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Sifting Through The Noise

bebopdeluxe on Jun 23 at 1:42


Make it so.

"...(the Wizards) are in the market for a veteran player who can propel the team to a championship right now"

Line of the year.

I mean, I write a lot of BS as well, but at least I am NOT getting paid.

Neat article(non-draft related).


If we just select at #17, you can bet there is a trade(s) coming down later in the offseason. Possibly for AMILL and/or Sammy D.

Brian, another one was Minn. offering M.Miller for Kamen and being turned down by the Clipps and being turned down, yet the Clipps offered Camby in his place; since when is Kamen and his longer deal worth more than Camby and his shorter deal,and why would the Clipps rather have Kamen.That was on Draftexpress/man on the street.

Yeah, I saw that. Insane, huh?

If the wiz want a veteran they want a veteran - if they think hughes is a 'good fit' for their mess of a roster - well their gm isn't a smart man anyway - look at the deals hee gave jamison and arenas.

And there's a difference between dropping 3 spots and dropping 12 spots, even in this draft. The sixers would have to pay more - and don't even have a 'vet' of Hughes quality worth trading. Assuming you don't trade Iguodala and Brand (who are worth more than Hughes) - after that who is equiavalent to hughes on the court?

That Knicks trade didn't involve a draft pick, read it again. So you can forget about the difference between dropping 3 and 12 spots. And, uh, Dalembert is better than Hughes, and probably a better fit for their roster. His contract is a year longer, though.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 9:52

And maybe they don't like Dalembert - they have a history with Hughes - most of this is bull anyway - it's the new york post on hoopshype reporting this rumor - you think SF is unreliable - the post is as reliable as me throwing darts at a board blindfolded.

Dalembert has a reputation around the league - again - this GM is an idiot who thinks he has a core of 'stars' in arenas, jamison and butler and in the same breath says never say never - 'oscar robinson and kareem' were traded.

Perception matters a lot in this league still sadly and the perception now is that not only is Sam Dalembert a whiny trouble maker - but his team wants to get rid of him - hence anyone on the 'buyer' side of Dalembert has the advantage - good or bad - when you go public that you're trying to trade someone and everyone knows he wants gone and you want him gone - you lose some of your leverage.

One year longer and a touble maker versus a guy 'they know' who they think 'fits' - don't see why it's such a big deal - both players are worth a lot less than they're paid. And the wizards are a crap run organization

I wouldn't be shocked if Portland finds a way to land that pick, probably Blake and Outlaw for those Thomas and James, or variation on that theme. They only seem willing to make deals during the draft. If they move up, I bet it's for either Curry or Evans.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 10:08

There's a lot of chatter about Portland right now that's true - theey were connected to rubio a bit as well - that pritchard fella though- he seems hesitant to give up any guys he drafted.

I find it ridiculous that ricky rubio only did a half assed work out for one team...this is an insane way to do something

Why are the celtics involved in like 50% of the BS rumors?

Rondo and Allen to Detroit for Hamilton/Prince/Stuckey


Where there's smoke there's fire? Maybe they really don't want to commit to Rondo. Maybe his attitude really is that bad.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 9:53

I find it ridiculous - you can work on a guys 'attitude' - you can't work on the talent - where was this noise last year - this just smells fishy all the way around.

Ahem, you wrote this seconds after your Dalembert rant above. You can work on attitude, really?

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 10:03

Oh come on Brian, even you aren't that disingenuous that's not a comment worthy of you (of others maybe) not you.

The differences between the TALENT of Rondo and Dalembert are vast - not to mention age and costs...

Fair, but maybe Ainge and Rivers don't want Rondo, an overpaid headache, as their centerpiece in a couple of years when the big three have all become irrelevant or retired. If he's a problem now, they may want to get rid of him before it becomes like a Dalembert situation.

john reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 11:02

Or maybe it's just all made up BS - as the Celtics publicly deny it (or maybe they're just better at it than the sixers) repeatedly.

All this "Rondo is a pain" stuff there wasn't word one of it until the off season started? This can't be a new situation - and after New York - Boston has some of the nosiest loudest rumor mongering writers around.

I remember hearing about it a couple of times, and seeing Rivers yelling at Rondo. The quote, "Everyone on this team hates you," sticks in my mind.


Just read this - don't wanna post every link (like the rumor of Amare to Washington for #5)

Boston supposedly wants to trade Rondo - Phoenix wants to trade Amare and keep the older nash.

