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Less Filling?

Miller did a good job getting some of our young guns meaningful minutes and I appreciated his efforts.

Right now, I do think we need someone who would tutor / help Jrue (and Lou) with how to play the game / play the position. From everything I've seen or read about Miller's personality, that isn't him at all. If we can get Blake in a sign and trade, I'd say get him as he fits what we need and from stuff I've heard he might be the type to help out our youngsters as well.

Barring a last minute sign and trade, I'm good with a vet minimum guy and going with what we have. I'd much rather do that than sign someone long term and get handcuffed going forward.

Real and Speightacular on Jul 9 at 8:00

Let him go.

What I'm wondering now is what's the hold up re getting a Brevin Knight? If they intended to get him, wouldn't that be over with by now? How much dough are they trying to save?

who did miller have to teach him the game??

is there any example of a point guard coming into the league and learning the game and getting better just by playing and experience?

the sixers are still young..and i don't think anyone can expect them to win a championship within the next 2-3 years..i think the next few years will be jrue/lou learning to play the point and working with their teammates.

You're dead on here John.

The assumption that Andre Miller needs to “mentor” Holiday/Williams this year is pretty crazy. As anyone who has spent so much as fifteen minutes in the Sixers locker room can attest, Miller is hardly the type of player to be mistook for a vocal leader. He keeps to himself, works hard, then goes home. Over the course of his ten year career Miller has never played with a younger point guard who went on to even match his middling production. If player to player mentoring existed in basketball in any meaningful way (and I’m certainly not sure it does) Dre Miller would not be the guy you would turn to to be that that mentor.

Miller had a nice run as a 76er, but good for them for moving on (albeit a half season too late).

John reply to James Beale on Jul 9 at 10:04

Ok so that john wasn't this john, but I think having a point guard who knows how to start in the NBA is good for the entire team. Integrating Brand, learning the new system might be slightly easier with an NBA point guard starting than either Louis Williams (not a point guard), or an untested rookie.

If the point guard is lost, the rest of the team is screwed as well and I have no confidence that either guy is oging to be ready to start day one of the season. Though if those are the only two points on the roster, it should be an open competition, Lou has done nothing to win a job without earning it.

PS - who here has spent 15 minutes in the sixers locker room? Or Clippers or Nuggets when Miller was ther?

Good for the entire team in terms of wins and losses? Sure, of course it is. Good for the team as far as player development is concerned? Not a terrible amount of statistical evidence backing that up out there.

I just believe firmly that the sole goal of an organization should be winning a championship and don't forsee a future where Miller and this core could get it done. If finding out it Lou/The Damaja can run the 1 for a year costs the 76ers five wins this year and might pay off with 10 wins in 2012 I think that is a risk they have to take.

john reply to James Beale on Jul 9 at 10:31

I don't suppose you have any statistical evidence to show? My problem is that Louis Willams to me is not a point guard, not even a back up one, in the NBA, so I question the direction of the sixers and right now don't feel that their ultimate goal is to win a championship so much as save money, hence their low ball offers to miller and bibby so people think they were trying when they knew they'd be turned down, or the cheap ass approach to summer league.

How can you build towards a championship with a team starting a back up shooting guard at the point, a putz at center, while trying to learn a new offensive system and conttinue the development of 3 (hopefully) key pieces in a championship contender?

You've mentioned a lack of statistical evidence without showing your own and being in a locker room with Andre Miller now...have you done those things?

I didn't say they had to bring back Miller, I just suggested that maybe Louis Williams isn't a point guard and the sixers should find one to bring in and if they don't it's not because of faith in Williams as I see it, but cheapness.

I think you're probably right about Williams, but isn't it worth it to find out? I would argue that 76ers team doesn't have the raw talent to win a championship with Miller or Bibby or any other free agent at the helm this year. Maybe you disagree here (do you?) but if not why not see if Lou can prove us wrong? The organization clearly is higher on him than we are.

As for statistical evidence that mentoring young point guards isn't necessary you're asking me to produce counterfactual evidence. I could point to examples (out of Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo (the six best PGs right now right?) only Nash played under an elite PG coming up, and a couple of those guys found themselves in really bad situations) but that is a straw man and we both know it. The real argument - that mentorship matters - is one that has to be proven as opposed to disproven. I'm saying it never has been.

