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The Gortat Situation

I'll never understand the time of your blog entries. I originally accessed this at like 5:40 AM. The time on the entry is 9:47 AM. huh?

I love Gortat probably about as much as you. I support giving Gortat the full MLE at the very beginning of free agency.

I usually write these posts really late at night, then just timestamp them for the morning so I don't look like a vampire :)

Real and Speightacular on Jun 16 at 6:51
"Detroit would have to renounce Rasheed and Iverson to clear enough space."

If that's the only real impediment for Detroit picking up The Hammer, then that's no impediment at all. Both those guys are almost for sure goners.

Marcin had that one excellent game against the sixers in the post-season but other than that, he was kinda...meh. But, fwiw, I think he's going to be a solid pro for years to come.

Once they're renounced, they can't sign-and-trade either of them. It's not something they're going to do right away, especially not with Rasheed. It would cut off a lot of options for them.

Yes, this guy will add some toughness to our game. And despite the talk of his lack of offensive game, he won't catch the ball and turn it over like Dalembert.

Let's hope offering him a starting role and the MLE will be enough to entice him to come here.

Joe reply to Alvin on Jun 16 at 7:45

Gortat isn't a poor offensive player... I think people need to realize this. He hasn't even been below average thusfar in his career with respect to offense.

The average NBA center, per 36 minutes, would shoot 2.2 more shots(and get to the line 2.1 more times) to score 2.3 more points. That is not a better offensive player. It is a distinctively worse one. Add in the fact that Gortat turns it over much less, gets a ton more offensive rebounds, and only has about 1 less assist and, well, you get an above average offensive center thusfar in his career.

I'm not trying to explain WHY he is more productive than other NBA centers offensively. The "experts" can do that. He IS more productive, though, or at least has been.

Oh yeah, and he is 24 with limited NBA experience, meaning he will likley improve.

Real and Speightacular reply to Joe on Jun 16 at 8:02
"Oh yeah, and he is 24 with limited NBA experience, meaning he will likley improve."

He probably will, but I doubt by the leaps and bounds. I suspect his ceiling's pretty low. Fortunately, even at this level he's still better'n most.

So, here's a potential plan.

- Sign Gortat.
- Trade Sammy for Vlad Rad, Nazr and their 2nd round pick.
- Let Donyell go(not thrilled but Rad will play his role)
- Let AMILL go.
- Draft Lawson & Somehow manipulate to get Ellington
Here's a lineup:
Center: Gortat, Mohammed, JSmith
PF: Brand,Speights, Rad(some TYOUNG)
SF: T.Young, Kapono(some IGGY)
SG: Iggy, Ellington, Green
PG: Lawson, Lou Will(some IGGY)

zig reply to sfw on Jun 17 at 23:22

the only thing i would change add is to sign a veteran minimum at the pg and use the biannual exception to get a guy like udoka. otherwise thats a nice looking team (assuming it is healthy and the young guys look to improve).

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 9:05

Brian, thanks for the breakdown.One sentence sticks out to me,"Orlando won!t pay that much for an insurance policy".Well, we have Elton,Sam and Jason making about 28 mill. as our centers,according to our coach.Do you think a team down to 2 backup guards, in today!s economy,can afford to sign a center whose strength is defense to a contract to be Elton!s backup with Sam here, I don!t think so. Move Sam for a couple of perimeter guys and it makes sense.But toughening up this squad seems the furthest thing from their mind.

If they could sign Gortat, I'd be fine with trading away Sammy for whatever package they could get, even the Vlad/Nazr package. He'd solve the five problem for me.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 11:45

Vald and nazr is much better than the stale bag of chips i'd take

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 9:28

Reading today M.Ellis told management not to draft a p.g., he wants to run the team in Gold.St., yet their new g.m. and coach feel pressure to win now.Maybe a sign-trade destination for a veteren p.g. to show Montae the ropes? Just a thought.

The report is that Ellis was promised by management that a point wouldn't be drafted at 7.

It also indicates that Ellis and Jackson both have serious issues with the direction and way the franchise is run.

I'm not sure the Warriors aren't more of a clusterfrack than the Hawks

If they aren't drafting a point, that's good news for us. I'd love it if Holiday slipped. Wonder how the Sixers feel about Holiday.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 11:48

Have the sixers worked out holliday or jennings?

Seems like they should get on it.

