire to learn...i think it's an important distinction when evaluation players :)

DeanH reply to john on Jun 12 at 22:59

Technically, John, you are correct! I am not the best at expressing my thoughts but I think we all got the point. I do appreciate you correcting me, however. I was not correct and I do not think I should insult people's intellegence.

Joe reply to DeanH on Jun 12 at 23:49


I do like your grammer though. :)

DeanH reply to Joe on Jun 13 at 10:42

I knew I had several typos, just got in from watching the Phils, SRO ticket. Sorry ya'll for testing your patience.

John reply to DeanH on Jun 13 at 11:39

I think if it's an accurate statement, it's not an insult, for instance, sam has the basketball IQ of my 7 year old (ok almost 7) niece is an accurate statement in my opinion :)

It just came up today on another blog, people were talking chase budinger, and my big concern about a guy like that is a perceived lack of love and desire to have basketball as a profession.

Take it from me, you can be 'good' at a job that you hate, but you won't ever be the best you can be at it...you just aren't that dedicated to it...

u did mention that in earlier post right? right now, it is starting to make a lot more sense to be patient.

zig reply to zig on Jun 12 at 20:23

sorry my computer has a lot of bugs, this comment above was not supposed to go here.

deepsixersuede on Jun 13 at 0:33

If Okl. City takes Harden or Curry I think a Sam for Collison and Watson makes sense for both teams.Collison is a better center alternative to Jason and Marreese this year and Watson, being a veteran may help make up E.S.!s mind not to resign A.Miller.A Kristic/Sam platoon at center is an upgrade and Okl. City only has to pay about 6 mill. in the 2nd year.

I read the Ok city draft blog and the bloggers ripped Watson for being the most disappointing player. Not sure what's up with him.

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