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What Needs To Be Replaced

Who replaces Miller's high field goal percentage on his 13 shots taken per game might be a better question. I guess there you're hoping Brand too. Frankly I don't really care who replaces what; you're talking about the difference between a 35-win team and a 42-win team, more or less. Neither possibility excites me much, obviously. This season to me will be about the development of Holiday, Young and Speights, and whether Iguodala can get even better and discover an outside shot. (Lou, to me, is probably what he is.)

I'm not going to argue about the big picture, the development of those guys is paramount. I think the ceiling this season is a little higher than you do, though. Anywhere from 35-50 wins is possible, especially if they defend up to their ability.

Just out of curiosity, what do you know about Jrue's rebounding numbers?

Brian, what would you say are the chances of Jrue winning the starting spot? And why am I so terrified of Lou Will getting more minutes?

I think you're absolutely right Tray. This season is all about giving Thad, Speights, and Jrue as many minutes/reps as possible. All our hopes rest with them. I'm thinking 35-40 wins and a playoff spot.

50 wins is a little too optimistic. Skiles' Chicago teams at their best never reached 50 wins...

Here are the available stats:

Summer League - 3.4/game, 4.25/36 min.
College - 3.8/game, 5.1/36 min.
High School - 12.0/game

Pretty much all the scouting reports listed him as an excellent rebounder for the PG position as well (You can see it in the college link above).

deepsixersuede on Jul 27 at 1:40

I think the guy who replaces A.Miller!s affect on this team the most is our new coach. Could E.S. even thought about letting A.Miller go if Deleo was still coaching? His hands on approach over the summer along with the system he brings are the reasons I hope we don!t take a major step back. The mix of young and old was a good one last year and has been shifted greatly at arguably the most important position so our new coach has to find a way to run a lot of stuff through Iggy and Elton because the 3 amigos [Thad,L.Will. and Spieghts] are better off just playing and reacting rather than having too much responsibility. I think Holliday will get plenty of chances and court time this year because his main competition [L.Will.,Willie] aren!t that far ahead of him in any skill set, a good thing for him but a bad thing for us fans.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Jul 27 at 11:59

Well said.

Sammy's back at PCOM practicing today. Love it.

A lot of the time that Miller had the ball will go to Iguodala.

Statistically, Iguodala could blow up this year. he will have the ball in his hands a ton as point forward/guard. Initially his T.O.'s might jump if he tries to do too much, but he has the chance to join Lebron as the only non PG's to get 7+ assists.

I can easily see Iguodala average 18+/5/7+ this year. Especially if Thad, Brand, Speights and Kapono hit open jumpers.

Sort of like how AI put up gaudy assist numbers when he was a PG in name only. If you have the ball enough and pass some you can really put up impressive stats, even if you don't actually improve your game or control the game like a PG normally does.

I also think Millers shots will easily be taken up by Thad, Lou, Speights and Brand. If anything those guys need more shots.

What is tougher to guage is who will step up and get that key score during a lull to stop the bleeding. I'm confident that will be Thad, cause he has shown a knack for scoring when the rest of the team is flat.

Also who will involve a player when they need an easy basket to break out of a funk or to get their motor up. It will have to be Iguodala- but not sure he can fill in for all that Miller could do.

Sean reply to tk76 on Jul 27 at 13:47

I agree with everything you said. In fact, with Jordan saying he wants them to push the pace and Iguodala being surrounded by finishers, I would not be surprised if Dala challenges LeBron for most triple-doubles this year.

Something that'll be hard to quantify is Miller's personal bias. I know a lot of people complained about the team going away from Thad later in games, was that Miller? On the converse, how much of Willie being frozen out of the offense can we thank Miller for?

I like having the ball in Iguodala's hands more often, I think it'll be good for the team and I definitely think you're right, he's primed to have a huge year. I'm just really interested to see what difference AI vs. Miller as the primary ballhandler will make on shot distribution. Of course, you also have to factor in the PO so there's no way to even guess at this point.

Yeah, should be interesting. My fear is that even though players put up huge numbers, they may not be making the right pass or doing the little things that are innate to PG's.

The players could have huge statistical seasons (esp Lou) without it translating into winning basketball.

In that regard I trust Iguodala much more than Lou, probably not quite as much as I trusted Miller.

