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Predicting 2010: Marreese Speights

Drspite Speights hitting a bit of a wall in the second half of last year, I'm hoping the light goes on for him and he is starting next to Brand by the middle of the season.

I would have started Sopeights last year after Brand went down. He was playing at a high level at the time, and I think he could have built on that.

Real and Speightacular on Sep 10 at 12:34

FWIW, I expect this baby dragon to more or less continue along the per36 curve he carved out last year. Maybe, as Brian guesses, a touch more in rebounding but with this offensive system, I also expect to see a little bump in assists, too. It's really the third year that I expect the dragon to be finally beast enough to snap the chain.

Are you still saving that best-game/worst-game thing, Brian or have you abandoned that series altogether?

That series was more of a year-over-year thing. Pretty sure I did everyone who was in the league the year before. Feel free to post your best/worst games for him.

bebopdeluxe on Sep 10 at 16:26


You know how I felt about Speights starting afer Brand went down...one of the myraid mistakes that the Sixers brain trust (really shouldn't use that phrase, as it suggests intelligence) has made since February.

I hope that Speights takes enough pride in his defense that he is in the starting lineup by midseason...but I'll believe it when I see it.

I hate him

RagedCage reply to sam on Sep 10 at 22:58


Sam hates Speights because he is afraid he is going to take hi job... or maybe its another Sam?

Speights isn't a good enough rebounder to even consider a starter at C right now and his projected curve right now isn't going in that direction either. It is just a fact.

A PF? Maybe, maybe, but he is still going to kill his team there, even, unless he is starting next to a great rebounder, like... nevermind.

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