Honestly, if i'm the warriors - ellis is starting to feel like more trouble than he's worth - on and off the court - and for that kind of money - i start shopping the kid seeing what i can get

He's BYC till later in the Summer, then maybe they will. They have some LOOOOOOOOONG contracts on that team.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 11:55

Another team that has its head up its arse - starting at the top - if only the sixers could take advantage

Just curios - what's your opoinion of Monta Ellis?

If he's healthy, he can be a destructive force on the offensive end. I'd prefer it if he learned to shoot the three, and he isn't a point guard, but the guy can play. I don't want him on the Sixers, really, but I'm still interested in defense, which seems kind of foolish at this point.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 12:09

I'm a big ellis fan - have been ever since his second year when i snuck him late in fantasy draft and he really came through for me (a tip from a web site saying watch out for him this year) - and I think he's a 2 guard though- not a point

I don't believe that it's a lock that Orlando won't match. If you make that offer to Gortat, be sure Orlando won't match or for a week you can't do much but wait.

I also worry about the 'posey' effect - solid playoff appearance leads to too big too long contract for guy who really didn't deserve it (you could call it the dalembert effect, but that seems too on the nose)

Tying up the MLE for a week doesn't concern me in the least.

I'd agree w/ the Posey comparison if Gortat was 32, but he's 24 and I really believe he's one of the best defensive centers in the league right now. His work defending the post was brilliant throughout the playoffs. He's strong and calm down there, waits for the guy to actually shoot before he leaves his feet, very athletic for a 7-footer and he seems like he's actually got a head on his shoulders.

I really don't buy into the Elton at center idea. The sixers will not progress in the playoffs, if Elton plays more than 12-15 minutes at center a night. Don't want to continue this one and done trend.

I'm with ya on Brand at the 5. Not a good idea if that's your primary lineup. It just won't work on the boards and defensively with Thad at the four, or even with Speights or Smith at the four.

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 10:20

John, interesting viewpoint on that in an article on Hoopsworld,Draft homepage,Nelson affects magic!s free agents.Gives a good reason not to sign Turkoglu.

I don't see what you're referring to precisely - do you have a link

Only thing I saw referred to 'market value' and length of contract performance.

Letting Hedo go, on the court, is a bad move for the magic - they can win because of mismatches and outside shooting - where do they find that 6'10 SF to replace him?

Rashard Lewis?

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 11:11

Except he's their starting power forward - so now you have to replace him - and dwight howard isn't a power forward yet...dude really needs to work on his offensive game.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 11:16

The greater point that i expressed badly is that the magic have a 'system' that works, primarily due to some match up mismatches and strong 3 point shooting - if they let hedo gone - they lose a key 'mismatch' in their starting line up and 3 point shooting as well - sure you could start pietrus - but he isn't the mismatch that hedo is - if you move lewis to his 'natural' position - do yo ustart battie or gortat or howard at the 4?

I think they'll overpay to keep Hedo, personally, and they probably should. That's why I doubt they match an offer for Gortat. That's also why I think you have to strike while the iron is hot. If you can get him to sign an offer sheet early in free agency, Orlando isn't going to know what the hell is going on with Hedo.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 11:30

I don't disagree in principle but it all depends on 'how much' they are willing to go over the tax and how much hedo takes - according to his agent they are implying long term and 10 mil a year base - that's a lot for a guy his age - and how long do you want to pay him?

I think the problem is that Gortat will be heavily sought after by a lot of teams that might be able to offer him starting jobs and possibly a better roster to work with?

What is his motivation is the question erally

Can you point to a playoff team who could offer him a starting job, other than Detroit? And do you really think Detroit will be a lock to make the playoffs this year if they use all their cap space on Ben Gordon and Gortat? Or Boozer and Gortat?

The Sixers would have to motivate Gortat. Maybe make the final year a player option, guarantee him starter's minutes, call him at 12:01am on July 1st and let him know that he's your top priority. There's really nothing to lose going full-bore after him, especially if you're offering him the most salary you can possibly offer him and there are really only 2 or 3 other teams who could offer him more, with Orlando really being the only team that's better than the Sixers who could offer more money.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:17

I have heard rumors that the Spurs are interested in him to play with Duncan. I don't know how solid they are, but the move makes sense

San Antonio would have to cut Bruce Bowen and Oberto, then find a way to shed even more salary in order to fit Gortat under the luxury tax. They're right up against it, and I really don't think it's possible. If they're going to completely change their tune and pay the tax, then they're a real possibility. I'm not sure they're willing to do that, though.