As far as Iguodala's concerned, I think he makes the right pass most times, or at least tries to, meaning, he hits the open man. What he doesn't always do is take into account who that man is. Meaning, a pass to Dalembert through traffic where it's a tough catch may be the best option for points if he catches the ball, but what're the odds of him catching the ball? Distinctions like that.

Real and Speightacular reply to tk76 on Jul 27 at 14:00
"Sort of like how AI put up gaudy assist numbers when he was a PG in name only."

If the PO allows for a good amount of drive'n'kick, then we can presume that's how Lou'll get his assist numbers up, too.

alvin reply to tk76 on Jul 27 at 19:52

Well definitely Thad can score, as long as his teammates pass the ball to him.

Great thoughts by all. After reading the above, here are my thoughts:

1. I believe Miller at time killed us by shooting too much when he was off. His assists went down and I think that hurt the rest of the team.

2. We have alot of unknowns this year. WE have 2 NEW players starting (Lou and Elton) and I think that we can actually improve from last year. Alot depends on coach.

3. This could be a break out year for AI9 as he should see the ball more which should lead to more points (several 30+ Point games) and alot more assists. Maybe this will be the year the fans will start to appreciate AI9.

4. Lastly, I think this will either IMPROVE OR FALL. This will not be another .500 year.

Brian, this one actually excites me for the next year for a change. Has been a rough, boring summer.

It should definitely be a different team we'll watch this season, whether it's better or worse remains to be seen, but things will absolutely change.

Yeah, definitely looking forward to next year. Lots of intrigue and my expectations have been suitably lowered so that I'm ready for whatever comes.

Like bebop, I've been frustrated by stopgap measures like riding limited vets like Joe Smith, Green and Evans to make the playoffs instead of throwing the young guys into the fire. Well I guess I might get what I was hoping for, but that could be a bit scary...

Wow, Okafor to New Orleans for Tyson Chandler. WOW. I don't want to hear any "Jeez, if they could do that for Chandler why can't we do it for Dalembert," crap, I just want someone to tell me how a cash-strapped team like New Orleans can possible take back $35M more in salary in a deal like this. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

For the record, if the Bobcats had offered Okafor for Dalembert, straight up, I would've pulled the trigger.

DeanH reply to Brian on Jul 27 at 17:57

Why not Sammy, I know, Sammy is considered less productive than injury prone Chandler. Now, given that, I hope Sammy takes that personally and starts performing well. Could you imagine how good the sixers would be IF Sammy started playing basketball!

johnmagee reply to DeanH on Jul 27 at 18:38

Well it could be the Larry Brown thing...he may not have liked sam when he was here - I don't know - but Tyson Chandler is seen as the better player...perception becomes reality in the NBA, it's just the way it goes, and the perception is that Tyson is productive a bit more on both ends of the court while Sam's an offensive dunderhead (not to mention a whiner).

Brian - New Orleans doesn't answer to stock holders :)

Sean reply to Brian on Jul 27 at 20:28

Sounds like Chris Paul might have wielded some influence behind the scenes. With the franchise in that state, there is little chance that Paul was not consulted on this

Tom Moore on Jul 27 at 21:00

Hear Sixers have interest in Flip Murray, who wants multiple years. With Hawks having four guards (Johnson, Bibby, Teague, Crawford) under contract, is he still in Atlanta's plans?

Murray's a Philly guy, right?

I don't know, if you're willing to go multiple years, I'd rather get CJ Watson. Any more chatter about him?

Tom Moore on Jul 27 at 22:07

Sounds like Golden State would offer three years, $4.5 mill for Watson, which is well out of Sixers' range. Even if they go $2.3 mill guaranteed for 2009-10 with a non-guaranteed second year, I think Watson would take the Warriors' offer.

Tom Moore on Jul 27 at 22:17

Yup, he is from Philly (Strawberry Mansion). He's a combo guard who can play the point, but tends to look for his shot (hello, Lou Williams).

Sean reply to Tom Moore on Jul 27 at 22:20

At the very least, he provides the instant scoring punch off the bench that the team might need considering Lou is now a starter. Him and Jrue could be an interesting back court.

Tom Moore on Jul 27 at 22:35

That's a good point. I think the original idea was for more of a veteran guy to initiate the offense, but Murray would seem to fit the Princeton offense pretty well. He'll have to lower his price -- and the Sixers would have to hope Atlanta won't re-sign him, which is unclear.

He's unrestricted, right? Any idea what his asking price is in dollars, not years?

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