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Good lord, can we just give A-Rod the MVP award already? Has he put the "clutch" argument that supporters of David Ortiz make, to sleep?

Oh, wait, we are Yankees fans. We're just waiting for him to suck for a few games so we can boo him, right? Stupid press....

It is kind of disappointing that he's playing so well. I was really looking forward to seeing him fail all year so I'd have someone to boo. All this winning has got me down.

brandon on Apr 20 at 7:19

I bet it does, Bri.

I think it's now obvious that Arod needs to go because he can't handle playing in New York.

Bobby in Brookyln

I heard that Waldman quote. I laughed about it too. I was waiting for Sterling to reply, "What's the Internet?"

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