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Winners and Losers, So Far

i definitely think that the spurs improved the most. they got a sf who can shoot and score and they got a steal in the draft. out of all the moves, this is the only team where there is no doubt that they have improved. other teams it seems it like their moves are more questionable (i.e. ben gordon signing, charlie v signing, shaq trade, vc trade).

Completely forgot about the Spurs. Good call, I'd put them atop the list as well.

I agree that the Mavs improved a lot. A physical big man like Gortat who rebounds is great to put beside Dirk. But they need to re-sign Kidd in the worst way.

The Spurs now have Jefferson as another threat but need to find one or two bigs that can rebound and be physical.

I agree that the Magic went backward with that trade (I guess they didn't want to lose Hedo and not have an SG/SF) because they now have no bench.

Real and Speightacular reply to Alvin on Jul 3 at 15:33
"The Spurs now have Jefferson as another threat but need to find one or two bigs that can rebound and be physical."

I heard they picked up this undersized, no hops havin power forward in the second round named Blair. He'll probably suck ;-)

Blair looks good but will Popovich trust his rookie with minutes for once? If they manage to sign someone like McDyess who Pops would be more comfortable starting then yes they would be right up there with the Lakers and Celtics.

Well the Blazers got Turkoglu so Dre's options continue to dwindle. I don't like Hedo in Portland he needs th eball in his hands the majority of the time and he's not going to get that with Roy on the floor. I guess a sign and trade of andre to portland could still be in play.

At very least the Sixers are in a stronger position with Miller than they were at the start of FA.

Miller has these options:

1. Re-sign w/ Sixers (for 2 years)

2. Re-sign elsewhere for MLE

3. Arrange a S&T somewhere

4. Hope that some team clears up cap space above the MLE and then gives it to him.

2 of the 4 options put the Sixers in a good position, and the other options seem less likely given how things are playing out.

at this point I have to give it to the spurs who also got two second round steals with blair and mcclinton who both will fit in their system nicely. along with the sixers, who has got more value for their picks over the last 5 years?

great point about the artest and ariza swap though

The rockets reportedly didn't want Artest but for one more year - year to year...maybe that's how you keep him under control. Artest needs the ball and to me will disrupt the triangle offense, I also think the influence of hollywood could be bad for the boy.

The Mavs kept Kidd and got gortat, but Kidd has to break down at some point I think...

My instinct is to say the Spurs did the best mostly cause they're the spurs and they just almost always seem to know what they are doing (assuming they stay 100% healthy)...and yeah the cavs got shaq...I don't think he helps them win the eastern conference...the cavs still need to get better.

The next step is obviously the Miller to POR S&T - let's see if all the BS slung by the writers was accurate - they got Hedo - now do they want miller?

There is some indication that Portland is done, and will not go after a PG upgrade:


This might be posturing though. Miller's negotiating position continus to weaken. I guess it only takes one interested team, but my hunch is that he's back next year if the Sixers truly want him.

John reply to tk76 on Jul 3 at 18:50

Is Hedo a good ball handler who can run the pick and roll well?:)

deepsixersuede on Jul 3 at 18:03

R.Bucher said T.Splitter may come over this year, he is supposedly a Scola type talent at 6!11".If he comes over the Spurs are in good shape. I think whoever wins the Sheed sweepstakes wins it all.He isn!t what he used to be but the teams that want him don!t need a star,just a versatile defensive big.

Wouldn't it make more sense for the Bulls to insist on a sign-and-trade with Sheed instead of Iverson?

Also, I think that whole Iverson s&t rumor is complete bullshit. The only way the Bulls would need to S&T to bring Iverson on board is if they desperately wanted him, AND desperately wanted to pay him more than the MLE. I don't see why they'd want to do either.

John reply to Brian on Jul 3 at 19:25

Not even my favorite Iverson idiot rumor today - to Miami is better

deepsixersuede on Jul 3 at 18:07

By the way, do you think J.Salmons will pick up A.I. at the airport.

Lakers made the most improvement all day long. Artest is a GREAT player that will do for the lakers what Rodman did for the bulls when they won 72 games. Artest can put up 30 on the offensive end if needed and he will consistently guard the others teams best player freeing up Kobe to be Kobe...
Ariza may be very good years down the road but Artest is great RIGHT NOW. Lakers now have the best perimeter defense in the game with 3 seven footers backing them up in the lane.

John reply to gdog on Jul 3 at 18:52

I disagree, Artest isn't great right now (not sure he ever was) - he's need to have the ball in his hand wil disrupt the triangle - he won't be the center of attention and now he has his long term deal. Ariza was perfect for the roster, Artest is a splash, but big deal.

And Rodman was a rebounding beast, when did Artest become a rebounding beast?

