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Missing Mister Miller

hello Brian !

you perhaps remember I am a huge Dre Miller fan and I also think we will miss him, more than the majority of Sixers fan can realize now. I think the first 15-20 games will be tough, with a new system and no pure PG to run the show.

Lou's last season was pretty disappointing to me and I'm not sure it was a wise move to give him the helm now. I think the main reason for this decision is a pure cost cut.

I think Sixers could have easily offered Miller the same contract that Portland gave him, that seems absolutely reasonable, especially with the 3rd year being a team option.

Anyway, I disagree when you say that Miller abandoned his pass-firt tendencies, I think he "had" to take more responsabilities (= shots) in our offense because we didn't have many options, especially in set offenses: no low post threats (except him, you are right), zero 3 pt shooters etc. I expect the number of his shots to decrease in Porland.

While I completely agree about Jrue and what he could have learned from Miller. The good thing without Miller is that the rookie will immediately get more playing time for sure.

Can we really say that Miller didn't have anyone to pass to? he had iggy, thad and the rest of the crew didn't he? Aren't we expecting big things out of that iggy and thad this year? i think the better argument is that we had no offensive system other than running and that without a system we ended up playing one on one ball.

deepsixersuede on Aug 25 at 7:41

Brian, I have a funny feeling Jrue will be the teacher [L.Will.] showing Lou how to play unselfishly and hard on the defensive end.If it is equal footing in training camp he may make it hard on the Ed!s not to start him; he looked very unselfish in the summer league and getting everybody touches may allow this offense to click quickly.


I agree. I strongly disagree with Ricky on AM tendency to shoot more. From the beginning of the year, he wanted to score more for a bigger contract (IMO of course). As I have stated before, there are numerous times that Thad had a hot hand and Miller did not get him the ball. That is the responsibility of the point.

Now, with Lou, it is an open book. We do not know how Lou will play without Miller. Trying to say how he will play is unfair as he is a new position on the team. I am willing to wait till atleast preseason before judging Lou. Then, let all the critics loose on Lou!


I see your point but numbers don't back up what you say.

Last season - contract year - Miller took LESS shots than the previous (1.156 vs 1.041): you'd assume that if he was playing for a contract he would have taken MORE shots, right? Instead, with a (slightly) more balanced offense, he distributed the ball more, that's my point.

But it's true that as a Sixer Miller increased his average of shots attempts per game: I did a little research - I pulled a Brian, LOL - and the result was 12.9 shots in his 661 games in Philly (2.858 attempts in total). While his career average, excluding the games with Sixers, is 11.2 (6.683 in 594 games).

I can live with my starting PG taking nearly 13 shots per game, especially given his very good % + the good assist production. Your thought?


Interesting stats. I am not a critic of Miller in that he was a big reason we won games last year. So, I agree and understand you. But, he is getting old and he is not going to be around for another 2-3 years when our team should compete. And, as I stated, whether he shot more or not, he did not keep that hot hand hot. And, watching him live, he did not seem to be a team player, overall. But, MOST IMPORTANT, he just is getting old too soon.

I agree the team will suffer if the other positions do not pick up their game as Lou will not do as good as AM, atleast at first.

Dean I guess we just have to agree to disagree

I think AM would have been fine for another couple of seasons, he never misses a game, is still very effective and could have taught some things to LW and Jrue. IMHO he IS a team player, fisrt time I hear someone saying the opposite.

You think LW is more of a team player than AM ??? I'm afraid the PG spot will give us more problems than it will solve

Kidd is 36 and got a 3 year deal (too many, to me, but anyway...), Miller at 33 got a 2+1, I don't think age was the issue with him. Yes, he's not athletic, had always troubles defending quick opponents etc etc but I didn't see great signs of decline in him, he's tough & durable.

Lou is young and athletically gifted but never played a lick of defense, LOL

I just hope I'll be proved wrong but I feel the opposite ! nice debate here anyway

You can't give 'Dre a pass for having no three-point shooters in the lineup without noting that, well, the man also doesn't shoot 3's, either. Which for a point guard in the current Association, is damn near a non-starter.

If we are saying that Andre Miller could have shown Jrue how to play by just leading by example, well my argument would be that Holiday can learn stuff like that just by watching tape of Chauncey Billups and Miller. A lot of what player development is occurs in practice, and we haven't been given much indication that Miller is much of an in-the-locker-room leader. Could be wrong though.

johnmagee reply to Eric on Aug 25 at 11:08

and we haven't been given much indication that Miller is much of an in-the-locker-room leader. Could be wrong though.

Nor have we been given any indication that he wasn't an in the locker room leader either? The absence of information or evidence one way or another doesn't lead to a conclusion in either direction.

Eric reply to johnmagee on Aug 25 at 15:13

Not necessarily. If a player is not a strong locker room presence guy, it doesn't necessarily show up in the media - it's boring. Nobody wants to read how so-and-so watched a movie while everyone else played cards. It took a major negative media scandal for everyone to find that out about Kobe Bryant, for example. Nobody said anything beforehand. Whereas if a player is a strong locker room presence it is sure to find its way through media outlets.

johnmagee reply to Eric on Aug 25 at 15:23

If you say so...I don't buy it - then again I think sports media in general is bad and philadlephia sports media is extra bad

i am in the camp that believes this team is going to miss andre miller WAY MORE than people realize. he was the vocal leader on the court, which is all that really matters. i don't think there is a guy on the current roster who can replace that. obviously we are hoping it will be iguodala, but i'm not sure that's his style. i hope i'm wrong but i think this team is going to really struggle this season.

I'm not sure we will know how much we miss Miller. Sure he is a huge loss (with no true PG taking his place.) But they could have huge upgrades if Brand returns to some semblance of his prior form. Also, Iguodala, Young, Speights and Lou probably will all improve.

The team could end up anywhere from 4th-11th seed in the East. there are just so many variables. we will never know how the team would look with Miller, and won't know if he would have really helped unless they end up being really bad.

Miller is undeniably the glue that kept this team at .500 for his 2.5 years. Buit next years team has a new scheme and hopefully more talent at the other positions. Arguably, Miller might not have been the best fit next to Brand and in the Princeton (although I think he could have thrived with his scoring ability.)

I think the loss of Miller really hurts in the fast break more than anything. Who on this team has the vision to get the ball up the court as fast as him w/o having to stop and make decisions. Who can throw the half court lob like Miller, maybe Igg, but then who will catch it?

Iguodala is the key to this team anyway, not Miller. For all the harsh criticism thrown at him after Detroit 2 years ago, I have't heard the masses patting his back for his late season and playoff performances. Maybe its the way they went down this year, Im not sure. I think with the ball in his hands more and more space with one less non shooter he WILL be scary good this year and an All Star. Not maybe, not replacing an injured player, definitely not picked by fans who don't hardly even watch the game or know anything about it, but by the coaches. If he steps up just a bit more and Lou and Jrue don't turn the ball over 10 times a game between the both of them, we'll be just fine.

The way I look at it is the offense can't be any worse if Brand is 3/4 of his self and EJ is 1/2 the genius his reputation labels him, and the only thing we could possibly be worse at defensively is guarding PG's in the post.

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