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Predicting 2010: Willie Green

I agree with you 100% EXCEPT could he possibly be moved back a row and sit with the fans? That is where he belongs most of the nights! IF, he is still on the bench, I do hope when we are in a shooting funk, Willie is given a chance to play and shoot. Just, don't ever put him in when the game is on the line.

A case from some minutes for Green (half hearted attempt...)

I got the sense that Willie played a better last year. He seemed to play more within his limitations and dominate the ball less. Still lousy, but not in a way that hurts you as bad.

I had to hunt through stats to find evidence, and it shows in his usage%(18.9 down from career average 23.4) and TO% (8.4 down from 15% at his worst.) His FG% at .0435 was nearly his best. And his 2pt FG% of 0.422 was best on the team. Better than Miller(406), Lou (376), Thad (.367) and Iguodala (.348)

Basically, Green was the only guy who could hit a 2pt jumper. Also he started to play more within himself. If he continues this trend I see him as a decent bench player who can play within the offense and hit a jumper off a curl...; at least until they find a better option, which I don't see on the roster right now.

BTW, if I can sell Willie J. Green, I probably can sell anything.

DeanH reply to tk76 on Sep 4 at 16:54

You should become his agent! And I agree with your last statement. Do you have a bridge available up in NY?

Joe reply to tk76 on Sep 5 at 11:58

Your stats are wrong or I read your post wrong.

Willie's 2 pt fg% was nowhere near best on the team. He was one of the worst.

I agree, though, that WIlli has improved over the years. He is still a terrible NBA player, though, and shouldn't play for anyone IMO.

"And his 2pt FG% of 0.422 was best on the team. "

2 pt fg% not equal to 2 pt jump shot fg%.
Anyone can pick a random little stat for any player in the NBA just about and say... Hey! This guy wasn't horrible this one year at this one thing.

Willie is a terrible player whether he is an average 2 pt jumper maker or a terrible one.

Willie has improved greatly, but he still is terrible.

except in this case the numbers from 82games are for 2pt jumpers. the numbers are what they are. He is still a lousy player, just a better 2 point jump shooter than the other guards on the team last year. Overall his percentage was average for a guard

Joe reply to tk76 on Sep 9 at 9:31

The problem is how you worded your initial post... you said he shot the best 2 pt fg% and is why I responded.

I really don't give a shit if he shoots the 2 at an average rate for a guard or something. He still is a terrible player even if he is average at one aspect of basketball.

RagedCage on Sep 7 at 12:46

How the hell is he stll in the NBA. We should release him and he'll be doing just as much for us. Out of every team I root for Willie is my least favorite and least efficient player.

Today, Willie Green will go under the microscope for our Predicting 2010 series. I'm not sure how many different ways I can say, "This guy should not be playing,"

-this made me laugh out loud.

I can recall 3 specific times last season when Willie got hot in a game and my wife happened to be watching and say something like "I don't know why you hate him so much..." Ugh.

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