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Let the Free Agent Frenzy Begin!

Marc Cuban did a twit about how he's flying up to new york tonight for a FA meeting - Kidd supposedly the big dog in New York.

Ric Bucher Twit - celtics targeting rasheed after much pleading from KG

Does PHilly have a polish community? I Mean i assume so but is it large?

I believe it used to be pretty big. Had a great aunt who lived in a predominantly polish neighborhood, off Aramingo Ave, but that was like 20-30 years ago, so I'm sure the demographics have changed. I doubt the Hammer would even care, but I'd use any selling point I could.

noah reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 20:06

Port Richmond is still all-Polish

Dump the cheesecake... bring the kielbasa.

Good call. Pierogies too!

I would also take sheed over okur any day. At least, wallace can defend. Idk if this is pushing it a little, but he might also be a good tutor for speights and smith. though i can actually see jason smith turn into a kind of mehmet okur.

john reply to zig on Jun 30 at 17:03

I'd prefer Sheed not tutor anyone.

I don't want sheed anywhere near this roster.

I'd be absolutely fine w/ Sheed for two years. That doesn't have him around long enough for the honeymoon period to wear off.

john reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 17:12

I'm not so sure about that...i'd be very careful about the short term signings and the influences...i'm not a HUGE intangibles guy in general but with 2 maybe 3 impressionable guys who have to be good to great to contend - that two year fix can't have any nasty influence possiblities - my theory on Rasheed has always been a bad case of ADHD which no one bothers to diagnose or medicate - take it from someone who has it - someone like that could be a problem in two weeks.

It's not the 'only' reason - but a big reason i frown on any idea of iverson back in philadelphia (yes on the court issues as well, but off the court it would concern me)

I'd offer Kidd a 5 year deal.

The 1st 2 as a player, the last 3 as an assistant.

Good idea. Still wondering about his interview w/ the Knicks. If being closer to his kids is somewhere on his list of priorities, Philly is much closer than Dallas, and he can also play on a roster that's at least competitive.

Charles Shackleford's Top Hat on Jun 30 at 17:20


I like your plan.

Are you really that enamored with the Hammer?


All Hammer, all the time.

john reply to tk76 on Jun 30 at 17:26

True - A&E picked the wrong hammer for a reality show

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 18:19

Brian, my wife is a Port Richmond girl and my brother-in-law is best friends with the owners of the best keilbasa place in Port Richmond. Question, you mentioned before that if we acquire Outlaw in a sign-trade that he could only be traded by himself, is that the case because a 4 mill. expiring may be tempting next to Sammy.

I just looked it up, it's not 1 year, it's 60 days. Here's the relevant clip from the CBA FAQ.

You have to give me the name of that Kielbasa place, I always stop at Stock's bakery for pound cake when I make it down to Philly.

john reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 18:36

It's 60 days if not traded with in 3 days I believe - so it could be a quick flip

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 18:45

Brian,just called my brother-in-law, will have name and address in little bit.With Boozer probably staying and Okur poossibly leaving can Utah afford a step back this year or could a sign and trade for Okur be a possibility?

Hmmn. I'm not sure. Boozer's definitely staying, I haven't heard anything confirmed about Okur. They also have to worry about Millsap. A S&T might be possible, but they're dangerously close to the luxury tax. In fact, they're probably over it if Okur stays and that's not even factoring in Millsap.

If they're making a financial decision, I think they let Okur walk. Either way, I'm not really sure who we could give them to make up $10M or so of salary to make an S&T work.

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 19:02

Boozer messed everything up for them, Milsap may be a better option for a lot of teams.Okur is 30, I believe, so that could be an issue with our group but him on the high post would sure allow Holliday, deep shooting aside, to get court time quickly.Okur/Harpring for Sam/Outlaw could save them some cash and Sloan has talked about getting better defensively.But the Miller sign-n-trade to Portland has to come about first, I am hoping.

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 19:37

Brian, I like your wednesday schedule and hope it happens. What WILL E.S. be doing tommorrow and who is the surprise f.agent signing this year as far as salary,team he signs with and shock value?

