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Home Town Discount?

I get the feeling that they won't pay for a guy like Warrick. They'd rather get a veteran for the minimum and give Thad some of the minutes at the 4. Reasons being

a) Cost, and
b) They somehow still feel Thad can hold his own in spot minutes at the 4.

I'd love to have Warrick as I think he'd really fit this style of play. I think a lineup of PG, Iggy, Thad, Warrick and Sammy could be great defensively. A lineup of PG, Iggy, Thad, Warrick and Speights would be like a pro version of the mid-90s UNLV teams. Unlike Thad (this last year at least) Warrick had a somewhat more reasonable rebound rate. I really want Brand to excel this season for multiple reasons but I think Warrick definitely suits the fast breaking style a lot better.

As to what price? I think they'd have to outbid Cleveland as playing with a contender (and with LeBron) has got to be an attraction. I don't think spending MLE would be wise, I'd say go somewhat over what Cleveland can offer and hope for the best.

On an off topic, Brian used to like playing with the ESPN trade machine. This trade was absolutely killing me (ROTFLMAO):

That's pretty much the only way I could see the Knicks making the playoffs.

I'd think of Warrick as kind of a change of pace PF, like a third down RB in football. Give him some burn at the four and up the tempo for a stretch. I could see it.

Still don't think the Sixers get it done, for the reasons Alvin stated above and mostly because they won't offer him more than 1 year, probably at around the bi-annual.

BTW, Belinelli getting shipped out of GS seems like a clear sign they're bringing CJ Watson back.

Chris reply to Brian on Jul 31 at 1:43

Would you have had an interest in Belinelli if it was known he was available? Shooting is his thing and last summer some other teams coveted him. I'll be disappointed if CJ Watson goes back to GS as he'd have been a pretty good fit for this team (probably the best fit for guys in our price range).

It seems as if Ed is just looking for bodies (cheap bodies at that) and the team we have right now is probably going to be it (i.e. - no one he gets will help that much). I am now hoping this season they focus on developing our kids (including Iggy) at their true positions. I'm hoping Jrue can earn decent burn with his defensive hustle (assuming Ed keeps to his word).

He's cheap and he can shoot a little, so I wouldn't say no. I think he's kind of like Kapono-light, though, so not sure how many minutes he'd see. GSW apparently likes Law better than him.

Sean reply to Brian on Jul 31 at 1:46

I think Warrick is an interesting proposition as a change of pace, like you said. Hope they make a run at it.

eddies' heady's on Jul 31 at 10:31

Well my first choice would be CJ Watson and on a lesser scale Anthony Carter/Arroyo or maybe even Flip. But as for Hakim, I would love to see us sign him, but for multiple years which we have shown we won't. With his athleticism, he could even play the 3 in a pinch, since he can guard that position adequately.

But since getting him obviously is a pipe dream, I guess I'll wait around for the breaking news of Luther Head, Juan Dixon, or Brevin Knight (hope not) getting signed.

When compared to the real world, the Sixers approach is similar to going to a temporary job agency and being offered a 6 month employment contract at a technology firm, with no guarantee of a rollover after that 6 month term expires. Hence temporary. While the alternative is you're offered a permanent job after resume' casting with a strong possibility of more than a 6 month security. In actuality, it's really not a difficult decision. You take the one that offers more security, while sometimes accepting less money with the guarantee of said security.

It looks like Ed is just going to wait until the middle or end of August and pick up those guys that are forced to sign for the minimum because there aren't any takers left. But sadly, those guys are still around at that time for a reason.

I would love it if the Sixers offered a three year deal with a TO for the third year for somewhere between 8-10 million. Remember this game?


Why go for the cheap veteran when you can pick up young "lottery talent" for cheap? It's like OKC picking up Shaun Livingston for basically nothing and risking nothing...

He's not really that young, and I doubt they see him as a guy they'd be willing to pay the lux tax for next season. If you're saying 3 years for $10M total, that seems reasonable to me, though.

Definitely remember that game, he was a force.

Sean reply to Brian on Jul 31 at 13:15

Saw something on RealGM that he signed with the Bucks. Seems like playing time was a definite factor, although I am not surprised he turned down the Cavs. He would have been a luxury item here anyway. I'd rather have an Arroyo or Flip Murray with a true center as a backup

johnmagee on Jul 31 at 14:26

Warrick to Bucks

Only a one year deal

So less money but more minutes from a god awful team trumps more money but less minutes on a playoff team, or even fewer minutes on a title contending team.

Have fun in Milwaukee, Hakim. I'm sure it'll feel just like Memphis.

Wise move by Warrick. He will get minutes on a one year deal in order to prove his worth and possibly inflate his numbers for free agency next year. Too much of a logjam and so-called "look and see youth movement" going on here.

But the puzzling thing is - a backup tweener big gets offered more money than a possible starter at guard (C.J. Watson) per year?

If it doesn't possess cognizance, then it must be the Sixers.

johnmagee on Jul 31 at 16:11

More money for one year leading ito the 'bonanza' of the off season - put up good numbers on a bad team - a team that misses on their 'first shots' over psends on a second tier guy maybe to please their fan base.

I give you bobby simmons :)

Unfortunately for everyone, the Bucks won't have Bird Rights to him next summer, so someone else will have to overpay.

warrick was not that big of a deal. he could not help us. so who are the free agents left that can help us?

anthony carter, udoka, bogans, szcerbiak, carney (though he might resign with min), flip murray (he might resign too), kleiza, hollins, voskuhl.

i also like the idea of kevin ollie as an assistant (not a player) telling lou what to do.

Which begs the question, which is worse for Carney: signing for the min or with Min or both?

eddies' heady's on Jul 31 at 21:38

If reports are true, the title of this post should read - Home Town Increase?

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jul 31 at 21:40

Or another note, for the diehards - Home Town Increase!

so... when does the preseason start? Or for that matter, anything Sixers related? I'm dying here!

According to Twitter, Iguodala's train from Philly to NYC was delayed several times today. That's Sixers' related, I suppose.

Of course, the bigger question here is why is he taking a train from Philly to NYC? Hop a flight or just pay someone to drive you.

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