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:22
"And do you really think Detroit will be a lock to make the playoffs this year if they use all their cap space on Ben Gordon and Gortat? Or Boozer and Gortat?"

Considering they somehow made the playoffs this year, either of those new pairs would definitely make them much stronger going forward. Whether they'd be that much closer to conference finalist vs the Sixers' chances is kinda debateable, but there's no doubt they'd be a playoff team.

Joe D's already gone on record saying that Stuckey's not a f/t lead guard so it'll be interesting to see how they work things out this summer and season.

Tom Moore on Jun 16 at 11:11

If Miller goes, they'll need another point guard -- even if they draft Lawson or Maynor. I think that's where the MLE will be directed.

So Sessions, Bibby, Felton and Miller are the only legit veteran points out there. I guess they could go for Sessions, but he's a worse shooter than Miller. Will Bibby or Felton be available for the MLE? I doubt it. That leaves re-signing Miller, a lesser talent (Jarret Jack) or a young guy like C.J. Watson. I'm sorry but none of those guys really do it for me. I'd rather get a savvy guy with a ton of miles on the odometer to play mentor to whatever rookie they draft and shift the ball handling responsibilities to Iguodala this season.

But that's just me.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 12:47


Fully agree here. The PG's that are out there to spend the MLE on - that will really be available for the MLE - are either not really worth it or are poor fits for what we need. If we could get Bibby or Sessions for the MLE, I would definitely consider that...but I think the chances are pretty good that they stay with their respective teams....and even if they don't stay with their teams, there are teams like Portland that also have need of a PG, and they can spend more than the MLE.

If you like Felton, just draft Lawson, IMO.

I had initially thought that Jack would be a decent option, but if I had to choose between signing Jack with the MLE and Gortat, I do Gortat in a heartbeat. Having a young, legit 7 foot big with good size and some athletic ability would be SUCH an upgrade for this team. I could live with LWill, Lawson/Maynor and whoever we sign with the $2 million biannual exemption (which might actually get us a decent player this summer) if we signed Gortat. We could then use other trade assets (Sammy, Speights, Smith if he can prove he's healthy) to add another PG/SG to the rotation.

Of course, the best option IMO would be to sign Gortat, and trade Speights to move up in this draft to get an impact backcourt guy...but unfortunately, you have to make the draft decision before you know if you can get Gortat.

All evidence to the contrary that the bucks can't afford sessions or villanueva you still think he'll stay with the team.

He's a guy who most likely won't get more than the MLE and i'd rather they spend the MLE on him than anyone not named gortat

That's a tough call, Gortat or Sessions. I think Gortat has a bigger impact, to be honest, though I do like Sessions. You're absolutely right, though. MIL will not match an offer for him, he's as good as gone.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:12

I think the need for gortat or sessions could be seen as 'equal' but the 'difficulty' in a second option swings the pendulum towards gortat...you can't just go to someone else or pick up a draft pick. Sessions market probably willl develop slower until Gortat is settled, so if they miss on Gortat I wouldn't mind them going after sessions with the MLE next

Makes sense to me.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:25


If you were Sessions, and you had more than one offer for the MLE (including from the Bucks), why would you choose to take the MLE from the team that just drafted a PG in the 1st round?

To me, drafting Lawson/Maynor and then signing Sessions with the MLE seems like overkill. At least with a guy like Jack, you get a guy who is a better outside shooter than Sessions, and a guy who can slide over to take Green's place on the roster once Willie's contract expires. Sessions is a PG - period.

If they want Sessions, they should do something else at 17...but the problem is, you don't know if you can get Sessions - which is why I think they probably don't go in that direction with the MLE if they draft a PG at 17.

Why do people assume that the #17 pick is going to be ready to start right away?

He probably won't be - Sessions would be the starter if he were signed

The Bucks won't offer the MLE, they'll probably make the qualifying offer, because it's for the minimum, pretty much, but they won't match jack shit for Sessions. They're so screwed financially it isn't even funny. Sessions is going somewhere, maybe for the full MLE, maybe not. I really don't know how this market is going to play out. My best guess with Sessions is that he's going to whomever offers the most money, if there are multiple full MLE offers, which I find kind of doubtful, then I don't know what his criteria would be, but I doubt he'd care if the team just drafted Eric Maynor.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:37

I was thinking
2010 is bonanza year right
lots of teams clearing lots of cap space to focus on 3 or 4 players - most of whom won't leave their homes probably
So that's a lot of teams with cap room they didn't spent
Wouldn't guys like Gortat and Sessions be wise (but riskier) to take those one year tender offers - play next year - and then they are unrestricted free agents in a larger pool of available money and possibly a better economy?

