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2008-2009 Advanced Splits

willynilly on Aug 20 at 7:57

desmon mason is available, thoughts?

Uh, I don't like him. This is actually a shocking stat, over the past 5 seasons, in 10,336 minutes of action, Mason has hit 2 threes. TWO!

Beatrice in AC on Aug 20 at 11:04

These stats mean nothing especially since Jwil is back and Orlando is now stacked! Behindthebacksports.com FTW!!

If you ever run into a blackjack dealer named Beatrice at the Taj, stand up slowly and walk away from the table. She has no soul.

Anyway, Jason Williams should've stayed retired.

zig reply to Brian on Aug 20 at 15:13


There was once a bachelor's party, a dealer named Beatrice, and an unbelievable run of bad cards. That's where his nickname came from.

Duracorr on Aug 20 at 20:01


I appreciate your posting something every day about the Sixers. As a fellow addict, it's the first thing I look at when I get home.

Concerning the statistics, the pace numbers are very close. I'm feeling a little lazy so I didn't type the numbers into a spreadsheet to run a true ststistical evaluation, but eyeballing the stats, it is not likely there are statistically significant differences in pace between the several splits.

On the other hand, the swings in offensive and defensive efficiencies are probably statistically significant and are very interesting. What were they doing differently in January? Was that the last month EB played before his injury? Were they beginning to click? What changed in February? I can't remember when Brand was hurt or when he came back, but wasn't it during that time. Should we compare the games with EB before the injury with the games EB played when he tried to come back? He was clearly not an effective player during that time. We can look at the April falloff from March and attribute that to Thad's injury. There are probably reasons for the differences between January and February that can be identified, but I don't have the data.

Of course, when the games are divided up into such small segments, the statistics become less meaningful and are less likely to really mean anything.

True, the drop in pace isn't that substantive, but the fact that the pace dropped, rather than rising, makes is noteworthy to me.

The ratings are night and day different, in a good way on offense, in a very bad way on defense. If they had defended for the entire season like they did under Cheeks, they would've been the 5th-best defense in the league. If they'd performed on offense as they did under DiLeo for the entire season, they would've been the #9 offensive team in the league. I don't think the sample sizes are small enough to be irrelevant in either case, though.

I don't have the spreadsheet on my computer, but I do know the dates. Brand went down originally on December 17th, he then returned for only 6 games from Jan. 26th through Feb. 3rd. In those six games, he averaged less than 20 minutes per, though.

Duracorr reply to Brian on Aug 21 at 20:55

That means that the difference between Jan & Feb was not related to Brand. Basically, he played only a couple of games during each time period. I wonder what changed?

Jonhwill on Aug 21 at 0:50

this organization is stupid and cheap,

we should have signed jason williams

now that he's gone that only other pg i would want is allen iverson, he will bring this team back to the finals like he did in 2001.

I'll just say I disagree and leave it at that.

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