As for the financial point, I think I'd rather have this team be cheap than some of the generosity (Dalembert, Willie Green, Lou Williams, Elton Brand, and $22 million more than anyone else could have paid for AI2) they've showed in the past.

john reply to James Beale on Jul 9 at 10:56

See...that's the point about Williams, I think they've already found out - if he can't play a solid point guard as a back up, I don't see promoting him to starter as a smart idea. First you show you can do it with the second team and then you earn the promotion, I don't think his play over the past two seasons warrants a 'promotion'.

I don't care if Miller goes, I care if the sixers think Williams/Holiday is enough going into the season with a new coach, new system and three guys who for all intents and purposes for different reasons weren't there last year (Brand, Smith, Kapono)

25% of your active roster is new guys, with a new coach and a new system, I don't think a poor back up coverted point guard is the guy you hand the keys to the offense for.

As for the financial point, I think I'd rather have this team be cheap than some of the generosity (Dalembert, Willie Green, Lou Williams, Elton Brand, and $22 million more than anyone else could have paid for AI2) they've showed in the past.

And there's a middle ground in between there...a two year deal for Miller that keeps them under the tax for instance, or a 2 year deal for less money to a guy experienced at running an offense but not a 'big name' like Brevin Knight. Standing pat is a horrible idea.

As for statistical evidence that mentoring young point guards isn't necessary you're asking me to produce counterfactual evidence. I could point to examples (out of Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo (the six best PGs right now right?)

That's not statistical evidence, that's anecdotal evidence. I'm sure if we looked we could find evidnece of point guards who needed mentoring.

As far as I know the six names you mentioned all were point guards for most of their basketball playing lives weren't they? So saying cause these 6 guys who were always point guards and 'high level' point guards from the time they came into the league means Louis Williams, a scoring guard who happens to be short doesn't need mentoring isn't a hypothesis I buy. They're apples and oranges (besides the fact that I don't think Kidd belongs in the top 6)

How about Chauncey Billups, who probably should replace kidd in your top 6 who openly says his mentoring helped?

c'mon, argue seriously. I said in no uncertain terms that the 6 PGs argument was a straw man and dismissed it myself.

(though I am curious, who mentored Chauncey? He played with Kenny Anderson, Damon Stoudamire, Nick Van Exel, and Tariq Abdul Rahad when he was a young player)

I think he credited Terrell Brandon. They played together in Minnesota for 2 years.

john reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 11:20

Here it is (thanks to brian for getting me the name, I couldn't find the article without Brandons name)

Billups gets help from Brandon, and Sam Mitchell?

john reply to James Beale on Jul 9 at 11:17

According to posts i've read on this blog there are references to Billups learning the game because he had a mentor - i don't remember the name.

Yes, you presented a strawman and dismissed it yourself, so your 'statistical evidence' statement bears no weight yet, so why did you bring it up. I'm arguing seriously, but you've brought no actual evidence to support your point and your anecdotal evidence that you chose to use even as a straw man is irrelevant because of dissimilar situations.

If you have no evidence to back your assertions up then why do you present them in a way that you might? All I'm saying is, all you've presented is unsubstantiated opinion, and so have i, except I present mine as unsubstantiated opinion whereas you seem to want to present yours as more...

john reply to James Beale on Jul 9 at 11:22

PS...there's a difference between coming into the league as a point guard who has played at a high level whatever level you were at and coming in as a late second round pick shooting guard being converted to point guard and having to learn a new position you've never been asked to play before.

I don't know a lot of examples of guys like that that lend me confidence that Williams can learn it all on his own, sure Aaron Mckie would help, and maybe if they hire Eric Snow that would help a bit too, but asking williams to learn something on his own with no experienced players to guide him, that's like sitting down at the piano after playing the trumpet for most of your life and expecting to learn it on your own so you could player concerts at carengie hall...very unlikely to happen without help unless you're a prodigy of untapped potential, and for two years I haven't seen point guard prodigy when Williams is on the court, I've seen lost in the woods

Wasn't Lou a point in high school?

john reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 11:29

Not that I've understood it, I mean in the vein that 'allen iverson' was a point in high school, but what i've seen and read Lou was a guy who dominated the ball and scored a lot because he was the best guy on his team, but wasn't an initiator or facilitator of other team mates...i would think that if he played a 'point' in high school he'd have more point guard instincts on the floor and I just don't see it (just my perception) when he plays, he looks to score first second and possibly third...passing to teammates is incidental to getting the drive and drawing the foul as I see it.