I don't think either is unrestricted next season. I believe they'd be restricted until next year.

Also, you're talking about a huge friggin' risk. I mean, they're either going to sign a $34M+ contract or play for less than $1M next season. Would you take that risk?

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:48

How much did ben gordon play for this year - they wouldn't be in the same situation as gordon?

Problem for sessions is that his current coach is an idiot

Gordon played for $6.4M this season. Much different situation when you were a top pick.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 15:03


You may be right that Sessions wouldn't view our drafting of Eric Maynor or Ty Lawson as an issue as to whether or not to sign here (it's all about the Benjamins), but I guess that I am still struggling with shooting our two best bullets this summer (our #1 pick and the MLE) on one position. That is why Gortat makes so much sense with the MLE.

And if - for example - our two acquisitions are Maynor and Sessions, we have done nothing to materially address upgrading our outside shooting with those picks (Anthony Parker?)...nothing to get more consistent defensive play at the 5 (Gortat)...we simply add two pretty-much pure PG's to an offense that doesn't necessarily require a pure PG.

While I appreciate what Tom is saying about using the MLE to replace Miller, I am just concerned that if we come out of this with Maynor and Sessions, those two guys do not address some of the key issues this team still faces (outside shooting, perimeter defense, more consistent play from the 5). And if the goal is not only getting Miller's replacement, but an UPGRADE on Miller (better shooter, better defender), does either Maynor or Sessions provide that?

I would go for QUALITY (Curry or Hinrich) over QUANTITY (Maynor AND Sessions).

I go for realistic (sessions and maynor if they miss out on gortat) over pipe dreams (hinrich and curry)

bebopdeluxe reply to john on Jun 16 at 15:41

Now...where is that "ignore" button?

Oh! Here it is...



You keep ranting and raving - you keep complaining that they don't keep you (the fan) in the loop enough like you're entitled to knowledge and you keep pushing the trades that have no chance of happening - like just because you SAY they should happen they should happen.

Trust me - if there was an ignore button i would have used it on you LONG ago, you make statements that contradict available facts (your sessions comment for instance) and then totally ignore you're wrong.

You don't know better than the sixers - i promise you you don't

Well, I mean, we're talking about the ideal here so it's fine to dream big.

I do agree with bebop, though. Are we a materially better team with Maynor and Sessions than we would've been with Miller? We're certainly younger, but better? I don't know.

PG: Sessions, Maynor
SG: Williams, Green, Kapono
SF: Iguodala
PF: Thad, Speights
C: Brand, Dalembert, Smith

That roster doesn't exactly excite me. Even if they made the correct move and this was the roster:

PG: Sessions, Maynor
SG: Iguodala, Williams, Green
SF: Thad, Kapono
PF: Brand, Speights
C: Dalembert, Smith

I'd still much prefer

PG: Maynor, Anthony Carter/Brevin Knight/Vet. Min. PG
SG: Iguodala, Williams, Green
SF: Thad, Kapono
PF: Brand, Speights
C: Gortat, Sam, Smith

Then maybe you do that deal for Sammy with Charlotte, if it's even a possibility.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 15:55

Given a choice I'll take Sessions over Miller over time - age and cost are two factors - plus I just don't like the whole 'training camp out of shape' thing - especially when you got a new coach AND a new system...plus sessoins is cheaper than miller this season.

I don't think the sixers are going to miss on Gortat and then go after Sessions, I doubt they'll go after either, not heavy - but my point was that after Gortat there's no one else out there I'd consider spending the MLE on who would take it than sessions - it's a crap year for free agents - so gortat will most likely get over paid by someone - there's a demand that's high and a supply that's low.

It's fine to dream big - but that's not what i see from said poster - what i see is some dogmatic dedication to an untenable idea that he thinks is doable - it's not just in these untenable trades, it's the ranting about a chat where he's offended cause he didn't get to hear the information he wanted to hear -t he detailed insight that it was ridiculous to expect in the first place.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 15:56

Absoultely, bro...dream big.

