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Welcome Back, Rodney

I hope, I hope, I hope, I pray, I hope, I dream, I plead, I beg that this is the beginning of the end of Bill Green on the 76er bench! Please, Ed, time to clean house. Please!

Glad he is back. He has alot of fans on the sixer blogs.

Good move. Agree that we could see Kapono and Rodney filling much of those Wille Green minutes. Feel a bit better about the roster after this news.

DeanH reply to sfw on Sep 9 at 11:23

I hope you are right! Obviously I don't hide my feelings about Bill Green.

bebopdeluxe on Sep 9 at 8:16

It's not Willie Green's fault that the Sixers GMs and coaches were so pathetic in player acquisition and development that he was oour starting SG by default.

It's not Wilie Green's fault that BK gave him a ridiculous contract.

As a 8-9 man rotation/backup SG, I like Willie Green.

I like the Carney signing...like what he and Kapono bring to the bench...but I also like what Willie brings to the table - in limited minutes - as well.

Good depth signing.

DeanH reply to bebopdeluxe on Sep 9 at 11:25

You are COMPLETELY correct. I am just sick and tired of seeing Green being a starter.

If Willie plays like he did last year, Carney likely won't be noticably better.(maybe worse? I'd have to look into it more) If Willie plays like he did a couple years ago, Carney easily should be better.

I still want to see some healthy scratches from Willie. That will be a happy say in my Sixers watching career.

estafon on Sep 9 at 11:49

Off-topic, but if I could redo the 07 draft

12: Thaddeus Young
20: Rudy Fernandez
30: Carl Landri
38: Marc Gasol
55: Ramon Sessions

At least they got #12 right.

tennyson on Sep 9 at 14:23

2006: rajon rondo, paul milsap
2005:(if pick wasn't traded- danny granger), louis williams
2004: andre igoudala, (if pick wasn't traded-trevor ariza)
2003:(if pick wasn't traded-boris diaw),mo williams,kyle korver
2002:(if pick wasn't traded-tayshaun prince,carlos boozer,louis scola
2001: tony parker,memhet okur
2000: michael redd, malik allen
1999: (if pick wasnt traded-andrei kirilenko),manu ginobili

if i had a time machine and became the gm of sixers:
rajon rondo
danny grander
louis williams
andre igoudala
trevor ariza
boris diaw
mo williams
kyle korver
tayshaun prince
carlos boozer
louis scola
tony parker
mehmet okur
michael redd
malik allen
andrei kirilenko
manu ginobili
marreese speights
jrue holiday
chase budinger

Hindsight is always 20/20

Like Carney, was sad too to see him traded, but was happy about the bigger picture at the time. Should do well when he sees the court. He can flat out get up, should make for at least a highlight reel or two this season.

RagedCage on Sep 9 at 18:01

I am very happy with this move mainly cause I really liked carney before and Ive always hated Willie. Welcome back carney and (more importantly) bye bye Willie.

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