I just perfer a third optoin with some experience PLAYING point guard in the nba as a starter, if lou beats him out in a training camp competition to Jordans satisfaction, that's fine, just don't hand the guy the job because I don't see how he's earned it

That's fair. I'm not 100% sure they're handing him the job. I'm pretty sure they want him to be the starting point, but training camp is going to decide a lot of things for this team. If Lou just doesn't get the PO, or if Jrue or whoever the mysterious third PG will be does a better job at the point, I'd bet they'll be given the nod to start. Maybe Jrue gets the offense enough and just blows everyone away with his D. Who knows?

I think the point right now is that Lou is the guy on the roster with the most PG experience, they like Lou (or they better after giving him that contract), so they want to see what he can do at PG. Honestly, I don't think it's something to go crazy over. The long term plan isn't for Lou to be your starting PG, the long term plan is to have Jrue at the point, so Lou is only a stopgap.

As for his instincts, he did run the P&R very well w/ Speights last season, maybe that's something Jordan can build on. Kind of simplify the game for Lou at the point, like they do for rookie QBs in the NFL.

john reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 11:38

Sixers tiwtter tells me that Jrue ran the P&R well with Speights a couple times yesterday as well and we all know who is the better defender between the two - and how much you love defense :)

Since finding a 'vet' point guard for a year or two was one of the keys to free agency in my opinion, I think it's something to focus on...since getting rid of Sam seems incredibly unlikely, then finding a point guard that Jordan likes for his system for a year, or two, just in case lou or jrue aren't ready from day one seems like the most important thing left to do between now an training camp in my opinion. I don't care if it's Miller, I just care that they bring someone of experence and hopefully quality in to compete for the job.


That's my response if the idea is to start Louis Williams


Seems to me they've made their statement with that 1 year offer. That's probably the max(length and money)that they are willing to pay for their 'veteran' point guard.

Now, I've never been in a locker room with Andre Miller or studied the statistical relevance of starting a veteran pointguard over a poorly converted shooting guard, but someone smarter than me did do some research on the importance of your point guards shooting ability here which is some nice grist for the mill.

I think 3pt% doesn't work as a metric, and I'd also like to know why he chose 30% as his line of demarcation. Here's why:

Andre Miller: 15 for 53 from three this season (28.3%)
Rajon Rondo: 15 for 48 from three this season (31.3%)

So five more missed threes over and 82 game season puts the Sixers in the lower category than the Celts, and also drastically skews the success of the teams in the 30% range.

I'd like a better metric for PG point production than 3pt% before I took this seriously.

You seem to be ignoring in your "we shouldn't have traded Miller" argument that Miller would've brought us something. Like a late pick, or shooting, or a reserve big man, or maybe more. The only reason to lose him wasn't to tank. Besides that, in your world, where Curry was the best player in the draft, would instantly fill our most urgent need, etc., it sure would seem that tanking this year would've made sense. Certainly you can't list the Knicks' picks as a counterargument, because Tony DiLeo doesn't pick for the Knicks. If he did, or if we picked that high, I'm not sure his pick would be any different this year. But in '08, I could see him taking Eric Gordon at 6, who put up awfully decent rookie numbers (16 PPG, .456 FG%, .389 3FG%). In '07, probably still Thad. 2 of the same guys, but just that difference between Gordon and Speights could've meant a lot to the team's future.

The only trade rumor I heard last year was LaFrentz and Outlaw for Miller and Evans, and even that wasn't confirmed. So right now we'd have Outlaw instead of Kapono, which I suppose would be an upgrade of sorts, but not an upgrade worth missing the playoffs for. Definitely not an upgrade that would've moved the team toward a championship, right?

I said DiLeo probably would've gotten value wherever he picked, although I'd hope he would've drafted Brook Lopez at #6 last season, not Gordon. Speights vs. Gordon is pretty interesting, both seem to be scoring talents. Not sure which will really emerge as a better NBA player.

The Knicks' pick wasn't high enough to get Curry in this past draft anyway :)

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 18:39

The Knicks pick wouldn't, but the choice of the Knicks is arbitrary. Had we tanked enough, we could've gotten your guy. And merely at the cost of some precious (sarcasm) first-round playoff experience.

