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Follow In Iguodala's Footsteps?


I agree.

Ed said the same thing in the press conference introducing him. That he played good defense at UCLA and if he continued to do so he'd earn some minutes (that everyone would like to see take place). From all the sites I've seen he is supposed to have a very good attitude and work ethic so this will probably happen.

Quick question. I've seen it said about Holiday he's at his best in the open floor when he's creating on the break. Is the team going to continue to run still when they can or are they going to walk it up the floor more? With the athletes they have (probably the most athletic team in the league) I think it'd be advantageous to continue to run when they can. Just use the Princeton offense when they get in half court situations.

From everything Stefanski and Jordan have sai, running is still going to be a priority. Jordan said run and fall back on the PO. I don't see any reason not to believe him. In Washington his teams were near the top of the league in pace when he had everyone healthy.

"When he was drafted, however, the Sixers had Willie Green, John Salmons, Aaron McKie, Kyle Korver and Allen Iverson on their roster. A starting spot was not guaranteed, in fact, it wasn't even really expected."

You're forgetting Big Dog. Iguodala replaced a career 20 ppg scorer, which makes it all the more impressive.

a 20 PPG scorer who had 'no legs' left wasn't it? His ankles o knees or something? He was done by then for all intents and purposes?

Chris reply to John on Jun 29 at 10:14

But he miraculously healed for the Spurs, where he got picked up for a playoff run. He contributed to a couple of games (actually put out some effort) and got a ring.

I thought that was pretty bogus.

Not really. He was fine in the preseason. he got beat out by Iguodala, wasn't willing to come off the bench, and the injury was his excuse to not play until he was released.

I couldn't remember the circumstances, but that does ring a bell. He just sat out w/ a phantom injury until they released him.

Thanks for clearing that up - i always thought it was that he was old and broken.

The new offense really heps Holiday. The PO may be tough for the team to pick up, but it puts less burden on the PG. The PG does not have to orchestrate the entire offense. No 'floor general' is needed.

Holiday simply needs to learn t be effective in 2man and 3 man games. That plays right into his strengths as a ball handler and high BB IQ guy. When Lou was learning they had to play him next t another PG. In the PO they can hopefully utilize him quicker. The main thing holding him back is his poor range. If he is going to be on the weakside it would be nice if he can knock down a shot.

Real and Speightacular on Jun 29 at 8:44

Nice piece, Brian.

Not sure where else to say it - but this split squad summer league team thing is just not right to me.

Yeah, I'm not a fan either. I was actually planning on taking a trip out to Vegas this year too. Oh well.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 10:59

Well Florida is closer :)

I just don't think it's anything more than a pick up game now. HOw can you learn your new team mates and system and such when half the roster is guys who won't be on your team, and you'll be competing against, at least go with a Western team.

This is one of those 'money saving' moves that is going to cost the team, it's going to cost in development time, it's pointless, they should just have a week of workouts at PCOM

I agree. Get everyone in the gym at PCOM and get an early start on learning the offense.

Tom Moore on Jun 29 at 11:02

Doesn't make sense to me, either.

They're not even using the Princeton offense in Orlando because of the combined roster with the Nets. Going to run and rely a lot on the pick-and-roll.

Real and Speightacular reply to Tom Moore on Jun 29 at 11:21

Meh. Though it's not the best possible use of the time, It's not exactly training camp, either. It's a good run, see what you have in a more grown-ass-men setting, see for yourself the natural tendencies, skills and weaknesses. As John might say, who are we to dare question the wisdom of the mighty Philly brainstrust? ;-)

Another side note: Looks like Knight's gonna be available shortly...

Actually - what I've said is trust them in drafting since history indicates they know what they are doing - but I suppose that's a fine point.

Gonna run up and down the court with guys who aren't going to be on your team and with guys trying to get a contract - not exactly sure how helpful that is - as useful as going to rucker park in my opinion.

"Looks like Knight's gonna be available shortly..."

If the Sixers are going to get a veteran minimum type point guard to play 15-20 minutes a night, I'd rather see them go after Tyronn Lue. He's a little younger and taller than Knight and he's a better outside shooter. If the pure point guard skills don't matter as much with the proposed new offense (as everyone keeps saying) then I'd sacrifice Knight's point guard skills for other features.

The P&R is a big part of the PO (sick of abbreviations already), so having Holiday and Speights getting comfortable w/ each other in those situations would be beneficial. That's about it, though. Seems like a waste to me.