TO me that makes no sense.

Chad Ford on ESPN says Curry is 'climbing' peoples boards? Dude started at 8

Now this one (via ESPN.com on hoopshype) is a move that I would say 'why wasn't speights worth that'

The Rockets are actively hunting for a team willing to trade its lottery pick. Their offer? Carl Landry. I love Landry, but not sure he's worth a lottery pick. Then again, in this draft … maybe

To be fair, have we had even a whiff of the Sixers involvement in trade talks that actually happened before they were imminent? I actually think their front office is more tight lipped than most. All we get is crap that never happens, even from the "inside" source. I'd bet Speights' name is being discussed if there's an opportunity there. At least I hope it has been.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 10:01

Nope - we never do - and yet everyone gets upset when we don't hear anything.

Darko reply to John on Jun 23 at 12:25

Who's this "everyone" of whom you speak? Isn't that a sweeping generalization?

john reply to Darko on Jun 23 at 12:28

of course it is...it's easier that way - then i don't have to suffer slings and arrows

Sean reply to John on Jun 23 at 10:25

If that one is close to legit, that is the 1st time I would say Speights fits in.

The Wiz GM is an idiot. One of the interesting things to come out of the Sixers hiring Jordan is that, apparently, the Wiz thought that the team should've been able to compete w/o Arenas and Butler, and therefore Jordan was the cause of them underachieving. Just stuck on stupid, I guess.

Could I see that franchise bringing back Hughes for a "reunion" with his good buddy Arenas as a road to contention? Sure. They would spin it as turning the Big 3 into a Big 4, and the only one of them that can actually can play D somewhat would be Butler.

Peter Vescey - what's wrong with this douche? Is he a gossip columnist or a bsketball writer?

All we almost know for certain is Blake Griffin, an athletic Tim Duncan with a Charles Barkley-like first step to the buffet table, ordered swordfish when Clippers management took him to an exclusive steakhouse. Go figure, a guy from Oklahoma who doesn't eat red meat. A vegetarian in search of a venomous slanted springer off glass; sounds like another Hollyweird basketball movie starring Will Ferrell; can't wait to miss that one, too

Guys, does Lawson being there at #17 affect whether they go after a vet. p.g. .It seems the only "talk-" we are hearing is a possible trade back.And secondly, does a trade back, using Portland,#24 and #33 as an example, save money to allow for the m.l.e. or doesn!t it matter.I actually think Douglas and Collison are closest to Curry, skillset wise,adding defense in also.

What I am hearing is that they will get a vet, now whether that player will be starter quality or not is the question. The RealGM guy has said that both Jack & Bibby are "on the radar," so I guess we will have to stay tuned.

john reply to Sean on Jun 23 at 10:31

THey can't afford Bibby - he'll put em in luxury tax land I would think.

There are rumors that Portland could be moving up to target a pg - maybe even lawson - it's possible lawson is gone by 17 the way this draft is going.

John, I agree that a team that wants a p.g. moving in front of us is how we lose Lawson, and one other way is if Jennings drops.Interesting comments about Jennings and Holliday from a N.Y. workout;Holliday!s confidence was down and he looked frustrated,like at U.C.L.A. and Jennings looked like he could be a star; I am paraphrasing but if Holliday has a fragile personality that could affect where he goes.Sean, I would prefer a backup vet [A.Johnson?] and letting our rookie step right in than the other way because we have a 4 year Brand window and in this offense it sounds like our p.g. won!t be overwhelmed, he may actually "pick it up" quicker than guys like Willie and L.Will. do.

Yeah, I read that thing about Jennings and HOlliday in New York. One bad workout shouldn't ruin a guy on your board, if it's that simple that you weren't that interested in the first place. Holliday I believe will work out for the knicks again.

Not for nothing, but does anyone get the 'icks' every time they hear anything about Sonny Vacarro? He justmakes my skin crawl.

ANd yeah, jennings i moving all over the board, but I doubt he'll last to 17

Tom Moore on Jun 23 at 11:13

A veteran set-up guy like Ronnie Price (Utah), Lawson/Maynor and Williams could handle the point for one year if Miller walks away (not in a sign-and-trade).

Tom, most people don!t want to move back but I really like T.Douglas and if a move back gets me Douglas and [Thornton,Meeks,D.Green] I would be more than fine with it.What was your take when Douglas and Meeks worked out here,do you think they impressed?