The Sixers had 27 wins at trade deadline. Golden State, who had the #7 pick, won 29 games. For the Sixers to get in front of them, they would've had to finish the season 1-30. You think tanking to that degree was possible? Tanking to get in front of the Knicks would've required a finish of 5-26.

So assuming the Sixers needed a PG no matter what, the only PG who went between the Knicks pick and the Sixers pick was Brandon Jennings. That's it. I don't think the Sixers would've taken Jennings over Jrue anyway. I'm not sure you have a leg to stand on here regarding the draft. If you're saying they should've traded him the year before for draft purposes, I guess you can make the case.

Off topic, but does anyone else think it's insane for the Raptors to give Bargnani a 5 year/$50M extension at this point? I mean, does he really warrant an early extension, let alone one that pricey?

john reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 11:43

Thought it was kind of odd, another one of those 'great' GMs who might quickly be losing their sheen - I mean I think the Hedo contract is too much for too long as well.

But they're desperate, maybe Bosh like Bargnani (i doubt it) or they think this will show Bosh they're serious if they over pay for the soft euro?

Bosh is going to be the only English as first language guy on the team pretty soon.

Chris reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 13:40

Yeah, I thought it is a bad deal but it seems there are a bunch of bad deals getting done this summer. Teams that do have money seem to be determined to spend it regardless on whether they are spending it on wise investments.

john reply to Chris on Jul 9 at 13:50

That seems to be a consistent issue I've never understood. It seems that when GMs have cap room they feel obligated to spend it.

Which leads to a horrifying what if. If Brand had turned down the sixers and Smith was matched by the hawks, what kind of garbage would Stefanski have spent money on?

Maybe they got tired of Miller's flakiness and had enough?

If so, good for Ed, first sign he can hack it as a GM in awhile.

Sign and trade him and get more draft picks or young players and keep grooming the young team.

I recently heard from a friend who is part of local sports media that they tried to trade Iggy on draft day. Maybe they realize he has already hit his ceiling and Thad is the star. Iggy is a great person and great athlete but he can't shoot!

john reply to wof on Jul 9 at 12:09

Well if that's true, then Stefanski can't hack it as a GM and he should be fired, then again that's as substantiated as a SF1976 rumor.

The sign and trade thing is nice to bandy about, and when it doesn't happen people who bitched about buying a second round pick will bitch about it not happening without realizing that Stefanski can't make a S&T deal happen all by himself.

I recently heard from a friend who is part of local sports media that they tried to trade Iggy on draft day.

I find this extremely hard to believe, unless it was a deal for a big, big name. Mainly because if they seriously dangled Iguodala, people would be lining up to take him.

Anthony Parker to the Cavs, 2 years/$6M. Cleveland has now added 71 years and 615 pounds to their roster in the shape of Shaq and Anthony Parker.

Lomas reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 13:19

LOL Goin' old... interesting strategy. Seriously, though, they could do worse than Anthony Parker for 2 years at 6 mil. That's a bargain, really. And, it leads me to believe that in this financial climate we could have J. Jack for a similar amount or maybe a little more (i.e. 2 years/7-8 mil, like I said yesterday).

I'm sure someone on here will tell me I'm full of shit for suggesting this, but I like this blog and want to post here now and then regardless of the consequences.

I'd make that offer to Jack. Nothing crazy there. Indy may match, but I'd still make it. See what happens.

And feel free to post anytime you want. People tell me I'm full of shit every day, I keep writing.

Lomas reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 13:25

Thanks, Brian... I appreciate it.

By the way, this just caught my eye... the Pacers just spent a chunk of change and it wasn't on Jack... it was on Dahntay Jones... supposedly four years and $11 mil...


Lomas reply to Lomas on Jul 9 at 13:32

A little more information on the Pacers' situation with Jack... some guy on realgm (http://www.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=925084#p20143173) made the following comment...

"I've seen a projection that if the Pacers re-sign Jack for $3.5 million next year, McRoberts for $1 million, and A.J. Price for the minimum, our payroll would be about $67 million (counting Tinsley) with 13 guys on the roster (not counting Tinsley). So we'd still have roughly $2 million left under the luxury tax to finish filling out the roster. Since I think the Pacers will go with 14 guys + Tinsley next season, I think they would only be adding one more guy. So, there's up to $2 million to spend to get that last guy."