Bucher on interest in Kidd. Not really much there at all, just a column on how Kidd is still a good point and he ticks off some teams who may want him.

I don't believe any of the teams he mentions have cap space. If I was handicapping right now I'd put Dallas #1, Cleveland #2. Cleveland seems so desperate.

Charles Shackleford's Top Hat on Jun 29 at 12:58


Do you have any insight into the Sixers cap situation over the next 3 years?

I like the way the discussion is going, basically, we need to continue to build this year and next. Let everyone developand put ourselves in a position to be one of the teams to beat in the FY'11-FY'12 season.

I too hope that is the plan. Based on our cap situation, will we have space to add the final pieces to the puzzle either next summer or the summer after that?


CSTH, Nope. We aren't going to have significant cap space for some time, especially not if we have to extend Thad and/or Speights. What we will have is some very, very valuable expiring contracts starting this time next season. It's really tough to move Dalembert with a couple seasons left on his deal, but when he's an expiring it turns into a very valuable asset. He can actually play, and any team acquiring him would only have to deal w/ his attitude for a limited period of time. Kapono would be an expiring shooter, again, a valuable piece for a team trying to make a run. Someone may even see some value in Willie Green beyond his expiring deal.

If something major is going to happen, I think it happens sometime between July and Feb next year. The Sixers can package any/all of those guys together to get someone on a long-term, big money deal. Between now and then, they need to do everything they can to figure out who that piece is.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

- Chris Paul
- Deron Williams
- Kevin Martin

Plus any big-time star who signs a long-term deal between now and then. They could also make a series of smaller moves.

If they let all those guys expire, we're probably only talking about $8M in cap space the following Summer, so not a ton of wiggle room and it's really less than that because of the cap hold for Thad.

Bucher's analysis leaves something to be desired. He's doing a two-part column on the top 20 free agents. He lists the Sixers as a good fit for Marion (I think he's saying which team's style would fit him the best, but doesn't take the team's needs into account at all). He also has Millsap as #15 on the list. You won't find 14 better free agents than Millsap.

His top 10 are tomorrow, wondering if Gortat will be there. Kidd is #11.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 14:01

Shawn Marion seems to be the forgotten man this off season - he went to Toronto and everyone forgot who he was

Or he got exposed for what he is if you want to look at it that way :)

He's kind of been forgotten ever since he left Phoenix.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 14:47

True - I mean in a running system with a good passing pont guard he is an asset - but the sixers don't have that any more do they?

I think they still have the running offense. Everything I've heard/read says they're going to look to run first, then fall back into the PO if nothing is there. The passing PG, no way to tell at this point, but you definitely can't count on it right now.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 15:10

I mean - I wouldnt' be opposed to marion if he were affrordable - but it's doubtful he would be -

Seems like a luxury and redundant to me at this point. Thad should get the bulk of the minutes at SF, with the leftovers for Iguodala. Marion at the 4 poses the same problems as Thad at the four.

Check this out from Ford's free agent column:

9. Marcin Gortat, Magic
Gortat is big, fairly athletic and very tough, and the Magic may be hard-pressed to match a substantial offer to him. He should be able to get at least a four-year deal worth $16-18 million.

If this is based on anything other than Ford's speculation, the Sixers can and should blow that type of money out of the water. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Full MLE for 5 years will wind up being a bargain for Gortat. A bargain.

He ranks Gortat 9 out 10 among restricted free agents only. Behind Nate Robinson, among others.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 15:35

Ah the continued nate robinson love - it's so fascinating that a short guy who shoots a lot and does very little else gets so much hype - i guess stealing a slam dunk contest due to ADA rules makes one a 'coveted' free agent?

I'll be shocked if someone signs him to a decent offer sheet. He just is not good. If anyone has any sense, he'll be forced to sign his QO in NY, put up inflated numbers in that ridiculous system, then go elsewhere next summer for a lot less than he thinks he's worth.

By the by, the most the Sixers could offer for Gortat would be 5 years, roughly $34M.