Tom Moore on Jun 23 at 11:58

Meeks knocked down some shots. Don't recall Douglas standing out, but we only got to see about 20 minutes of the drills/2-on-2 session.

john reply to sfw on Jun 23 at 12:05

Nice of real gm to be a week behind - (or the inquirer)

sfw reply to john on Jun 23 at 12:06

Hopefully, it's just gotten serious.

Max reply to sfw on Jun 23 at 12:07

I would do this deal, but who boards on this team after that trade (assuming they use the newly acquired 12th pick on a guard)?

Brand and Iguodala do their job. No one else does, we get owned on the boards. Should be real fun to watch.

This is like the worst case of telephone I've ever seen. That link to the Inquirer is actually from their Blog Pulse column, which is basically a blog post that's referring to the RealGM rumor in the first place. Hilarious.

john reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 12:15

It's how everything ever written on the internet gets legitimacy - if you trace it back it always starts in the same place.

But some people think it's 'new' news so now it's more serious than it was last week.

By the way, check out this video.

I realize it's not much, but it sure looks like Mullens can shoot, check out when they have him shooting threes right after the interview portion. It would not surprise me if they drafted him. 7'1" with range on his jumper like that, and he kind of fits the Thad mold of a guy who would've been a top pick if he had been drafted right out of high school. If they're going pure BPA, he could actually be the guy if he's there at #17. Excellent form on his jumper.

DeanH reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 12:49

Like that video! I am sure they cut all his misses!

Could he be our shooting guard? 7'1" guard? :-)

EJ likes to brag about playing Jeffries as a 6'10" SG in Washington, so you never know.

Wow, Richard Jefferson to the Spurs for Oberto, Bowen and Kurt Thomas.

Milwaukee just saved a boatload of money, depending on how big Bowen's kicker is.

Bowen and Oberto both have only partially guaranteed contracts this season. If they're cut, MIL will save about $3.9M.

The salaries total $14.2M going to San Antonio this season (plus $15M next season), they take back $11.6M this season only, plus whatever Bowen's kicker is, minus $3.9M if they cut both Oberto and Bowen before the deadlines.

This might free up enough money for them to bring Sessions and/or Villaneuva back, but I doubt it.

john reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 13:21

Ok - so is that as much of a violation of the bucks as I think it is.

It's not gasol to the lakers - but it's up there I think.

It's the economy, man. This move has the potential to save the Bucks more than $25M when you factor in the luxury tax dollars, Jefferson's contract next year, the partial guarantees to Oberto and Bowen. If you can loosen the purse strings a little bit, these types of opportunities will be there. Good move for the Spurs.

john reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 13:28

Oh i know it's purely financial - so was the gasol trade - purely to save money - but i'm talking in terms of fleecing - there's not even a pick involved? The bucks couldn't have at least gotten a first round pick (low 20s of course) from the spurs.

Oh yeah - another mock - another lawson


I think the last thing they want is another first round guaranteed contract to deal with. I'm not sure if the salaries match up with the kicker, so there may be other moving pieces we don't know about yet.

John I think your question will be answered after free agency. It's to what end this goes. If this was done because they prefer to have Sessions and/or Villanueva more than Jefferson than I don't think it is a violation at all.

If they sit on the money then of course it was.

Affect on us? Sessions out of the picture? Bucks don!t take a p.g.?

San Antonio just took apart their front court.Is Splitter coming over?Is Mahimini ready to contribute? John, money aside, is it a fleecing? Thomas starts next to Bogut,Oberto is a solid bench big and Bowen is a Skiles type that backs up Redd.They want Alexander on the court,I presume, so could this be Korver/Young all over again.

Bowen and Oberto both have only partially guaranteed contracts this season. If they're cut, MIL will save about $3.9M.

Bowen is past his prime and is a 'cheat' and he will be exposed in Milwaukee with out the refs on his side. I don't thinkt he bucks made this trade thinking it made them a better basketball team. I'm with brian on this one.

An aside - rumor chasers - this deal, evans/kapono - both pretty much out of nowhere.

And such a 'big' deal that chad ford was unable to do his chat today

I'll be surprised if Bowen and Oberto play for them this season. I think their value was in the non-guaranteed contracts.

Guys, I agree but I!m just saying strictly on talent it doesn!t compare to the Gasol trade to me.Who becomes Milwaukee!s pick now?

It's spare parts for a good to great young starter.