I'm going to say that it's Lamar Odom - I don't think he goes back to LA - I think someone figures out a way to over pay him - maybe Detroit - but I don't know for sure

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 19:41

John, he and Sessions seem to be the mystery guys.How much do those 2 guys get ?

I don't think sessions gets more than the MLE - there are 3 'bigger name' pg's ahead of him in kidd bibby and miller - rightliy or wrongly

Plus who needs a point - Portland hasn't expressed interest, Detroit and OKC are fine, the market for sessions might be small.

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 19:47

That!s true,there may be a sense of urgency this year, after 4 or 5 signings the big money may be gone. I think Boozer and Okur going back now makes sense but Milsap may benefit.If your Dumars don!t you have to go frontcourt with both signings.

I don't see Okur going back to Utah - don't think they can afford him - what I read was that Utah would match on Milsap up to 7-8 mil - is he worth more than that?

I expect something similar to baseball - a couple 'big names' in the beginning and then a dance between players and teams with each trying to get the upper hand -c ould be pretty quiet for a while.

What I don't understand is - you don't HAVE to spend your money this year - and a team like OKC has been very quiet if they'll spend anything.

Sure i'ts oklahoma - but who wouldn't like to come into a team with that roster set up for years to come?

Why not save you cap money for next year when the 'big bonanza' is - and personally anyone who opts out this year I think is kind of islly - as there will be more available cash next season - and lots of disappointed teams that will over react to appease their fan base

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 19:55

Okur just went back,realg.m.,surprised me.Okl.City has a nice roster and with Harden and D.J.White signing Gordon or Milsap may not be necessary.It sure is nice when you can start with a star.

I read this morning they might be interested in Gordon. Can't remember the source, though, so I wouldn't put too much stock in it.

Detroit is a mess, IMO. I heard Gordon and Villaneuva, which would be make them a lottery team for years to come. If they want to go big, maybe they go after Lee, Millsap or Gortat? No idea. I also read that the Rockets may go after Sheed or McDyess, same with the Spurs.

deepsixersuede on Jun 30 at 20:02

Villanueva is also mentioned in Cleveland.Does Verejio interest either of you ?

He's a nice bench guy I guess, energy guy, but a luxury the sixers can't worry about this off season...like I said in my really long thread on the other place, bench is not something I'm worried about this off season as the sixers got bigger needs.

Just saw that about Okur - Have to think that means no way they can keep Milsap right?

Interesting thing I read today was that Boozers pending marriage reconciliation / divorce could have had impact since his wife would get half of current contract but nothing from new deal - assuming the divorce happened :)

Maybe these players, and agents, realize the smart money is on waiting until next year, big more money to spend and maybe the economy is better, I think everyone should just sit tight, and Stoudemire shouldn't demand an extension yet.

Lazenby - that twitter I quoted the other post - is implying that while Kobe isn't opting out, he is negotiating an extension with an eye towards getting paid but also helping Buss save some cash to keep them all together

Sam Dalembert makes a top 10 list Click Here to find out which one

Saw that earlier. His contract is bad, but he doesn't belong that high on the list. He has over 20 win shares since he signed the contract, check out the numbers for some of the guys below him.

John reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 20:45

I thought Randolph should have been higher on the list just because he's such a pain in the ass...but I didn't read it that closely - it's one of those silly articles that ESPN busts out when they don't want to do real work :)

Here's an interesting note from ESPNs truehoop blog...think about it when 'trying to trade' Sam Dalembert

I can't tell you how many people at the draft told me they were surprised that the Nets had to include promising, talented and affordable Ryan Anderson in the Vince Carter deal. The implication is that it's harder than it used to be to find people to pay contracts like Carter's, and it takes more than a little sweetener.

Chris reply to John on Jun 30 at 22:06

I liked Ryan Anderson's game for a while. I figured he'd have been a nice fit here. He is definitely an Orlando type of big that can shoot with range plus he actually boards too.

