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The Greek on Aug 18 at 4:27

There defense was pathetic last season. Many times they played with no heart and gave zero effort. Also with the quiet guy Andre Miller being gone that automatically makes us better.

JohnMcain on Aug 18 at 6:50

yes, amiller was ok defensively in terms of his size (weight not height), but with Jrue at the 1 with his height and athletic ability and desire to play D, hopefully these will point to a better D team based on my observations (as well as the shift in position you have mentioned).

quick Q, i think Jason Smith is a 4, but could he play the 5 with his height and upgrade physique?

I think we'll see him at the five this season, probably more than the 4. That's just my guess, though.

Jrue won't play the 1, till mid season at best. Till then it's Williams at the 1. What about Dalembert? sometimes he looks lost out there.

johnmagee reply to roshni on Aug 18 at 12:05

Jrue Holiday will probably play the '1' earlier in the season as Louis Williams probably won't average 48 minutes per game...

If Brand returns healthy and is played at PF (not C) it will far outweigh all other factors. It is a huge upgrade going from Thad at PF to Brand. Their rebounding and interior defense would be much better.

Of course. Rebounding will be such a big difference with Brand and Daly on the court, also having Thad + Iggy at the wings will make it challenging for other teams at the perimeter.

Last season the lineup put out there just wasn't capable of performing defensively like this lot.

I have seen Jrue play but from all sources he seems to be an intense player who loves to D so I'm excited about that.

Rebounding should be the biggest difference. After Brand's injury, they got dominated on the defensive glass far too often.

One thing that frustrated me last season was the Sixer's inability to defend the three point shot and run people off the arc. If they can get their rotations down, I could definitely see some improvement.

If Lou is starting, I would like to see him start playing defense as soon as the ball enters play, pressing the other team's PG and cause turnovers. He certainly has the athletic ability to do this...

I wonder if there will be a philosophical change on the defensive end. I'm also wondering how many of those open threes were a result of Miller not being able to stop penetration, how many were a result of lazy rotations and how many were just Willie Green getting completely lost off the ball.

I'm not optimistic. Wizards fans complained about the same issues of conceding open 3's under EJ.

Caron Butler was the only guy on that team who could spell defense, though. I think we have much better defensive personnel.

This is the main issue for me right now, in a perfect world, this team will be defensive minded and Jordan will squeeze more efficiency out of them on offense. I'm hoping he doesn't sacrifice defense to get the PO running as well as possible w/ the players he's got.


that is a link to a 4 minute video of sixers practice for anyone who wants to see it

and I think we are going to be one of the best defensive things on the East but I don't understand the rating :0

Ok, now i understand the rating system ;)

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