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Royal's In, Primoz Next?

I am happy w/ Royal's signing, not that it is a big deal but a good mentor for Jrue on defense. All your other points are very important issues that I agree with but until they are done signing and trading, I will not start ripping the team, if at all, till then. So far, not too impressed, however!

eddies' heady's on Aug 4 at 10:05

"First things first: I'm happy with the Ivey re-signing. He's a versatile defender and I don't feel like he's a zero when he's on the floor."

Well, there is one thing correct with the above statement. He may not be a zero when he's on the floor, but he sure is a minus.

Dude had only 6 more assists than, guess who? Yes, Elton Brand. Ivey had only 9 more steals than Marreese Speights. The guy had the lowest FG% on the entire team.

And for the advanced metrics crowd, Ivey had the worst TS% sans Kareem Rush (does he even count?). And to boot, he had the worst eFG% on the entire team, too. His offensive rating is the same as Reggie Evans and tied for worst on the team not counting Brand and Rush.

His defensive rating is next to last and tied with who? The king of matadors - Andre Miller. But to top it off, he gives you half of the win shares as Reggie Evans, yes, 0.9 to 1.8 for Reggie 'grit and hustle' Evans.

Seems to me that Ivey should be categorized right along with Primoz Brezec - someone who brings nothing to the table other than 6 fouls.

Sorry, I have 'Gortat Syndrome' and am fixated on a cheap RFA that can actually be an mpacty player...

Name a player who in his 1st 72 NBA games has:

1. Gone for a tripple double
2. Had a 24 assist game (and 17, and 16...)
3. Had a 44 pt game (and many 20+ games)
4. Has an A/TO of 3:1
5. per 36 min numbers of 16 pts, 7.5 asst to 2.5 to's, 4.5 reb, PER 17.4

..hint- is a 23 year old RFA who's team will not match an offer over 3 mil per year.

I like Sessions, but a couple things about his game make him a questionable fit for the Sixers:

1. Takes a lot of shots/uses a lot of possessions for a point. I realize this is an issue with Lou as well, but to be honest, I want the bulk of the shots from the starters to come from Thad, Iguodala and Brand.

2. 9/41 from three for his career (22%), 37% eFG on jumpers and he isn't really an elite finisher either (54% eFG on the inside)

That being said, if he really could be had for something like 3 years/$10M, that's too much of a bargain to pass on. That's not too much to pay a backup PG, IMO, so yeah, I'd go for it. I don't see how MIL wouldn't match an offer like that, though, and I'm also not convinced Sessions would sign it. He's probably better off signing a one-year deal with MIL and testing the waters as an unrestricted next year.

Wow, if what you are saying about the Buck's unwillingness is true, that speaks volumes about the financial constraints plaguing many teams these days. Just for perspective, Willie Green makes almost 4 million next year. To many that might seem unconscionable, but not by historical NBA standards.

Well, it goes without saying that resigning Ivey doesn't generate much enthusiasm among fans who were hoping for some compensation for the departure of Andre Miller. He may not be a "zero" but most times I watched him last year the thought occured to me that he was playing more minutes than he should.

I'm a little more positive about a minimum contract signing of Brezec if he is in decent shape. He might be an athletic and rebounding stiff but he can shoot when open and that might be enough to add some valuable contribution to this team in limited minutes.

Don't we already have a couple of backup centers who can shoot a little in Smith and Speights? For me, the priority is finding a warm body who can protect the rim and (preferably)/or rebound.

paul reply to Brian on Aug 4 at 12:57

You are correct. I guess he would be a bit superflous unless they traded Jason Smith.

zig reply to paul on Aug 4 at 11:19

can't jason smith do that? brezec does not make sense. ivey does not make sense. nothing the team does makes sense. but then again, it is true that you have to wait the whole signing/trading period out. but based on what we've seen so far, we have traded andre miller for royal ivey and primoz brevec.

btw, there are much better foreign players then brezec. Timofey Mozgov is probably going to be a russian version of the polish hammer. grabs 13.3 boards and blocks 3.5 shots per 40. raw offensively, but probably can be developed if he trains with moses. Also, if you want an offensive specialist, Ksistof Lavrinovic is kind of like brezec. He is not the best defender, but he is better. He is a mediocore rebounder, but still better than brezec. the main difference is this guy can not only finish at the rim, but he is 45% from 3 on 3 attempts per game.

so it is understandable that we are in a "financial bind." but even those can be dealt with properly if you do enough proper scouting instead of being redundant with guys like ivey and brezec.

Just because they play in Europe doesn't mean you can get them for the minimum. Doesn't even mean you can get them at all. They could be making more than the minimum over there, and they could also be signed long term. The team's European scouting hasn't produced anything, though. I mean, nothing, ever, right? Was Kukoc the only Euro we've had in the past decade?

zig reply to Brian on Aug 4 at 13:19

well that is acutually why i brought up those players. they are made about the same as brezec. i could've brought up the greek guy (i forget his name), who is supposed to be the number one free agent center in europe, but he won't sign for less than the mle. so i brought the above guys up on purpose. and especially since these guys want to play in the nba and no one has really taken a shot at them, i don't really see why they can't be signed for the minimum. maybe you are right and they ask for more than the one year minimum, but the sixers should at least try to see what they can do. there is nothing wrong with trying.

You definitely have a better grasp on the European leagues than I do. I was just playing devil's advocate. You ever think about writing a sort of "names to watch" post about the available talent over there?

On a different note. I'm cracking up, waiting to see how the 6ers get screwed in the schedule...


I'm betting no more than 3 national games. Can't remember how many they had last year, I think 6 or 7.

The way they really got screwed last year was second-half of back-to-backs at home. I believe they also had the most back-to-backs in general and basically zero off days for the final three weeks of the season.

johnmagee on Aug 4 at 13:03

The sixers free agency off season - the definition of non plussed

"but based on what we've seen so far, we have traded andre miller for royal ivey and primoz brevec."

And now, maybe as icing on the cake, they could hold trial work outs of some favorites from the Billy King days like Josh Davis and Michael Bradley.

C. J. Watson last year...

0.457 0.400 0.870 2.7 1.2 1.19 9.5

Plus, he's only 25 years old, so he'll be around for a while. How can Ed not make this guy a reasonable offer?

johnmagee reply to Rojas on Aug 4 at 13:38

because the sixers are more worried about the 2010/11 luxury tax than next season, so multi year deals just aren't something they do.

I'm sure if Stefanski were allowed some financial freedom from the comcast folks, he might be more creative in this off season, but if the constraints are don't add any salary past this season - there's not a lot of good you can do.

Which is why I haven't totally given up on Stefanski, though if they can get royal ivey for one year why can't they get brevin knight?

They still might.

While Brezec IS a warm body, it's not as if you guys need anything more than that up front. Dalembert and Speights will see the majority of the center minutes, and then there's Jason Smith as well. Brezec does offer a veteran presence, and he's not a bad player for the second (or third) unit.

He showed as a in Charlotte that while his defense/rebounding will keep him from ever being a starter, he can at least hit a mid-range shot.

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