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Who Is Primoz?

I thought you were going to run out of ways to say 'no'.

Yeah, Oz sucks. Those numbers are very frightening. I understand the 'warm body' thing, but couldn't they have gotten a better 'warm body'? A clubhouse guy? A young guy with a sliver of raw talent? Anybody?

p.s. i think i have a better picture lol

That looks like a WNBA publicity shot. Awesome.

hmm. a respectable last guy on the bench type player.

I don't know. Until 2004, Brzec was certainly one of the worst players in the league. But then all of a sudden, on a very bad Charlotte team, he started putting up numbers. Then, of course, he stopped. Last year's team was pretty light on big-man scoring, so, even with Brand coming back, this isn't necessarily the least welcome of acquisitions. On the other hand, it does give you cause for concern when your general manager thinks Dalembert-Speights-Brzec is a healthy big-man rotation. How little defense is Eddie looking to play? Where does Smith fit in here? I don't think it's entirely inconceivable that this signing, in some dark recess of Jordan's mind, if not Stefanski's, helps ease the way to moving Dalembert, or at least not playing him nearly as much as he needs to be.

Ugh. 50 dnpcd's and less than 10 minutes per game in the other 32 or I'm going to lose my mind.

eddies' heady's on Aug 5 at 0:27

Boy, what a brain-trust we have for management.

What about Johan Petro, Robert Swift, or heck even Sean Marks? Someone that can at least protect the paint (Petro or Swift) or adequately rebound (Marks).

Guess they want someone to knock down those high-post elbow jumpers when Brand, Speights, or J Smith aren't taking them. Did they have to get someone that is sooooooooo slow, though?

deepsixersuede on Aug 5 at 7:38

I hope this isn!t because Jason may not be a factor for a while. A physical big would have been my choice, unless Marreese can play that role.

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