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I like Houston (they are my darkhorse), but Chicago? I think you are just scared of their annoying fans.

Besides, Houston is just Miami light... how do you justify taking Houston to go to the Finals while at the same time picking the Heat to get knocked out in the first round? They are the practically the same team, only Houston is in the tougher conference....

Differences between Miami and Houston:

McGrady's healthy, Wade is not.
Riley's old and tired, Van Gundy is not.
Shaq is old and fat, Yao is not.
Miami completely limped into the post season, Houston did not.
Houston scores more, allows less, in the tougher conference and division.

Miami is done.

brandon on Apr 20 at 7:22

The only team that is going to prevent the Heat from repeating is Phoenix. Miami can't deal with them.

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