If Ford really has some inclination that offers for the Hammer will be in the 4 years/$18M range, the Sixers can and should just blow him away with an offer he can't refuse and the Magic can't justify matching.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 15:51

After depleting their bench last week, and losing Hedo for all intents and purposes, I wonder if the Magic are more motivated to keep him this week than they were last week

It kind of cuts both ways. Their bench is seriously depleted right now, with a ton of holes. Are they willing to spend that much on a guy to back up their franchise center who plays 37 minutes/game, or would they be better served finding legit backups for the other four positions. Right now, they have no backup 4 on their roster, Anthony Johnson (who has a player option) is the only backup at PG. Pietrus is starting at the three if they don't bring Hedo back, and Redick is the only backup guard they have. Would you spend all your available money on Gortat, or at least a huge chunk of it.

Also, if the Sixers can act decisively and get him signed to an offer sheet early on, Orlando will be forced to choose between a shot at bringing Hedo back and Gortat. I don't think they can really afford both, and Hedo's situation probably won't be sorted out quickly.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 15:57

I gotta think Hedo's situation in the Magic eyes is sorted - they got vince whose contract is 'long' and 'big' - I don't think they can afforrd to pay hedo 10 mil base for the next 3-5 years in addition to keeping Vince - I think they (wrongly) made the decision of 'player certainty' versus having to fight over Hedo.

That's just how I see it

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 16:24

Do we have to offer him a five year deal? Kinda wary of it. He's fairly bursting with promise, but why not hold off a bit on the big payday? I'd rather overpay him for a shorter term. If he's that good, we'll renegotiate later for a little more.

How about 3 years for $22MM? Team option for 3rd year? Or 4 years $28MM, last year team option?

I'd be fine with an offer of up to five years, full MLE to start w/ 8% yearly increases. If they could get him for less, great.

noah reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 19:11

Brian, reading this column, a name jumped out at me. Mehmet Okur. With the Jazz needing to re-sign Boozer and/or Milsap (plus Korver just exercised his $5 mil option), could we get Okur to walk away for more years at a lower salary? Four years at the full MLE might get it done. I know he's 30 and 4 years take us to 34, but his primary strengths are his size and shooting ability so he shouldn't drop off much. He's not a shot-blocker, but he's a physical post-defender, decent rebounder, and a great 3-pt shooter. I think he could be a really good fit for this team.

Okur is an extremely skilled big man, and I bet he'd be an awesome fit in the PO, but he's just a horrid rebounder (8.3/36 is terrible for a center). I'm still of the belief that the center needs to dominate on the glass and protect the rim above all else.

I can't see a huge market for him if he does decide to opt out, I think he'd probably be an MLE guy. I think he either signs an extension with Utah or stays put until next Summer. That's what I'd advise if I was his agent.

john reply to noah on Jun 29 at 19:17

One note on Okur, according to what I read today on the hoopshype rumors page, there's a big demand for him back at home (in turkey) and he has that option if he can't find a deal to his liking in the US.

Rumors are the Detroit is clearing that extra cap not for boozer but for okur/gordon combo run.

Didn't Okur start with Detroit or is my memory shot?

He won a ring there, right?

Stuckey, Gordon, Rip, Prince, Okur? That team really doesn't scare me at all. I think Dumars is finally going to be exposed this season.

Interesting rumor just cropped up


Dalembert + Green + Lou for McGrady.

Also could motivate Houston to throw the bank at Gortat, which may or may not influence their ability to bring Artest back. Interesting indeed.

Outside of Danny Granger, Iggy is my favorite athlete.

He works hard at his craft, stays out of trouble, and really gets what it means to be a role model. Not only for his team, but for kids and the community as well.

I'm glad that he went to Arizona, because I got to watch most every collegiate game he played in.

I see him as a player that a fan ends up taking for granted, because he doesn't put up all NBA numbers.

They take him for granted because he doesn't score 25+/game, his overall numbers are pretty much all NBA numbers.

He seems to be asserting himself as a team leader now, which is really, really important for this young team.

john reply to The GM on Jun 29 at 16:46

He doesn't score a lot of points is the problem - so some diminish what he does because of that. There are those of us who think he is just as good as that Roy fella (ok so there's less of us now) but Roy gets the pub.

As for Gortat - I think to swing him the sixers have to do two things

1. Outbid other teams that are closer to winning
2. Guarantee him starters minutes

2 is easy, 1 is harder, but I think important, upgrading at center is one of two key points to the off season to me (there's a third but I find it a luxury to worry about now that I've thought about it) if the tax is a hard limit

Good news is that the only team with cap space who is closer to winning right now is Portland, and they aren't signing a center for more than MLE money.

