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Thorpe On Jrue

I'd rather he tore it up and was ranked #1 but Summer League doesn't mean that much. Derrick Rose got abused last year in Summer League. I do like the fact he defends as we haven't had anyone other than Ivey who even tried to defend at the point.

I'm disappointed he seems so far behind the 8-ball offensively. It makes me wonder whether his stop at UCLA took away his confidence. Hopefully, he works out with McKie and goes to the shooting camp himself. From the notes I've seen of the Summer League, I seem to recall he was able to get to the rim easily but he was missing the layups.

He also needs to make good decisions. That is still an unknown quantity and one that I hope McKie's tutoring can help with.

On a side note, does anyone's rankings on that list surprise? From some of the blurbs on preceding posts I'd have though Lawson would have been higher. Also, I was surprised Curry was that high as I heard he had one of the worst Summer League performances? Were Thorpe's rankings based solely on Summer League performance or did it just infom it?

I think the Summer League was just a part of it. He was encouraged by Curry's supplemental numbers, probably his rebounding most of all. For Lawson he said something like "If a team needs Lawson to be it's best offensive player, they're in serious trouble." and he wants to see Lawson focus on defense.

Oddly, he had Teague ahead of Lawson, but I think that's because he sees Teague having a bigger role in Atlanta than Lawson in Denver. Otherwise, his rankings seem fine to me, not much to go on from Summer League. I chuckled when I saw him say that Flynn played with charisma. Who gives a crap?

eddies' heady's on Jul 23 at 1:36

"After starting Summer League 1-for-15 from the field, Ty Lawson bounced back to turn in three dominant performances, averaging 23.7 points over that span. Lawson is the kind of point guard who needs to be surrounded by scorers to excel. He'll have that in Denver."

The above quote by Henry Abbott.

'....surrounded by scorers to excel.' - Can you say Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, and Elton Brand? If anything, they are surely scorers while not the most polished, consistent shooters. Ah, what could have been....

Real and Speightacular on Jul 23 at 6:11

It's pretty funny that his toughts are considered "insider" worthy. Thorpe, I'm now convinced, enjoys being the summer league of nba analysts. Teague (did he even play in either SL?!) ahead of Lawson? He's clowning anyone who takes him seriously.

deepsixersuede on Jul 23 at 7:43

I am glad they took Holliday but would have like to have been a fly on the wall in Milwaukee!s and Indiana!s warroom on draft night.Skiles , you would think, would love his game over Jennings and with the signing of D.Jones,Bird raved about the need for defense and Jack leaving adds to that intrigue. Let!s hope our big three all step up their games and score enough to let him come along slow.By the way, did anybody see L.Will!s interview on sportsnet yesterday. To quote;" don!t expect me to be A.Miller, he gets people involved with his passing, I will get them involved with my scoring".I am in L.Will.!s corner and think he can succeed but statements like that have me scratching my head.

Real and Speightacular reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 24 at 3:01

Tom Moore's version of the quote:

"One thing I would ask people — just don’t expect Andre Miller out of me. I’m not that type of player. I use my scoring ability to create opportunities for other guys — he used his passing ability to create opportunities for other guys. Hopefully, people will stay open-minded."

Slightly different spin. Sounds like you're going to get an opportunity to score off his drive an kicks. Not sure if that's what the PO is all about? Can he make simple, crisp, accurate passes around the perimeter and to the interior—that's all we need to hear.

Real and Speightacular on Jul 23 at 8:36
"Don't expect me to be A.Miller. He gets people involved with his passing, I will get them involved with my scoring."

Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man.

eddies' heady's reply to Real and Speightacular on Jul 23 at 9:09

I second that motion.

Having watched the interview, I was not that alarmed by it, given that he is basically saying he will use the threat of his scoring ability to create opportunities for others. As of now, he lacks the skill to thread needles like Miller or Nash, so he needs other means to provide easier passing angles. I especially like that he studies Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups. Good signs

Lou Will...I noticed he has a basketball camp centered around him. Dont you have to be even a little more than a sub-par 6th man to have your own camp ?

No. The camp is a good thing.

Jrue is having a live chat in about 10 minutes. Here's the link. I'll put up anything relevant in the comments.

johnmagee reply to Brian on Jul 23 at 13:39

Utterly useless - hell he answered the same question 4 or 5 times :)

Agreed with this quote:
"I think we have a lot of strengths, not just one. We're young, athletic and ready to work everyday. Plus Coach Jordan has been here with us and we've been getting ready to run the offense."

They are not an elite team, but they do seem to have quality young players who are willing to work on their games. I'm encouraged that they are spending the offseason working with Jordan. It should realy help the transition to the new system.

I'm not sure many teams work with their head coach in the summer. In some sports I don't even think it is allowed (NFL except for special mini-camps.)

Also surprised they offered him #10. What were they thinking? That would have been mean spirited towards Mo less than a year after they fired him. Not a great cach, but you don't give the 19 year old unproven PG #10. Glad he opted for another number.

cach should read "coach"

Tom Moore on Jul 23 at 21:15

Sounds like Sixers are only willing to go one year on C.J. Watson, but Watson wants two.

Tom Moore on Jul 23 at 21:18
eddies' heady's on Jul 23 at 22:33


So, Comcast Spectator doesn't mind shelling out 100 million to revamp the old Spectrum site, but they somehow don't want to upgrade this roster with an up-and-coming guard, who of all things can actually shoot. My, oh my. Really tough time to be a fan.

It is befuddling that they somehow believe just because they drafted a 'possibility' at a specific position, that it warrants no action (or lack of quality) on said position, which pain-stakingly was the most glaring hole on this roster going into this summer. Not to mention the fact that this offense requires some serious ability to be able to make outside shots which present themselves at will as the offense flows. Yet, no shooters acquired but Kapono.

You either can shoot or you can't, and most of our guys have proven to be of the inconsistent ilk when it comes to this. Guess we should just trust in Ed's words spoken from last year that went something like, '..our guys will just have to shoot better..'.

Snider and Luukko should be ashamed of themselves hamstringing this franchise like this, over not a substantial amount but really chump change to them. But sadly (and rightfully so), the blame lands right in Stefanski's lap. He is called the general manager for a reason.

October is far off but if they don't step up to the plate on CJ Watson, then what other intriguing or exciteable options are left? If Mr. Moore is correct, does one more year, as this kid's camp is requesting, really cripple this franchise to ocean-like depths? They sure make it seem like it.

Can someone please pass the Kleenex...

It's befuddling how you don't see the difference between real estate development and a mediocre professional sports team.

jsmoove reply to John on Jul 24 at 14:19

There is no difference - with Comcast Spectator being the parent company and willing to spend money in order to make money with real estate, but not willing to spend money in order to make more money with a sports franchise. Huge conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries. You're willing to spend on one, then not spend on another? They don't suffer, only the fan does. Eddie's has a valid point.

johnmagee reply to jsmoove on Jul 24 at 16:36

If you say so - spending 100 million dollars to develop the specturm real estate for whatever they plan probably has a better guarantee of return than spending money on a 2 year nba contract.

They should bite the bullet on Watson and give him 2 yr. commitment. The guy is a very good shooter and would have a role regardless of whether Jrue pans out or not.

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