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I agree that the team should not spend the money just because they can. It's a calculated risk no matter what, and I prefer being patient. Contact the players you want, but don't be in a hurry and throw crazy money too early on and deny yourself the opportunity to get a steal later (ahem.. Dumars.. ahem).

I said it last year and I think a number of people shot it down but I do feel Rasheed is an option for this team. He's still a solid defender and he can shoot. In fact he likes to shoot so much he would unlikely get in Brand's way in the paint. If we can somehow convince him to come home to Philly he might be useful.

Ideally we'll package Daly and get a decent point in return. Someone like Brevin Knight would be fine.

I'd take Sheed for a year. I know some people think he'd be a cancer, but I'd take the risk on a short-term deal. I think he's headed for one of the contenders, though.

Chris reply to Brian on Jul 5 at 11:49

I think Sheed could do a very good job here manning the 5 and occasionally the 4. He can shoot and he is a good passer for a big man. I agree he'll go to a contender. It seems the scuttlebutt is Boston is the likeliest destination.

Depending on who we get at the deadline, another guy we might look to pick up is Ben Woodside. He is a PG prospect who is very quick, an excellent passer and is a very good shooter from range. He has a lot of Blake's attributes.

I wouldn't mind sheed for year or two either, he'd probably work better in the system than Sam, but the point guard situation is what concerns me more. I'm not looking for them to over pay for a guy like Kidd, just get someone who knows the position and has played it for years...as for ben woodside, he's a great shooter (from a small conference) but he's a bit small

c'mon there's 0 chance sheed signs here

John reply to Mike on Jul 5 at 14:05

Well there's a chance, but the sixers would have to outbid the other teams in terms of years...and I don't think he'd be THAT worth it...I doubt the hometown allure would work on him either.

ESPN is reporting Sheed to Boston. I'm really not sure how big of a deal this is. Sheed is definitely an offensive upgrade at the 5, but I don't think he's the defender or rebounder Perkins is at this point of his career. You have to assume he'll be starting, right? I don't see him being happy in a backup role.

I don't know, maybe the possibility of a championship reinvigorates him, puts the pep back in his step and he's back to domination. He is coming off a season in which he expended very, very little energy, so there's the possibility that he's got a full tank left. One thing this definitely does for Boston is provide a legit backup for KG.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 6 at 1:04

Not a big deal at all.

Kidd back to Dallas, 3 years/$25M.

That is a starting Salary of

So does that set the market for Miler as less than that?

This got cut off. Were you thinking $8M evenly spread, or increases?

deepsixersuede on Jul 6 at 7:17

I think it is a big signing, a win a CHAMPIONSHIP TYPE SIGNING. 1]limit K.G. minutes during the year 2]make up for the possible loss of Powe and Davis 3]add a guy probably better right now than anybody on our front line. I think it is bigger than the Shaq move and he can get his minutes coming off the bench [28 a game?]

Rasheed will make a nice offensive back bench guy but will he make up defensively for what they'll lose in Davis?

Reports are that the celtics went after Rasheed hard after KG persuaded them to. Not sure how much experience KG has determining how guys fit together, but that's the rumor

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