So, apparently, the Pacers do indeed have some money to spend on Jack... we might have to go 5 mil/year to get him and it's doubtful we'd do that.

Where is Eric Snow these days? Is he on NBA TV right now? He was trying to get into coaching right?

I would be happy to have him as an assistant coach to help mentor Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday. He's got a great attitude towards the game. That and seeing him and McKie as assistant coaches together would be pretty hilarious.

john reply to Scott on Jul 9 at 14:03

Snow would be a nice addition but a guy who could score when he was a palyer would be helpful

Anyone watching the Summer League game? I can't get it, too much buffering again. If you are, let us know how Jrue handles Westbrook.

john reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 15:28

Can't do it any more - those announcers make my ears ache for the sounds of the jonas brothers

Chris reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 22:48

Jrue didn't handle him very well. It was more Westbrook handled him. Westbrook outscored him 19-7, outshot him 6/10 to 3/8, had 9 assists to Jrue's 2, 3 fouls to Jrue's 5. Jrue did have less turnovers (4 to 7).

What does this mean? Not sure, there was some scrub abusing Derrick Rose last year's summer league but it'd be more comfortable to see Jrue abusing guys. Since he hasn't played point the last year and he is playing on a crappy Frankenstein team I'll reserve judgement until he starts playing for Eddie Jordan.

I know these games don't matter but this combined team really sucks. They are getting blown out every game and neither team is getting to have the guys run their specific offense yet. Does summer league cost that much they had to do this?

deepsixersuede on Jul 9 at 18:29

Holliday, from all I have read, seems like a real confident kid.He may fool us all and flat out win the starting job.E.S. brought a guy like R.Ivey in as p.g. insurance last year and until further notice, Holliday should be at least Iveylike. As far as a veteran,I would prefer a guy that is in his ear on the bench,ala K.Ollie,rather than a guy that comes here expecting 25 minutes a night.He has a former p.g. as a coach who hopefully takes a personnal approach to him as Mo did with L.Will..As far as L.Will.,he will be going against a guy every day in practice who is gonna be inside his shorts defensively and that can only help along with the fact the decision making,his major shortcoming, should be split amongest Iggy and Elton in our new offense.

More fun trade rumors not involving the sixers.

Hinrich and Tyrus in play to get the bulls Boozer?


Blackest_Guy_U_Know on Jul 9 at 22:59

I agree. The sixers are trying to become a young team with potential. Miller doesn't Exactly fit in that catagory

eddies' heady's on Jul 9 at 23:28

While this is the summer league, can you imagine how abused and handled this kid will be by some NBA starting quality points. Will he get better? Probably. But the excitement over this supposed 'fall' of a pick will be tempered significantly when the real lights come on in November.

Is this bashing? Not really, just someone who watched nearly half his games in college voicing an opinionated analysis of this kid now, and what he may not become in the future. I just, didn't see it, and therefore don't see it, getting that much better. On another note, the supposed defense prowess being anointed upon this kid is way overstated and will come to fruition and also be exposed when the season starts. The athleticism of Jrue just doesn't translate to being a 'basketball player', which the league as a whole, certainly lacks alot of. Too many athletes that aren't really 'players'.

Axe to grind? Beating a dead horse? Neither.

Just a passionate fan very disgruntled and still disappointed, that our management decided to go this route and make this decision, at this point for this franchise. Two guys more NBA ready, also with untapped ceilings, right there ripe for the picking and management slobbered over this full-of-measurables 'athlete'. All the while when the franchise and team had it's most glaring and pressing need for this particular position. Especially with the complexities, and reads, and reactions of Jordan's version of this offense.

To sum up, do I hope Jrue proves me wrong? Please let it be 1,000 times over....

I don't think we should draw many conclusions from this summer league other than the combined team idea really sucks (as do the announcers). They aren't really running any attempt at a real offense and each half of the team has different goals when it comes down to it.

Sure, I'd love to see Jrue dominating now but he is going back to playing the point (after being a SG at UCLA) and is going to have to figure it out (maybe like Billups did). Howland did an end of the year sum up about Jrue and said he was better than Westbrook at the same stage (the link is in an earlier thread). I'd trust his opinion for now as we haven't seen him that much.

