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Best Moment of the Season

I know I am early for postings but my favorite play was AI9 dumping on Yao. That was just amazing! Can't see enough of that play.

Good stuff... but why did you go and do that to Jordan ;)

He's only at number 8 in his countdown, and I have a hunch these 4 make the top of his list.

He's doing top games, I'm just talking about top moments. Times when you were glad you're a fan. I needed a pick me up around these parts.

BTW, check out Jordan's countdown guys, if you haven't been already.

how dare you lol. just joking dude. the more positive memories from the season the better.

It was either this or stab myself in the eye with a spoon. Sorry, bro, didn't mean to step on your toes.

no such thing my friend.

those were great but i put the jump shot by iguodala on the first game versus orlando first. I was screaming like crazy after that

Absolutely. I was trying to force myself to learn from the previous year and not get too high after a game 1 win, but truthfully I failed miserably. Woke up the wife and kids that night too.

Mine was the Thad winner. I jumped up on my bed, nearly tore my quad I think.

deepsixersuede on Aug 7 at 7:36

Brian, I would like to nominate a quarter, Elton!s against Houston where he blocked 3 or 4 shots, that hopefully showed how he can impact a game this season.

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