It's gasol like and when they dump the players even more so

Tom Moore on Jun 23 at 14:55

Good stuff. I read in a couple different places today that Gerald Henderson might drop. Don't think I really want him. Realistically, I guess Ellington is the one two they worked out who could warrant the #17 pick, right? All the other twos are projected to go much later (as is Ellington).

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 20:45

I was there too. Was able to talk to Smith and Stefanski, the interesting part was when Smith said that he will have a chance to compete for a starting spot.

John reply to Sean on Jun 23 at 20:46

Of course he'll have a chance - you can't tell guys they won't have a chance to start especially on a team looking to dump their center - but I'd bet it's a slim chance - ok - I HOPE it's a slim chance

Sean reply to John on Jun 23 at 22:33

If he earns it, I have no problems with it.

John reply to Sean on Jun 23 at 22:35

If sam ain't here and he beats out Speights for the job - that won't say much :)

Sean reply to John on Jun 23 at 22:44

True, but if he gets stronger, can become solid defensively and on the boards, they could be fine. The key is Elton Brand, truthfully. IMO, if Brand is back to being Brand, especially on D and the glass, the Sixers could get away with Smith or Speights being average for the position on the glass while being capable help defenders(Smith especially).

If you can sit through about 43 minutes of Bill Simmons' podcast from earlier today with Chad Ford, they get around to a Maynor vs. Lawson debate. Both seem to favor Maynor, and Ford seems really down on Lawson.

john reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 17:42

I sat through the bill simmons podcast with peter berg cause I think bergs very cool and they introduced me to the term 'uncomfortably pretty' when referring to the actor playing Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights...the girl however, just hot.

Anyway - that was enough to never ever listen to that pompous douche again

Wow the T-Wolves just robbed the Wizards of the 5th pick. Foye and Miller are both good players but why would you give up the chance to get rubio if he drops or even Jordan Hill or James Harden.

Minn. may swap #5 and #6 for #2 [Rubio or Thabeet].It has been rumored and if so Memphis makes out bigtime[Curry and J.Hill?]

That's the rumor.

Good lord really.

The wizards havae to figure out a way to try and win now and it ain't gonna happen with the #5 pick in the draft

I am surprised they didn't wait a little longer - push the market - make (the wrath of) kahn more desperate than he already is.

I already find the way he handled the mchale situation silly and waiting until after the draft to hire a coach - guy cant multi task?

Minny would have to get more than just the #2 pick if they are trading both picks. The player at #2 won't be that valuable. Blake Griffin sure. Not Rubio or Thabeet both with high bust potential in my opinion. Plus they need a starting back court now and can get that by just keeping 5 and 6. Curry and Harden. Curry and Evans. Evans and Harden. Whatever they like.

John reply to Dannie on Jun 23 at 20:24

All reports indicate that Memphis would want two picks to give u the #2. He's not pulling this out of his head when he says it - tons of reports out there that minny wanted to go up to #2 and that memphis felt #6 wasn't enough but that #5 & #6 might be enough.

Keep in mind that this guy is the GM of the Timberwolves, so history indicates he's an idiot.

It's actually a good deal if he holds onto the #5 and #6

Did Minny have that much cap room? I mean wouldn't they have to tak money back?

Didn't say he was pulling it out of nowhere. Said it's a bad idea period. Two picks yes, 6 and 10 or 5 and 15 I would do. Not 5 and 6, that would be a mistake in my opinion considering who is in this draft. It's more about the player a the pick not the pick. #2 this year is weak compared to #2 in previous drafts.

I was speaking in hypothetical in my above comment and actually I forgot Minny also had two later round picks. Give them the 5th pick and 18th pick. Or even 6, 18 and 28. But not 5 and 6.

They have options.

John reply to Dannie on Jun 23 at 20:40

I don't disagree that it's a bad idea - like I said - as is - i like this trade for minny if they draft smart at 5/6 - they got a nice youthful core.

Wolves get thomas, songalia and some russian dude

John, can any of these players DEFINITELY be better than Foye or Miller? Seems like Wash. did well.If your Minn., isn!t it better just to keep these 2 picks and call Memphis!s bluff?

Miller isn't a guy Minnesota wants - he's done in a year or so and they are building long term - he was a dud in Minny last year for whatever reason - so he was trade bait anyway. Foye hasn't exactly showered the world with excellence since he was drafted, and hasn't he had injury issues?

I think if Minny keeps the picks it's a fine trade - packaging them both for Rubio - then I'm not so sure.