After all, this is an internet forum - not the War Room at the Wachovia Center on Draft night - and on a forum like this, people can propose whatever they want...


It would be great if Stefanski would come in - after the dust settles - and take us through his thought process as to why, for example, it makes more sense to add Maynor and Sessions to this team than, say, Curry and Gortat...how taking those two guys address the issues this team has (upgrading Miller, improving our defense, better outside shooting from our starting unit) better than some of the EXCELLENT ideas that I have seen on forums like Depressed Fan, RealGM, PhillyForum and other areas...but I won't hold my breath on that one.

I am fully prepared to be disappointed with the moves that are going to be made, but these guys know a lot more about basketball and these players than a yabo on an internet forum like me...but it's still fun to play "internet GM" - isn't it?

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 11:18

John, go to hoopsworld,hit on draft[homepage] and look for article labeled[Nelson affects Magic f.a.!s]. I am not computer savvy,do not know how to post link, my kids call me a dinosaur.It gives good reasons why Turk can be let go,the #1 being putting the ball in their 2 main investments hands more,along with Nelson!s style[different than Austin].It makes sense.

There's something from 3 days ago i find using swagbucks, but when i try to link to it - the site crashes my browser (safari) - if they can't be bothered to optimize for a major browser - i can't bother to read their site

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 11:41

Sorry John, I just read on Draftexpress B.J.Mullins is coming in for a workout,I am glad E.S. is covering all his bases.

Ford's latest mock draft is out. He still has the Sixers taking Maynor. It's funny, he has the Kings taking Jrue Holiday #4, and then Ty Lawson #23. Would they really draft two points?

He's got Curry going #7 to the Warriors, with the Knicks taking Jordan Hill at #8. Jennings goes #13, Teague #19. So the Sixers have the choice between Maynor, Lawson and Teague, and choose Maynor.

Wow. Ford has Hansbrough going #11 to the Nets. Where did that come from?

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 12:16

Hasborough supposedly has been impressive in workouts and his measurables weren't as bad as people thought they'd be.

It's also possible the nets got stupid

I mean he wouldn't do that without some isnight?

My favorite rumor of the day is the new wolves gm wanting to make a splash and dangling kevin love to get the #2 so they can draft 2 and 6 and get rubio and who knows - but i thought love was pretty good last year wasn't he?

Yup. He was. Almost averaged a double/double in 25 minutes/game. And that's after a horrible start to the season.

I actually didn't think they used him enough, but it may have been a conditioning thing. It would be kind of funny if they traded Mayo for Love last year and then traded Love to get Rubio this year. Memphis would wind up with both guys from last year :)

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 12:30

And that would make memphis better and make them not have to draft thabeet - which i don't tink they want to do but kind of feel they have to.

Of course - Minnesota hasn't even settled who their coach is for next year officially...another fracked up franchise

Real and Speightacular reply to john on Jun 16 at 12:43
"My favorite rumor of the day is the new wolves gm wanting to make a splash and dangling kevin love to get the #2 so they can draft 2 and 6 and get rubio and who knows - but i thought love was pretty good last year wasn't he?"

Yeah, saw that one. Hi-larious. They have a new GM, right? Hm. Dude needs to learn no need to go bukkake in his first party. Whatevers.

Love was damned amazing last year imho.

Here's a quote from Ivey's agent:

"It probably sounds strange for us to be doing this, but it's me," Glass said. "The only risk would be is if no one wants to sign him."

Makes sense. I mean, worst-case scenario, he still signs for the minimum somewhere. It's not like he's going to be out of the league. I doubt the Sixers go above the minimum, I mean, I wouldn't use the bi-annual on Ivey.

Well brian - chad ford has a chat in about 15 minutes on the broken idiiotic 'new' system ESPN set up (what was wrong with the old system, serioiusly, it's just folk justifying their jobs like the marketing folks at pepsi who changed the logo) you can ask him about hansborough

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 12:57

The Love rumor makes sense, and I am a huge Love fan,when you see the end result.They get Rubio and at #6 get J.Hill, a better fit next to Jefferson for defensive purposes.Love and Jefferson seem like a defensive nightmare come playoff time.

Again - it's been one year - you don't know what love will become - but you have a better idea than you have on Hill

and oh yeah - there's no guarantee when Rubio will bei n the NBA what with having to go after Spains version of the IRS to get out of his deal - ever try to sue the american IRS? That's right, probably not, cause you really can't.