Rodman Artest comparisons are just as silly as any white player larry bird comparisons

deepsixersuede reply to John on Jul 3 at 19:19

John, I read in a lot of the P.Williams books that the 1983 Sixers didn!t repeat because they lost the edge and didn!t go at it as hard as the year before. B.Jones explained it well in a radio interview also.Artest and Rodman isn!t a bad comparison as far as guys that work hard, bring a physicalness and may help a team from losing that edge.Ariza got payed a lot for his B.Bowen type role.I think Artest is capable of doing a lot more, more often, and with Jackson coming back to coach, his positive zen like approach should work well keeping Artest reined in.

I disagree on almost every aspect of what you said. To me Artest reputation is just that - and he doesn't fit the system - he's going to break the system - and then he's going to aggravate Kobe...

I'm not sure why you'd compare the 83 sixers to the 2009 lakers who have a few guys who know a bit about repeating and motivation, like the star and the head coach.

deepsixersuede on Jul 3 at 19:30

Koby and Odom are good friends of his, I doubt their relationship is that fragile. Anytime you add a player more talented than the guy who!s place he took you improve your chances to win again,but obviously your not a fan of Artest.

Well - I feel the talent of Artest is over stated and I think your statement is incorrect. Ariza fit the system - if Artests talents don't fit the system (his need for the ball, his habit of breaking offensive sets) than it doesn't make him better for the system. Artest may or may not have more talent 'right now' than Ariza - but whether or not that talent fits the system and the need of the franchise is what matters, and I don't believe Artest fits the lakers as well as Ariza. You do - no big deal - difference of opinion - we'll see next year.

gdog reply to John on Jul 3 at 21:36

As I recall I dont recall Rodman running the triangle in San Antonio before he got to the Bulls.
Artest will not be a problem and he wont break their system. And how else do you describe a guy who is a mismatch on offense AND defense ? Hes a better defender and on par offensively with Iguodola...is Iguodola a great player ?

John reply to gdog on Jul 3 at 21:40

What's with the Rodman comparisons...it's really silly - on the court Rodman and Artest are not the same guy. Rodman never cared about points or took stupid threes...the comparison is silly and people should stop making it. Rodman knew his role on the court and was a rebounding machine...he didn't need the ball to feel successful...Artest likes to have the ball...

Here's a question, does the Hedo signing shrink Portland's window? Meaning, they're paying him a lot of money, in his prime. If they're more of a win now team, then Miller is much, much more suited to winning now than Blake and Outlaw. He's a pretty good fit on that team too.

Unfortunately for Portland, they have absolutely no leverage in a S&T with Philly anymore. They can't sign Miller for more than the MLE w/out Philly.

John reply to Brian on Jul 3 at 19:36

Well...they had a pretty good young roster without Hedo so I don't think it shrinks their window...you hope the guys develop and they win while Hedo is there but you don't go out and over pay to win in the next year or two either, I don't think. I don't think the Blazers needed Hedo anyway.

Actually, check that. They can't sign Miller period without Philly. You can't use cap space and then the MLE.

John reply to Brian on Jul 3 at 19:41

Yeah, I read that earlier, something about how Toronto is still able to use the MLE since they didn't renounce anyone...which was interesting...

Yeah, it's either or. If they use the MLE, they can't then renounce and use cap space.

zig reply to Brian on Jul 3 at 22:12

you've probably already said this before, but what happens if we don't use the mle or the full mle? does it carry over or do we lose it?

You can use the MLE every year you're over the cap. So you could sign one person this year, then another next year, but you can't carry it over. If you don't use it this year, you still only have one to use next year. But if you don't use it in the summer, you can use it during the season, if someone gets bought out, for example. Or it he's playing in Europe and his team goes bankrupt. Something like that.

It looks like Hedo is going to Toronto.

Tom Moore on Jul 3 at 22:20

I hear the Sixers may not use the MLE even if Miller doesn't go somewhere (Portland?) in a sign-and-trade, among other things.


I don't really blame them. Using the MLE for someone that isn't a good fit is a great way to turn into the NY Knicks.

deepsixersuede on Jul 4 at 7:19

Brian, since "the plan" is to challenge 2 years from now doesn!t it pay to add young fringe pieces that may turn into something rather than vets. Kurz,on their summer league roster, as an example.R.Hollins is another guy who may fit.And using part of the m.l.e. on a player in a position of need [Wafer,Carney], would you do that or hold on to the cap room.

ESPN Bottom line says Hawks and Bibby agree to 3 year deal

Mavericks are trying to work out a sign-and-trade with Toronto for Shawn Marion, a source tells CBSSports.com.

Josh Howard? Who could they possibly be sending, Howard doesn't make sense since they just got Hedo. Terry? Why would the Mavs do that? Stackhouse? He has a partially guaranteed expiring, I think. The Mavs don't have any cap space.

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