Get Curry and the best available SF and pair em with jefferson and love? That's not a horrible core to build around is it?

Washington seems like the place where over paid players are going to go now

Dannie, is it possible Minn. gets Rubio and Harden at #5 and #6.

It's possible.

Minnesota now has four first round picks - wow...

Suede - Not out of the realm of possibility if the hype on Rubio has cooled. Rumor now is that Memphis isn't taking him at 2. He is in play at 3 and 4. I personally think the Thunder should pass on him since they have Westbrook. So you would have to hope Sacramento has cooled on him. He actually just had a one on none workout with them on Monday and as expected didn't look all that good since his game isn't suited to look good in one on none situations since he isn't all that athletic or a shooter.

Possible, likelihood no idea. 35% chance?

John, Milw. gave their cap room to Det. which probably allows Det. to keep their pick.

When did Milwaukee give their cap room to Detroit?

They traded Oberto for A.Johnson, they lost about 2 mill.

Weird deal...

Milwaukee never had any cap room. They had some wiggle room under the luxury tax. Detroit can dump Oberto though, and save about $1.9M in doing so.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 21:02

Remember when the Pistons were high on Amir Johnson?

Sign they are letting Villanueva walk and committing to Sessions?

John reply to Dannie on Jun 23 at 21:09

Is Amir Jhnson really an NBA starter?

Might be finding out now. I know much of the detroit blogs and fans love him and think he should have been playing a lot more.

Bucks do have Luc Mbah a Moute they like as well who is a 3/4 and they still have the 10th pick and 41st pick in this draft.

John reply to Dannie on Jun 23 at 21:14

I think Mbah a Moute is a very very good bench guy - but I don't think he's a starter either.

I just wonder why detroit feels they need an 'extra' 2 mil under the cap - i mean ok - let's say they really are going after ben gordon (why?) - didn't they already have enough room to offer him more than anyone would (and more than he's worth?)

I agree, they could be letting Sessions walk using their 10 on a point guard or SF and keeping Charlie at the 4.

About Detroit they might be trying to get two players such as a combination of Boozer, Gordon and Turkoglu.

John reply to Dannie on Jun 23 at 21:22

Well - if dumars goes and does that the bloom will really be off the rose.

Dannie, possible Minn. starting 5; Thabeet,Jefferson,Gomes,Ellington,Rubio; not bad!!!

No way they get Rubio and Thabeet at 5 & 6. I highly doubt they get either. This probably means my dreams of Curry are officially dead, though. They'd have to get to #4 to land him and that's not happening, not unless Sacto just wants to dump salary. Dalembert and Speights for #4, Nocioni and Udrih would save them a boatload of money. Maybe help them more on the floor as well.

I guess the Wiz got what they wanted, saved a little scratch, got a veteran 2. They're still a garbage team, if you ask me.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 21:06

Rubio MIGHT slide past 5- i don't see thabeet doing it though -dude is 'tall' can't coach height boys and girls :)

B rian, I keep mixing lux. tax room with cap room, sorry.What do you think of all this?

I think Washington is run by bumbling idiots. I think Milwaukee is in serious financial trouble and they're misguided if the use this space under the luxury tax to bring back Villaneuva. I think San Antonio is opportunistic and my have just made themselves relevant for a couple more years. I think Joe Dumars is highly over-rated. If that trade was really offered to them, he should've taken it in a second.


is better than any lineup they'll be trotting out there this season, and Allen's $22M comes off the books next Summer so they could add another piece.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 22:36

Given that we agree that Wash is run by idiots, do you think Stefanski might be able to take advantage of them by trading 17 and a future first and possibly filler if needed for Foye, given that Wash now has a massive surplus at the perimeter and could use that pick for a big? Just a thought

John reply to Sean on Jun 23 at 22:38

17 and a future first for foye?


Has Randy Foye been a lot better since he was drafted than I'm remembering?

Sean reply to John on Jun 23 at 22:48

If Foye were in this draft, he would be a lottery pick. A future conditional 1st pick would not be a bad deal, and he could play in the PO next to Iguodala. Would I prefer if they could just flip 17 into Foye w/o the future pick? Sure. But I cannot assume Wash is that dumb

John reply to Sean on Jun 23 at 22:53

It's a crappy draft - Foye is no longer in the darft, he's been in the league as long as Brandon Roy (i don't know how many years that is I just know they were in the same draft :) ) - he's had injury problems and not exactly bedazzled the league along the way. You don't trade two picks for this guy.

