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Predicting 2010: Rodney Carney

contrary to what many fans think (just read the comments on the post after his acquisition) I have extremely low expectations from Carney this year: maybe this is the key not to be disappointed after

- Dude is 25 y/o and has done shlt so far in the League.
- Has played FOUR full years in College, THREE in the NBA and still can't dribble nor pass the ball
- check his assist numbers and you'll be shocked.. Dalembert has perhaps a better assists/minutes ratio. Simply awful for a perimeter player.
- yes he would be an improvement over Green probably, but this says a lot (and everything that is needed) about his role...
- it's true that Jordan's system looks perfect on paper for Carney so in this sense the signing could be a good move
- a vet min of 800 K dollars for a marginal player like Carney tells us one more time that whoever negotiated those collective agreements on behalf of the players is a f'n genius...

expectations for, not from, sorry...

gotta agree with ricky on this one. well put. at least he can shoot the three decently and can dance around on defense.

thank you

I left a comment on Recliner GM some days ago on another Carney post saying similar things, I'm copying and pasting an excerpt here:

"13 assists in FOUR MONTHS !! Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb !!!!"

Brian if you have the time to go deeper in a research about Carney and his assist-per-minute or per-game ratio, I think you would find very "interesting" figures, like NBA worst player among guards or something in that territory...

will make Willie Green look like John Stockton, LOL

They should have Carney, Green and Dalembert run the three-man weave in practice. High comedy.

Anyway, he's an upgrade over Willie, in my mind.

deepsixersuede on Sep 16 at 0:25

Ricky, I have less of an issue with the assist thing because a man has to know his limitations and Rodney basically shoots the 3, drives or kicks it back out top and if he forced things more and turned it over I would have a bigger problem with him.

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