Hopefully we get someone who can show him the ropes like Sam Mitchell and Terrell Brandon did for Chauncey (who said it made a world of difference for him). Maybe if no one is signed McKie can help here. He was a very cagey player and while not specifically a PG played it quite a bit.

I don't know that Jrue was drafted on measureables either. He is a good but not a fantastic athlete like Iggy, Thad or fellow UCLA alum Russell Westbrook even.

Since you don't have an axe to grind, and you're so sure the Sixers could've picked two other guys who are more ready to play the position, and you really think Jrue's going to be overwhelmed based on his four games in Orlando, why don't we compare his numbers with one of the guys you'd rather have had the Sixers take instead of him, in the same league, in 4 games against the same teams, Eric Maynor.

Holiday: 31.2%
Maynor: 28.1%

Holiday: 40%
Maynor: 28.6%

Holiday: 90%
Maynor: 100%

Holiday: 13
Maynor: 13

Holiday: 11
Maynor: 12

Holiday: 7
Maynor: 3

Holiday: 14
Maynor: 5

Holiday: 3
Maynor: 0

Holiday: 35
Maynor: 28

Personally, I think it's stupid to judge guys on these four games, but since you don't have the same compunction, what are your thoughts on Eric Maynor now? I mean, he is 3 years older than Jrue and they're finally playing the same level of competition, wouldn't you expect his numbers to be head and shoulders ahead of Jrue's? Why no diatribe about how Maynor is going to get abused by real point guards?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jul 10 at 10:50

Comparison of YMCA pick-up league games rings hollow at this point. But if that is your platform, then Holiday - 11 AST/14 TO to Maynor 12 AST/5 TO has more than enough chime to it.

You said it yourself, that 'it is stupid to judge guys on these four games', and nowhere in my comment do I make a reference to placing judgment from these almost Harlem street-like games. And, nowhere did I say that Jrue is going to be overwhelmed based on these games. I'm merely stating Jrue is going to be overwhelmed based on Jrue himself, from my observation of approximately 20 of his college games.

You're looking for the next straw in the haystack by saying they are finally playing the same level of competition. Not sure what level you would call this. But since you are grasping in that haystack, I'll dig in too. .78 (less than 1) assists per turnover compared to 2.4 assists per turnover - might not be head and shoulders but it sure is neck and shoulders ahead.

Why no diatribe about Maynor? Maynor wasn't the likely boneheaded pick made by this franchise.

Interesting differing points of view. November is a coming...

One encouraging thing to me is Jrue does seem aware of the situation he is in (being on the Sixers). Check out this from CSN Philly:

“Shooting is most definitely something I have worked to improve,” Holiday said. “You have to be able to shoot as a point guard, just because you’re going to have guys like Andre Iguodala driving to the basket. My man’s going to collapse on him, and I have to knock down that open shot.”

If he keeps a good attitude, I'd say the odds are he will reach (or at least come close) to his 'upside' just as Iggy and Thad have. Seems most of the guys the Sixers have drafted lately have a good attitude and work ethic.

Seems most of the guys the Sixers have drafted lately have a good attitude and work ethic.

I don't think that's a coincidence.

19 year old kid drafted like three weeks ago with a couple days of practice against with a mish mash roster with bunch of different motivations. He's getting his feet wet...how many people here could swing the first time they tried or rode a bike the first time the training wheels came off.

Reading anything into summer league box scores is always an iffy thing, I like the fact that he's been praised repeatedly for his defense, in summer league, who the hell plays defense in summer league.

Similarly to not being impressed by 28 points on 26 shots, i'm not 'depressed' by the numbers Holiday put up, it's the effort he showed (based on reports) and the way he has composed himself, knowing what he has to work on, that has impressed me, and it seems to have impressed the folks in charge.

Real and Speightacular on Jul 14 at 15:32
"Similarly to not being impressed by 28 points on 26 shots, i'm not 'depressed' by the numbers Holiday put up..."

Well, good for you. While I'll allow you your half-full glass for Jrue (ignoring, for the moment, the half-empty one you keep for Marreese), it's notable that the numbers for one guy is more abberration while the numbers for the other are pretty much in line with what we've been seeing for the last year. I'll leave you to figure out who is which ;-)

Either way there's still time for both of them, however. Hope springs eternal.

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