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Predicting 2010: Jason Kapono

Glad you started with Jason. I believe he is going to have a break out year and possibly be an allstar. I think this is a dream job for him and he will exell with learning how to shoot away!

If he does the above and rises to this occassion, this could be a good year for us.

Joe reply to DeanH on Sep 1 at 16:39


Mike reply to DeanH on Sep 3 at 14:11

you have to be joking

Tom Moore on Sep 1 at 17:38

Heard Ed Pinckney is the new hire as the Sixers' TV analyst. Will be announced at 6 p.m.

I wish we had korver instead. He's younger, 3 million cheaper, had a quicker release, and attempted to play defense.

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