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This is a great post. It's hard for fans who didn't see Mattingly play to understand how much he meant to Yankee fans at that time (young and old).

Interesting note (well, for me, anyway): I was at the game with my brother, cousin and pop when the homer streak started -- July 8, 1987. Mattingly went deep twice, Pags also homered and Mark Salas went deep (my cousin called Salas's shot. We were in awe at his prediction).

Yep, I like to think me being there had a little something to do with it.

I worry sometimes that I won't be able to put into words exactly what it was like watching Mattingly play to my kids. (and why his middle name is Donald, if it's a boy)

When I was 10-12 years-old every Yankee fan in the league wanted to play first. Everyone had a Don Mattingly glove, or wanted one. Pay attention when they're listing major leaguers' childhood heroes the next time you watch a game, Mattingly's name comes up more than any other.

It's a shame that offensive numbers have gotten so absurd over the past two decades, because Donnie's 1985 season is really one of the most outstanding offensive seasons I've ever witnessed. The numbers were awe-inspiring, especially the RBIs.

Another thing that's really hit home over the past two decades is how lucky we were to have Mattingly begin and end his career in the Bronx. It would've crushed me if he had left in the early 90s.

You're right on all four points. Everyone wanted to be Mattingly.

I was even jealous of my one friend because he was left-handed.

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