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The Lowlights

Another one for me what watching Elton fall on his shoulder and out for the year. Those few seconds ruined our season and put us in misery in the playoffs.

Good call. Can't believe it slipped my mind. I remember knowing like the second he fell that he was done for the season, but there was so much up in the air at that point. They were still playing crappy basketball, Cheeks had just been fired, I was pissed that DiLeo was leaving Green in the starting lineup. I guess the injury was like "Great, what else can happen," whereas, they were really clicking when Thad went down and I was more like, "Jesus, what's going to happen in the playoffs w/out Thad."


As you know I was at all 3 of these games. We usually do a couple of Road Trips during the season and last year we were in Charlotte in November. While the trip itself was great and they have a really nice Arena the Sixers had a 6 point lead in the 3rd quarter and I distinctly remember Sammy with a put back dunk and with 9 minutes to go in the 3rd it was 63-57 and LB called a time out. This kind of epitomized a lot of games last year where the Sixers could not take a 6 or 7 point lead and hit a big 3 or push to a double digit lead. Subsequently things went down hill from there. I remember seeing Phil Jasner on the plane we took the morning of this game (because the Sixers played on Sunday night and beat Golden State) and him saying they really had no excuse to lose this game. Of course they wound up losing 3 of 4 to Charlotte and 4 to the Nets. Killed any hope of the 4th or 5th seed. In my opinion that shot by Devin Harris while it was good I believe that the clock operator missed about .3 of a second and that made all the difference in the world but let's face it the stars were aligned for NJ that night. Iguodala had to miss the first and MAKE the second for NJ to even have a prayer and it was answered.
Here is the link to that box score. Charlotte was 3-9 going into that game and the Sixers had their optimum lineup with Brand leading the way with 18 & 9. They were however 3-16 from downtown.


As the Devin Harris shot goes up if you stop playing it before it goes in you can see me behind the bench with my Iguodala 9 shirt. When I went to the next home game I was told I was all over that telecast shaking my head in disbelief. I did watch it on DVR several times. I still can't get this game out of my head.

Elton's 20-10 in 2010 on Aug 7 at 14:16

How about the 3-point dagger from Ray Allen at home?

Oh man, the buzzer beaters...

Ray Allen
Rashard "HGH" Lewis
Tony Parker
Devin Harris (video above)
Hedo in game 4 of the playoffs

Who am I missing? I thought there were more.

Rob reply to Brian on Aug 7 at 16:59

The problem is I am in the background of every one of these in the stands. I feel like the poster boy for DF.

Hey by the way another one that was right in front of me :

How about the Indiana game when they came here with 9 bodies on the game right before the XMAS road trip and TJ Ford hit a shot with a couple seconds left right over Iguodala on a step back jumper. Brutal !!!

Yup, forgot that one. Ugh.

as much as the buzzer beaters hurt. nothing hurt quite like game 6. dis-illusioned is the right word perhaps. sixers were exposed as not belonging. with all the scales tipped in our favor, we delivered one of the weakest perfrmances resulting in a humiliating blowout ON HOME COURT!!!!!!
now thats priceless

Game 6 was deplorable, but it showed how BAD the system was. The switching defense is GARBAGE. It allows open shots, it allows driving lanes. God forbid we run a traditional defense right? Even with EB/Sam protecting the middle,we'd still rotate defensively inside.

And with Sam and Evans running around like headless chickens opening up a void inside. It was HORRIBLE.

Thaddeus Young was the star of that team, remember we were 5 games +.500 and looking to make a strong surge before he went down.

The Devin Harris shot is proof of David Stern FAILZ.Obviously the clock started late by a good 0.3 seconds.

RagedCage on Aug 10 at 13:39

I don't really think of Devin Harrises buzzer beater as the sixers fault more luck. Iggy almost forced a turnover and you give devin Harris 50 chances to do that again and under the same cirrcumstanfes I bet he misses every time. But it still really sucked

Yeah, I mean, it wasn't a "You guys suck" moment. It was more like "What else can go wrong?"

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