As far as I can tell, two teams who are closer to winning could offer full MLE and guarantee starters minutes, Houston (if Yao rumors are true, they can make him starter until Yao comes back) and San Antonio.

Real and Speightacular on Jun 29 at 16:59

That's an extremely misleading headline. They didn't extend him, they can't yet. They just gave him a qualifying offer, which makes him a restricted free agent and means they have right of first refusal, should someone else sign him to an offer sheet.

The real news here is that they didn't give a qualifying offer to Charlie V.

They fixed the headline, originally it said "Bucks Extend Sessions," which was false.

I think this means they were worried Villaneuva would've accepted the qualifying offer after not finding a taker in free agency. Sessions' qualifying offer is around $1M, so it's no skin off their back even if he accepts it.

john reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 17:17

They didn't even extend a qualifying offer to Villanueva? Holy crap are they fracked.

That is going to tick off Jennings. In that conversation, he was telling the rapper no way he'd have to compete with Sessions as "that is money that is going to Charlie". There isn't another Charlie on their roster. ;-)

Charlie Bell?

This doesn't mean Sessions is coming back to MIL, it just means Villaneuva isn't (unless they decide to use their MLE on him, they just gave up their bird rights)

I'm wondering if this might be a trend like how all the baseball teams refused to offer arbitration to guys like Abreu. MIL may have assessed the market and realized Villaneuva isn't even worth his qualifying offer on the open market. Some other restricted free agents could find themselves unrestricted before Wednesday. Or, this could just be MIL being cheap and wanting to get rid of Charlie V. Personally, I wouldn't sign Charlie V. under any circumstances.

Would anyone be oppossed to bringing in Flip Murray for a year or two for a small contract? He wouldn't get anyone excited around here but he's a decent player off the bench or spot starter. Gortat needs to be the number one target though. Dalembert may murder him before he gets to philly though, he doesn't want to lose those starters minutes haha.

john reply to Steve on Jun 29 at 17:38

I think Knight would be as much as flip and probably a better mentor

As for Gortat - Sam would be crippled if he took on the polish hammer

Steve reply to john on Jun 29 at 17:42

I hate Brevin Knight for some reason. He has no offensive game I;d rather have a combo guard like Flip. Oh yea Gortat would put Sammy in a coma no doubt about it.

john reply to Steve on Jun 29 at 18:04

Oh - I know he has no defensive game - but he's a good tutor for how to play the game - a good creator and not suck all defensively - a good mentor for Jrue

Flip had a decent year last year, but he's always struck me as a gunner. 7 teams in 8 years is a bit of a flag for me as well.

Brian, I'm not opposed to Gortat... but does that mean Lou and Holiday are the PG's next year? Gortat would be a steal, but a band aid PG is a more pressing need- esp if Sam is still here.

Say the did a sign and trade for Miller for Blake and a trade exemption. I believe that would only leave 3-4 M to sign Gortat and stay under the tax.

It's not like they are willing to go over the tax this year. If they were then this would work. In fact you do the rumored Miller for Outlaw/Blake S&T. The use the MLE for Gorta. You are over the tax this year, but can let Blake walk next summer to get back under the tax.

A shame it won't happen.

I don't see Portland doing a S&T if they're only sending Blake. It would eat up too much of their cap space and they'd be better off just signing Miller outright.

Personally, I think a long-term solution at C is a more pressing need than a short-term mentor at PG. Holiday doesn't have to play behind a star until he's ready, they just need a veteran point of some kind on the roster, you can get a guy like that for the minimum.

One other thing about the Portland deal. There's no way they're going to pull a sign and trade until they spend their cap space (assuming they're going to spend their cap space). Look at it this way, if they have $8.7M (which is the number Chad Ford came up with), and they do a S&T for Miller, they can only pay Miller $7.6M in the first year of the contract (assuming Blake and Oulaw are the ones being traded). Every penny over $7.6M will eat into the $8.7M in cap space they have and hurt their chances to land Hedo, or whoever else they target. If they sign Hedo first, then they can pay Miller, or anyone they sign and trade for, up to $9.6M in the first year of the contract (125% of $7.6M + $100,000).

So if Miller is in negotiations with them, he's going to be aware of this and he's going to want to wait to maximize his deal. Just food for thought. Overall, though, I don't want any PG move made before the Gortat possibility is completely played out.

There's no way to get, say, mike bibby AND gortat is there?