He's not a rookie he's a veteran (3 years?) of the NBA who has had serious injuries and problems adjusting to the NBA game...you have to look at him for what he is not what 'he'd be if he was in this draft'

Keep in mind that many people think this is one of the worst NBA drafts of the modern era - that's a lot of bad drafts.

Foye's been a below-average point who shoots the three a tick over league average for his career. I'd say Maynor or Lawson could probably give you that for less money. My $0.02.

Brian, E.S. said today he wouldn!t be giving up Spieghts or Young to move up on J.Mac!s show.Love and #6 may get you #2[Thabeet].#5 AND #18 may get you #4[Rubio]

Two pieces of info from the ESPN piece

The Wolves would then keep the draft pick and their own selection at No. 6 and not try to package those to move up, a source told ESPN.com's Andy Katz.

Secondly - the trade can't be consummated until Etan Thomas comes in and signs a piece of paper that says he won't opt out of his deal on July 1st. Minnesota really wants Etan Thomas?

John, I have this picture in my head of T.Soprano and his boys taking Etan into a back room somewhere.

Why would you care if Etan Thomas opts out? I don't get that.

Also - does this add credence to the 'Detroit Promise' to BJ Mullens?

I'm posting this link mainly to aggravate Brian :)

Eh, I'm not really heartbroken. Knew it was such an unbelievable long shot anyway. I'm just hoping Minny can find a way to screw this up royally and cause a couple of guys to slip. I'd say the odds are 50/50. BTW, no way I trade love and the #5 for Thabeet. He's a huge bust in my eyes. Rubio, maybe, but there's bust potential there too. I'm hoping they stick where they are, take Tyreke Evans and DeRozan.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 22:05

Yeah I'm not enamored of Thabeet - but he is 7'3 or something :)

I thought you'd gtet a kick out of the rockets trade.

I find their interpretation weak - there are no grizz players mentioned which to me means that it would be the rockets making an offer :)

John, it probably affects the cap somehow.

Oh it does - it gives Detroit about 2 mil more - I think Brian said - but what 'big men' does detroit have left without wallace or amir johnson?

The cryptkeeper, errr, Antonio McDyess. And Jason Maxiell. They're a lock to go after Boozer. Maybe Boozer and Gortat. Maybe Boozer and Hedo. Maybe Boozer and Okur. Probably Boozer and Gordon.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 22:05

Boozer does still have to opt out does he not :)

I have a feeling he knows DET is hot for him, but yes, he has to make it official.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 22:20

130 missed games in 2 seasons is the number I remember hearing last week - that's got to give a team pause.

Brian, this could bite them in the ass even if they get the picks right. Miller is a 9+ exp. and Foye is pretty good and ,man, they got a lot of garbage. Wash. made out, in my opinion, clearing out junk and defining roles; they passed us if Arenas is healthy and they draft a good defender at #32.

The Wiz are still garbage in my mind, and I have zero confidence Arenas can make it through a season healthy. We aren't talking about freak injuries like Brand's we're talking about Chronic problems. Yes, Miller is an expiring deal, Etan Thomas was a pretty hefty expiring as well.

I just think it's stupid to look at that roster and think they're going to win now. Too many miles on the three "stars" odometers. Mike Miller doesn't add much to them, not with the way he played last year and bum ankles to boot. Foye is nothing special, either.

John reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 22:24

Oh yeah - it was fun watching the last off season all that wasted money going to Arenas and Jamison.

Couldn!t Det. possibly get Gortat,Millsap and Gordon.

Only if they get Gortat and Millsap for the MLE for 5 years each, without the big bump in year 3. I doubt that happens, Utah would match.

Our conference is changing before our eyes.

The bucks still stink
The wizards are still mediocre and injury prone
um, the pistons are gonna cut oberto

What did I miss?

Brian, Wash. was a bad mix, but by clearing out what they did they may actually be able to add role players that fit.They have a young shotblocker[McGee],if they get D.Brown[lockdown 3/4] at #32 and get a backcourt defender they could be tough. My issue is they, along with Detroit are getting guys that step in and contribute where we may not get much this year from Jason and our #1. Patience is a virtue.

Except they're still stuck with Arenas and Jamison making too much and not being as good as their salaries (how many games will arenas play next year, over under is at 41 folks)...They're still mediocre...when fully healthy...will they be fully healthy?