Plus if he makes this move to draft rubio he contradicts his first edict as GM (we won't draft anyone who won't work out for us) which makes him look like an unqualified buffoon (many already think he is) and doesn't exactly bode well for his future as a respected GM

Curry wouldn't work out for them either :)

If they trade up to get Rubio, maybe they look to trade out of #6. Who knows. This guy does seem like a buffoon, though.

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 13:11

John, I just think Love and Jefferson both work better next to an athletic shotblocking type,that is why I thought he would work here, next to Sam.Jefferson does his best work on the block and Love does too,but Love is a great passer on the perimeter so that is how they will use him, I guess.As far as Rubio,at #2 they have plenty of choices;[Thabeet[#6]-Curry] [Harden[#6]-Hill].

PS - chad ford just had a little nugget in his chat i didn't even know about.

Love can't be traded to memphis for a year from when he was traded FROM memphis to Minnesota.

He calls the rumor bogus.

What was the date of the draft last year? He was traded during the draft.

john reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 13:35

June 28th

So they could just consummate the deal a couple days after the draft. Doesn't seem too problematic.

Been meaning to ask - where's that picture from - those don't look like NBA players

Dunno, must be from Europe. I think I found on a Google image search.

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 17:37

With the f.a. list in front of him and the needs of this team apparent hopefully [p.g.,shooter,fut. center]how does E.S. attack draft night.A good big [Mullins?] is less available through f.agency.Adding a 2nd round pick[D.Green?]gets a shooter and signing Sessions to the m.l.e. along with C.J.Watson to the biannual would cover all the needs,but is this doable.

Real and Speightacular reply to deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 20:14

Maybe you don't go for it all in one year. Maybe you get a good piece now (Lawson/Maynor) and let Thad's value go up some more. Then next year you trade Thad and your first round pick for Cole Aldrich next year. Sam's value (assuming he gets no worse) goes up a couple ticks, too, if only because his contract's that much shorter.

Wild, wild stuff ;-)

Mullins is supposedly got a promise in the top 16 - but doesn't project in the top 16 (which is weird) - all believe it's Boston - i know nothing about him but I'm pretty sure he's not a defensive center?

deepsixersuede on Jun 16 at 18:11

Read that he may not have a single promise but a lot of good feedback from teams all in the 10 to 16 range.A scout[Rosenberry] of the Hawks was just on sportsnet, some tidbits;Nivins,Christmas and Cunningham should all be drafted with rumors circulating that Cunningham may sneak into the 1st round.Christmas really impressed D1Antonio in workout with Henderson and Curry.Jennings is the fastest player in the draft. Jerome Allen played against him in Europe and said people don!t realize the level of competition over there and how hard it is to play at as an 18 year old.Jennings teammates have said he was the first to get to and last to leave practice everyday.Ellington has played himself into 16 to 25 range.And lastly that the sixers can!t go wrong with Lawson or Maynor,they both fit their style.

I am beginning to like jennings - an arthur like slide wouldn't be a horrible thing in my opinion :)

Chris reply to john on Jun 16 at 21:03

I was intrigued when a draft site had him pegged as Kenny Anderson but faster and quicker. My thing is we pick middle of the pack every year and it is hard to get really good without getting one of the franchise type players (though Iggy and Young were fantastic for where they went). Jennings seems to have (arguably) the most 'upside' in the draft so I think he would be of interest.

I suspect he won't slip though unless he has a meltdown. The workout reviews I've seen he's been tearing up the other PG prospects.

Real and Speightacular reply to Chris on Jun 17 at 6:33

I have a feeling he'll be breathtaking to watch; for his waterbug style and his dreadful shooting.

Tom Moore on Jun 16 at 20:14

Iguodala and Young have been named to the USA Basketball mini-camp that starts July 22 in Vegas.


Chris reply to Tom Moore on Jun 16 at 20:54

Good find.

For Iggy, this is kind of expected. For Young, it means people around the league are definitely noticing (or more aptly, have noticed) him. I really hope they can work out (on the Sixers) with Iggy at the 2 and Thad at the 3. I think Thad, if he gets the touches, could be a premier scorer in the league and hopefully he can develop into a plus defender.

If they have to move him, it better be for someone real talented and not someone ancient and over the hill.

Tom Moore on Jun 16 at 21:12

Agree that Iguodala, after making the select team last year, was almost a given. Young is a pleasant surprise.

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