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If we had to pick a safety... Landry will go top 10 so he's out of reach. I'd trade up for Nelson if he falls to late teens early 20s.

Otherwise, I'd trade down into the early second and grab Merriweather, Weddle, or Griffin. Out of that group, Merriweather probably has the most talent but his character issues are a little worrisome given the new iron fist Goodell is wielding.

I'd prefer Griffin to Nelson actually. I'd also be completely in favor of trading down, especially if they could find a way to get a safety and Brian Leonard.

Nice pick in the SB mock draft by the way.


For some reason ive got a good feeling about Griffin. He's just a football player. Nelson i tihnk could be an elite nfl player if he got in the right system, but i dont really think he'd fit in the Eagles system with Dawkins whos kinda a similar player.

Oh and Brian, all of the blogsbyfans dudes should do a mock draft. Lets get that together. However many people there are (about 6?), just have every take their favorite team and split up the rest of the NFL teams equally.


I thought about a mock draft, but it only really works if you have one guy doing it, with a deep knowledge, or you have one guy for each team.

If you want to update your mock draft some time this week, we can get it up on the front page. I think you're our resident expert.

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