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Jrue's Minutes

"...but the plan should be to space his 20 minutes out so he gets as much burn with the first unit as possible. Put him in situations where he won't be the focal point, where he can go out there to defend and hit open jumpers created by the other playmakers"

You hit the nail on the head, Brian... that's exactly how they should work it.

eddies' heady's on Aug 27 at 9:38

Where exactly is this youth movement most fans keep clamoring about?

Lou (the proposed starter at PG) is going into his fifth year. Dala is going into his sixth year (starter at SG). Thad (starter at SF) is going into his third year. EB is going into his eleventh year (PF). And Sam Dalembert is going into his eighth year. I wouldn't exactly call that lineup 'green', to say the least.

Funny how most of this article is about Willie G getting 20 minutes a night, but when I posed that same scenario due to management not going after some 'gettable' shooters early in free agency, it was considered faulty logic.

As for Jrue's minutes compared to Willie's, fans will be crowing for Willie's 31% from three after seeing Jrue's 24 foot jumper this season and hollering for Willie's or Royal's defense after seeing Jrue get abused nightly. It's easy to forget this kid is only 19 yrs. old.

And for comparison's sake, Lou Williams was named 2005 Naismith Prep Player of the Year and how long did it take him to 'earn' a significant role in this league? And don't give me that Lou didn't have a defined position, he played point guard from his early youth all the way through to his high school years. But Jrue is on a pedastal because he was pre-draft rated 'high' and the Gatorade High School Player of the Year?

As for the last paragraph of 'justify giving them (minutes) to anyone but Jrue', as I said a few weeks back on this blog - he better earn his keep in practice at the PCOM courts and not be placed on the court in a 'hidden' position where he isn't the focal point. The staff will see quickly how much work he needs defensively after getiing an eyeful of Lou blowing by him in practice and beating him on backdoors.

Capt. Brewmaster Kegmeister reply to eddies' heady's on Aug 27 at 10:36

Ummm... OK. Can you possibly take a moment and summarize exactly what you were trying to say? Here's what I got from it... You're Mr. Basketball Expert and you have a man crush on Lou. Is that about right?

"Can you possibly take a moment and summarize exactly what you were trying to say?"

-Reading comprehension problems?

"Here's what I got from it... You're Mr. Basketball Expert..."

-Smart man.

"...and you have a man crush on Lou."

-Reading comprehension difficulty again??.......The man crush is actually on Willie G.

Just stick to discussing basketball, that's the mantra. Aye, aye, captain...

Duhhhh... call me Eddy give Heady. I a sixxers fan!


eddies' heady's reply to Capt. on Aug 28 at 10:40

Well...... welcome Eddy give Heady. What are your rates, captain?

Bah!!! All I heard is dat da police caught ya on yo knees behind Taco Bell, givin' da hobos a freebie! LOL

Go Sixers! http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nba/rumors/post/Iverson-and-Bobcats-hammering-out-a-deal-?urn=nba,184657


I hope, hope that Willie Green takes Kareem's place on the bench. I would think Jrue's play time will be in direct relationship to his improvement in playing the point.

But, I agree 100% with you. We are a young team and need to let the old guys cheer on the young guys on the floor (barring Elton).

Willie Green, death and taxes.

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble...

But after watching this team for the last few years Willie Green getting his regular minutes goes right up there with death and taxes as the unpleasantness we all must face.

Maybe its his steadiness, coachability or compromising photos- either way we are blessed with getting to watch WG at least 15 min a night.

I refuse to believe that, at least until I see it. Ed S. didn't sign him. Eddie J. doesn't have any loyalty to him. Iguodala is in the lineup at the 2. I'm hoping we're in for a fresh start this season as far as Willie's concerned.

Here's a funny comp, players in the history of the NBA with as many minutes as Willie and fewer win shares.

DeanH reply to Brian on Aug 27 at 13:27

You need to get this information on the link to Eddie Jordan asap!!!! I see that Lou, Thad, Jrue, Jason and lastly and least, Willie are practicing almost daily it seems. Wonder where our fearless leader AI9 is these days?? Anyway, great to see them bonding!

Yep, Stevenson is definitely a concern. Hopefully, EJ learned his lesson.

EJ in the paper today:

"I want to say this, unequivocally, that our defense is going to take precedence over the offense. I feel we have good defensive players and we're going to be very good defensively. [Assistant coach] Randy Ayers has done a great job in what he's done in the past and in his career, that we're going to be good defensively. That's going to be a focus and emphasis in training camp."

Typo'd my name. That kind of morning...

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