John reply to Chris on Jun 30 at 22:08

Well I wasn't really commenting on Andersons game but the indication that in this economy you have to 'motivate' teams to accept contracts, even of a 'very good' player...imagine the motivation a team would need to take Sam :)

Carter's contract was about $26M more than Sam's, but it's a point worth noting. I think if you're going to move Sam, it's going to be for garbage w/ similar contracts, meaning the other team wins on talent (that CHA deal), or it's going to be a move that saves the other team money.

John reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 22:14

And Carter is much more the player now than Sam has ever been :)

I think tha Nazr / Vlad deal that was supposedly discussed might be the best available deal for Sam - that's just depressing...

It is sad.

Here is a very athletic big, who averaged a double double a few years ago and is always one of the leaders in blocked shots. And we can't give him away for a bag of peanuts.

John reply to Chris on Jun 30 at 22:27

Because he's foul prone has no offensive game, often leads the league in 'goaltendings' (pollack tracks it), and you're over stating his counting stats much like Billy King over valued his performance against the Pistons and then gave him way too much money.

I agree he is bad but I think there are other stiffs out there who seem to be moved more easily. Sam is better than say Desagana Diop, Adonal Foyle or Robert Swift. Is he that much worse than Eddy Curry even? Curry scores but couldn't defend a fire hydrant, rebounds less than Rajon Rondo and he has an attitude that is just as bad, if not worse.

Sam has a bad contract but I don't think it is the worst in the league. From the link you posted earlier, I'd say Marko Jaric's is worse. Does that guy even get a few minutes a game? He makes $7+ million a year on a long term contract. Not only that, but he married a very famous supermodel. He must have built up a hell of a lot of karma in some previous life...

John reply to Chris on Jun 30 at 22:44

Curry didn't play at all last year did he? And the Knicks couldn't find anyone to take him, he's like bizarro Sam - he's good offensively and absent defensively. So using Curry isn't a good example, he can't get traded, Foyle, Diop and Swift don't make as much money (and is Foyle still in the league?)

Sam also has attitude issues - he has a history of being a whiner when he doesn't get 'his minutes' which means he has less perceived value being traded to another team if they want to integrate him on the bench because of his history of complaining.

It looks more and more to me that Sam Dalembert is the best possible option as the starting center unless somehow Gortat gets signed.

Personally, I think it's the attitude that kills his trade value and his value to Sixers fans. His stupid plays (silly fouls, goaltends) are far outweighed by his shot blocking, shot altering, and his rebounding, which is actually very, very good. He's a positive on the floor, when you take it all into account and they're a better team with him out there. The attitude and the lack of a work ethic are potential killers, though, that's the only reason I agree that they should move him, but I can't overlook what he provides, that's why I want Gortat so badly. If they're going to move Sam, they absolutely have to have someone who can do what he does on the roster and they just don't.

Agree. I could handle Sam being overpaid if he brought his normal (flawed) contribution 20 min/game with acting like a whiny...

Also, for as much as he is overpaid now, he will be more valuable in the last year of his deal. And talented but disappointing players like Sam tend to see the light when they are in his contract year. I bet in 2010 he will be a good soldier and play like a defensive stud, and then some gullible GM will overpay him on his next contract.

Some gullible GM not named Ed Stefanski, hopefully :)

meant to write"withOUT bringing his winy..."

His passive aggressive act is annoying.


Foyle isn't in the league but he is still getting paid (until the end of the year coming up I believe). ;-) So, he has the worst deal (for his team) of them all. I did see he was wanting to make a 'comeback' on RealGM I think which is why I thought of him.

Another really awful deal is Kenny Thomas. He isn't a C but the fact they were able to move him was miraculous.

I believe that was a Billy King contract as well, wasn't it?

Chris reply to Brian on Jun 30 at 23:04

He definitely was. I think at one point three years ago we were paying 3 coaches (Ford, Ayres, JOB) and 4 players (Buckner, McKie, McCullogh(sp?) and I'm forgetting the last one) not on the roster.

John reply to Brian on Jul 1 at 9:28

Kenny Thomas was on the top 10 list that Sam was on as well

If Gortat doesn't bite (pun!) on that cheesecake, I call dibs.

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