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Brian's Millions

deepsixersuede on Jul 22 at 8:31

Brian, using your prior, no pun intended, free agent list I would split my m.l.e. on Carney and Almond, 2 guys that, like Watson, can be part of my future core.

Brewster's Millions movie is consistent with it's humor throughout. So many 80s films start out with an original idea but seem to lose site of it halfway through as it becomes a love story. Not this film, Brewster is trying to spend that money right up until the clock chimes midnight. One of my favorites by Richard Pryor. John Candy only added to it's hilarity.

Except that Brewsters Millions wasn't an original idea but a remake :)

I would not waste my money on Andre Miller anymore. Been there, done that. We need to move on to the future. This is not going to be a win it all year w/ Miller, so why spend money on him or even have him?? Time to put pieces together for the future. Even if it means a step back!

Btw, I kind of get the feeling that the sixers have their hands tied by Miller. With a sign and trade possible, they are hesitant to sign anyone that is a free agent right now. Thoughts??

John reply to DeanH on Jul 22 at 10:14

I don't think the sixers have their hands tied at all, I don't think there are any sign & trade possibilities out there that are 'real' - I think they're mostly inventions of his agent to try and get a better deal. Most reported rumored offers for Miller in a S&T are crap trades as well..I think the sixers have moved on, I think comcasts utter cheapness and fear of the luxury tax in 10/11 is tying their hands, no more than one year deals to anyone.

Cool video of the Sixers practice yesterday (Dalembert, Jrue, Jason Smith). The best part about it is the quick interview Dalembert gives after the practice.

Dalembert played the PO offense before? he said he played "that system in high school"...

Yeah, that cracked me up. He went to HS in New Jersey, one of the powerhouse schools, St. Patrick's. Didn't know they ran the P.O. I'm just thrilled that he's there working out with Eddie Jordan. You catch the dig at Cheeks and DiLeo (and O'Brien and the other 40 coaches the sixers have had throughout his career) in the interview?

taken from nba.com in the article about portland talking to miller.

General manager Ed Stefanski has told local media that he and Miller's camp are far apart in contract talks, and that a sign-and-trade deal is likely the resolution.

There's no way Barnes is signing for the minimum w/ Orlando, right? I think CJ Watson may be back on the table, ORL only had $1.9M to play with, Barnes had to eat all of that up.

john reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 11:32

Yep, still no salary number, though. Barnes should help ORL. I was worried about them at the three.

Come on, just make it a two or three-year offer to CJ Watson. It's not going to break the bank and he fits what you're trying to do. Even if Jrue pans out exactly like we're hoping, you still need a backup PG, and he's got decent size, he could play some two next to Jrue because he can shoot.

johnmagee reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 11:38

I don't see it happening, the 2010/11 'drop' strikes fear into the heart of comcast, they have no idea how far it's going to drop and don't want to risk the slightest possiblity of paying the tax - if they add no salary past the next season they're probably comfortable with not paying the tax - any additional money might hurt them - it's an asinine way to run a team but it seems how they're doing it

Eh. A $2M salary is really only $1M more than the minimum to fill out your roster. If you're that worried about the tax you can carry 13 instead of 14 to make up the difference.

johnmagee reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 12:03

When you sign guys to the minimum doesn't the league also pay a portoin as well - so there's savings there as well.

I'm not saying I agree with it, or even think it's a smart idea, i just think the sixers don't want to sign any one past this season which means they'll be stuck with the dregs

The league pays the difference between say a 10-year veteran's salary and a 2-year minimum's salary. It's just a way to stop age discrimination. So teams would pay the same amount for Donyell Marshall as they would for Royal Ivey as they would for Herbert Hill, assuming they were all minimum deals. $6M or 3 years for CJ Watson would wind up being maybe a couple hundred thousand more than 2 minimum guys per year.

Steve reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 13:45

CJ Watson is definitly a great fit here although the back court would be a little small at times. I'd still rather have an undersized Watson in there than Willie Green. Great Foul shooter, and the game that sticks out is the 38 he dropped on Deron Williams and the Jazz when they were fighting for there playoff lives.

We need to keep in mind that Golden State has said they will match offers for CJ Watson. I think Watson said the Warriors are looking into sign-and-trades for him, most likely with Orlando right now.

Did they come out and say they'd match? I saw a couple of things hinting that they like Watson and they want him back, but never read a direct quote. Do you have a link to a story about sign-and-trade deals for CJ?

Eric reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 16:49


Either way, it looks like Watson wants to go to Orlando.

Cool, thanks for the link. Like what he had to say about defense first. Don't like the whole bit about wanting to play in Orlando :)

Real and Speightacular reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 18:46
"If Watson were not to sign with the Magic, it is possible that the Sixers could make a fresh offer."
~ Sixers still have eye on CJW

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