You think they're going to get a viable rotation player at #32...wait, you think they're going to get a guy who makes them better at #32? Come on.

Detroit hasn't gotten anyone yet, they're cutting Oberto, and there's no guarantee that the guys they do get will be any better than Wallace and AI were last year.

So far, no one has added a player better than Elton Brand, and the Sixers have made exactly one roster, move, an upgrade in my opinion. No one has passed the Sixers, just relax.

John, before Bogut got hurt they were close to us ,I believe.We are getting softer, they are getting tougher.

If you say so - I say they saved some cash and are still tightwad and more worried about money than winning, and got a coach who think Ridnour is a better point than Sessions for most of the season.

They just showed Jennings highlights on comcast.He sports the "A.Gilliam fade" hair cut.Deleo called him the mystery man.The Greek on recl.g.m. said a Toronto paper is pushing thew Sammy story to Charlotte now.

God I love this sammy thing - the inquirer made it legit and now even ESPN has supposedly talked about it on one of their networks :)

Jennings is yo-yoing up the draft but I don't think anyone believes he'll be available at 17...but supposedly he's got some sick ass upside.

Chris reply to John on Jun 24 at 0:25

Jennings seems to be dropping. Before he went to Italy some of the 1 year out mocks had him in the top 3-5.

He was by some measures the #1 HS player from his class. Most of the times (excepting Kwame Brown) those guys turn out pretty well. Other than Patrick Mills (a former track sprinter), he is in the discussion for fastest, quickest and is one of the best leapers. He is a very good passer and flashy. He isn't a good shooter but he can get past anyone on the drive and in this PG class he has decent height.

Lately, I've hearing stuff in workout notes about him being selfish (in Sacto's 2 on 2 workout he absolutely destroyed Holliday but wasn't passing to his open teammate), having an attitude and playing out of control. He was getting compared a lot to a faster, quicker Kenny Anderson and now he is getting compared to Bassy Telfair.

I don't see him dropping past Phoenix. If he were to get his head on straight then he'd (probably) have Chris Paul type 'upside' but how many of these types ever really change? Not saying he can't or won't but odds are against it.

Brian, they may get Collison at #32, a guy that is pretty close to what we are getting at #17 but I agree we should still be better than them.

That sammy to charlotte and moving up to 12 is dead. Charlotte's decided who they want, and have made a verbal guarantee. usually that's worthless, but we all know how Lb is with the draft.

Jennings is falling. He's actually considering pulling himself out of the green room. He very well could be there for the Sixers pick. a lot of pg's have moved up ahead of him. You take Jennings over Lawson or Maynor. Does he have questions? Sure. Is he immature? Sure. But he's a hard worker, and not a bad kid IMO. That's more important to me than occasionally saying an oopsie to the press.

Flynn's a virtual lock to go at 4. 1, 2 and 4 are pretty much set. and Minnesota wants Rubio badly, who may be there for their 5/6 combo, but they could even try to trade up to 3 to make sure they get him.

Minnesota may pair Curry with Rubio. Similarly, the Warriors could take him and play him off the ball with Monta.

Flynn was by far the best interview of the day. I love this kid, both his game and mental makeup. Was hoping he would last to 10-12 range and the Sixers could trade up to get him. That's not a possibility at this point.

I'll post more on my site as I get it. Heading back now to transcribe all the audio I have from media day (which is used for DraftExpress, not for my site, unfortunately), but will post more thoughts on the draft related to the Sixers today and tomorrow, and pass on any rumors I hear.

Thanks for the update - quite awesome - checked out yoru blog - you had a couple more things there

In contrast to Flynn, Tyler Hansbrough doesn't seem all that comfortable in front of cameras conducting an interview.

That seems odd to me - i'd think being the man in Chapel Hill would have put you in front of the media a lot...I wonder if he's always been nervous like that

Andy Reid's spent a lot of time in front of camera's. Does he look comfortable when he goes up there?

Did DiLeo?

It's probably just as often a personality thing as it is an experience thing.

I always think andy reid is going to have a heart attack during his post game interviews - his breathing is just frightening.

Not sure DiLeo spent a lot of time in front of the camera before this year and his bug eyes scare me - did he?

I was just wondering if this was 'new' for hansborough - i can't recall seeing him interviewed but i'm assuming at UNC and with UNC in the tournament he's spent some time in front of the camera. More of a curiosity that's all

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