Nothing rational. S&T Miller to Orlando to back up Jameer for Gortat and MLE for Bibby? But that puts you over the tax.

bebopdeluxe on Jun 29 at 20:04

I agree that it is WAY more important to find a center for the next 5 years than to find a stop-gap PG for a year or two until Holiday is ready.

I wish that Stefanski felt the same way.

Don't know that he doesn't. But he does know that Sam takes up a lot of room - not only contract and roster space but additionally team issues.

Sean reply to John on Jun 29 at 20:51

Do you wonder if he sees Speights or Smith as possible starter candidates? That, with more seasoning and development, maybe they could either displace or replace Sam in the rotation? Maybe that is why you almost never here rumors about bigs and the Sixers, with the exception of working out Mullens. EJ did mention during that Blogger conference call that he had a desire for a defensive banger. But those guys could be gotten cheap(Sheldon Williams, Courtney Sims and the like).

John reply to Sean on Jun 29 at 21:27

There was that Bobcats mention.

Stefanski has said in multiple interviews that Sam wants to be traded - and that they are trying to accommodate him but won't just give him away.

Speights and Smith have a LONG way to until they're proven good enough defensively to replace Sam. They haven't shown enough to me to even consider them as future starters and defensive strengths

Sean reply to John on Jun 29 at 23:08

Oh, certainly. I am certainly not advocating that they should be giftwrapped the starting job. I'd have to think that the need to improve defensively and on the glass was made very clear during the Exit interviews. I did talk to Jason Smith during the reBranding thing, he mentioned that he is working on everything because he wants to start. Funny thing about that convo, he mentioned that he had become very comfortable shooting the corner three, he is working on the other spots too.

Since we are talking about Dala,

I happened to look at Iguodala's blog and his twitter page. He mentions that he is studying film from the WIzards as well as working with Jordan already to learn his position and where he will be getting the ball in the offense. Also, he mentions on Twitter that he's working out with Aaron McKie on his offensive game.

Again, it is really good sign that the best player is taking this so serious with this much commitment to team and self-improvement. The fact that the three best players on the team(Dala, Brand & Thad) have a reputation for being absolute grinders with strong work ethics will really help to set the tone for the team moving forward.


John reply to Sean on Jun 29 at 20:20

Did he happen to mention if anyone else is there with him.

Sean reply to John on Jun 29 at 20:48

Unfortunately not regarding his work with either Jordan or McKie. Given the fact that Jason Smith seems to appear at every Sixers related event, with the exception of the Jrue Presser, I'd be surprised if he wasn't there

You should check out the video. He's just hanging out in his family room watching tape by himself... OK I guess it was his home theater, not his family room. He said he gets bored so he watches tape at night.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 23:03

Gotta love that the team leader has that level of dedication. I remember reading about how MJ, Harper and Pippen used to work out together practically every morning, improving as a unit. I wonder if Dala, Thad and Jrue could get to that same level of rapport some day?

That would be ideal. I think I read that Thad and Lou are going back to the same shooting coach this Summer, wonder if either Iguodala or Jrue may attend as well.

Sean reply to Brian on Jun 29 at 23:12

SixersPR joined the RealGM board, mentioned that Dala, Thad, Lou, Smith & Green are all meeting up in ATL later in the summer at Mark Price's Academy. Jrue and Speights are going to Tim G(Nuggets Asst)'s development camp in Vegas in Aug. Plus, you add that Dala & Thad will be at the team USA camp in July. Seems like they will be seeing a lot of each other. Dala did mentioned that he spoke to Thad & Lou after the draft. Hopefully things are moving in that direction

Check for a post in the morning on this.

I saw this, that guys comes off like a scorned lover and his arguments are mostly b.s.

Chris reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 0:33


That one is the 'mellow' guy. He was actually fair (or close to it) to Jrue. The one I posted earlier was from the chief moderator of that board (Nestor) and isn't even in the same area code as fair.

Anyway, who knows Jrue's game better than anyone right now? Ben Howland. How about a clip from the end of UCLAs season of Ben Howland on Holiday:

My bad, I saw Bruin's Nation and thought it was that ridiculously bitter post. This wasn't that bad, the maturity concerns, well, concern me. I'm hoping Jordan can strike a balance between getting this kid on the floor and making sure he isn't overwhelmed. I think defining a role for him, and a simple role, from the beginning will help to that end.

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