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Reasons For Optimism

Just read an article talking about the "third year jump" for Kevin Durant. All I was thinking the whole time was "Thad's coming out this year". The game was truly slowing down for him last year pre-injury, and if there wasn't a good scoring 4 in Brand back in the picture, I would fully expect Thad to score a ton this year, but think he is more of a Tayshaun Prince type player and will help his team win without needing the ball in his hands constantly.

Jimmyjones on Aug 11 at 7:53

that starting 5...wow

i am so damn excited!!

loving the red jersey jhol is wearing...

can't wait till they are available to purchase...

iggy's jersey, jrues jersey..and hopefull and allstar jersey with iggy's name...

gotta start saving up :D

Will reply to Jimmyjones on Aug 11 at 13:07

I really doubt that will be the starting 5, but I'm sure we'll see it at some point in the early games, just for the defense. Its going to take a while for Jrue to truly show up L Will and take over that spot.

I'm not a fan of Williams, and I'm nervous about him taking the reins, but, didn't you have a post a few months ago about he faired much better when he was on the court with guys he regularly practiced with? Maybe with extended playing (and practice) time, he'll be a lot better than the performances I'm dreading.

Thank you for the post, Brian. Theres always something to look forward to, and honestly, that Defensive 5 should be a great thing to watch.

deepsixersuede on Aug 11 at 7:54

Brian, the fact our new coach wanted Ivey for his defense and size is a-okay with me, when he was hired it was said he adjusts his teams style to its personnel and defense seems to be of interest to him with this group. I agree with everything you said and would like to add one more optimistic view; L.Will. gets it and gives us the offense needed on nights where we struggle and learns like A.Miller when to get others involved and goes to the hot hand [Thad?] till the well runs dry.Even when Jrue eventually wrestles the starting spot away hopefully this years oppurtunity allows L.Will. to become a better basketball player and not just the guy that scores off the bench.

Lou's development is very, very important for this team. That contract they gave him will look worse than Willie's in the long run if he doesn't evolve any further. They need him to be able to run the team and score more efficiently. He seems to be working on his shot this summer, let's just hope he can take that next step with the opportunity he has in front of him right now.

I am glad the team has decided to really commit to going young. Maybe they were pushed a bit by finances, but at least we are going to really learn what we have out there.

DeanH reply to tk76 on Aug 11 at 11:33

should be exciting win or lose.

I am looking forward to the old logo and uniforms. Also just saw pictures of the new court, I love it. I did like the less music during games but did miss the organ sometimes; hopefully they can find a middle ground.

Yeah, I'm not usually crazy about piped in music and noise, but at key points, it does help get the crowd involved. The only thing you want to avoid is filling the place with artificial noise to try to make up for small crowds. That's just annoying. Use it to amp the crowd up for big possessions etc.

Maybe they should find new and interesting ways to involve the small crowds? How about cavern night. Have an echo contest and a lucky winner gets to mine for gold? or maybe a giant game of hide and seek or find the fan at halftime?

O.K., maybe not. Hope they win enough soon to fill the place. Then no gimmicks would be needed.

Charles Shackleford's Top Hat on Aug 11 at 15:44

I'm pretty psyched, too.

Going down tonight to try and upgrade the seats.


Talking about reasons for optimism:

"Sixers president and GM Ed Stefanski said he’s been real impressed with Samuel Dalembert (you can take that with a grain of salt if you want). But he said Sam spent 7 full days at the team’s practice facility working with new coach Eddie Jordan. He also said that was the first time he has seen Dalembert working out during the month of July.

“That’s a positive sign,” Stefanski said. “[Jordan] said it’s a clean slate, so let’s just go forward and be positive.”

This quote was found on Hoophype rumors. Just imagine how good the sixers could be IF Sammy learns how to play basketball 24/7!

Forget learning to play basketball, if we can just have an interested Dalembert for the entire season...yeah, that's exciting.

One question, why do you want lou will to fail?

Me? I don't want Lou to fail. I'd love it if he came out and proved he could run a team and score this season. I still think the ideal for the long run for the team is to have Lou coming off the bench and Jrue proving to be a very good starting PG.

Mike reply to mchezo on Aug 11 at 18:00

where do you see any comment that would indicate any fan of the sixers would want him to fail?

mchezo reply to Mike on Aug 11 at 22:19

Lou was not mentioned at all in the original post. Not mentioned. In brian's response he says that he wants lou to come off of the bench in the long run. So he wants lou to lose his starting spot to Jrue, is that not failing?

Saying that I want Jrue to progress quickly and win the starting job is in no way saying I want Lou to fail. I want both guys to progress and play well, IMO the team would be better, as a whole, if Jrue could play well enough to be the starting PG and Lou could go back to being the sixth man, for a several reasons.

1. I think Jrue has the mindset of being a distributing PG. I don't think that's Lou's game.

2. Jrue has excellent size for the position and I believe he has the tools and mentality to become an elite defender.

3. Having a guy like Jrue at the point opens up a ton of options, like playing Lou at the two (because Jrue's big enough to guard the other team's shooting guard).

4. As things stand, the Sixers don't really have a guard who's going to provide a spark off the bench.

DeanH reply to mchezo on Aug 11 at 22:15

Are you talking to me about Lou? I don't think so. If you know me, I am one of Lou's biggest supporters and believe Lou will do very good this year. So, curious, who are you saying that want's Lou to fail????

Duracorr on Aug 11 at 19:28

About a month ago I said that, being an incurable optimist, I was very hopeful the young Sixers plus EB would surprise everyone and win 50 games. No, I wasn't on happy weed or anything. I believe that these guys have talent and will continue to develop and, if Lou, Thad, Willie and Andre have improved their jumpers, and Sammy "gets it" this team could be very good. Remember, Andre Miller said Lou would be a (positive) surprise at the point. Given the circumstances of his departure, he had no reason to make that up. I'm thrilled to see someone else be optimistic about this team.

Just got back from the Wachovia picking my season seat. The new floor looks great! Walked on it, can't wait to see some B ball on it.

There are alot of open seats that are decent available. I was able to move to the EXACT SEAT I wanted this year. I am thrilled.

Hope that they get decent attendance after a few low games (that they win and are exciting).

How did Top Hat make out in picking your seats??

Say what you want but Igoudala is not a SG, nor will he ever be. It's just not his natural position, he should play SF instead. Having a veteran pg would help ease my mind.

Personally, I think his skill set is actually better suited to the two than the three. He's a guy who gets his teammates involved, with Miller gone, he's the best distributor they have. People say he isn't a two because he doesn't have a great jumper, but the rest of his game is perfect for a two.

Dedicated_76ers_Fan on Aug 12 at 17:15

To quote Iggy "the 2 and the 3 are interchangable", and they are. Iggy's a guy that's 6'6, that can take it to the hole, that can defend that can get the ball in other guys hands. I don't think the transition for Lou Williams is going to be all that difficult because of Iguodala. You got a point-forward type of guy. It allows you to play off the ball, it allows you to focus on scoring and that's what he does. He's a scorer, he's gonna be put in a better position to score because instead of playing next to: Royal Ivey, Reggie Evans, Willie Green. He's playing next to: Iggy, Thad, Brand, Daly.

He's gonna get alot of open looks, he's gonna thrive as an off-the-ball scorer that can make plays for others on occassion. He'll do fine. So will Jrue, those two guys will be good to watch.

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