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Predicting 2010: Lou Williams

I am a believer in Lou. I think he will be the IDEAL team player and will as once was said, "shock the world". He knows that his career is on the line and needs to play as a team player and allow his team mates better shots to go to the next level. I also disagree with your thought that he will have less foul shots. I think one thing you will see is Lou driving the line alot and throwing the ball out for a jumper when he is covered or laying up w/ a foul otherwise.

Hopefully I am not in a dream world and this comes true!

I think (and hope) this offense will be less about isos and driving the lane against a set defense and more about ball movement and cutting off the ball for layups. If that's the case, I think his FTA/36 minutes will be down, but I don't think that's necessarily bad in the grand scheme of things.

i would be ecstatic if your predicted increase in FG% comes to fruition. i'm one of the biggest lou haters out there (i truly believe his '08/'09 campaign ranks as one of the worst individual seasons of all-time), and i think part of my relative lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming season stems from the prospect of watching him start at PG every freaking night. i hope he proves me wrong.

I really interested, maybe even excited to see Lou in the starting line-up. I wonder how much of bad Lou has to do with playing on an offensively crippled second unit where he is told he has to carry the offense.

I have seen Lou be a positive force wuith more noffensively balanced (and uptempo) units in comeback situations. I really hoping Lou and Brand can click, as they could make a tremendous pick and pop combo. No way defenders can ignore Lou, and should open up a ton of great chances for Brand and the players on the weakside.

I still hold out hope that Lou is not a selfish egotistical player at heart. But We really won't know until he gets the chance.

i am a full time Lou-hater. 1 year ago I was a big fan of getting him resigned at all costs. Thats how much I valued him. The resaultant drop off in opinion considering I am quietly and wildly optimistic in nature is telling of just how bad Williams performed last year. Heck the stats dont tell trhe story. I dare anyone to watch clips of his play in games for half an hour. you may be begging for water-boarding.
I would be lying if I said I wanted Williams to succeed. Sad that I cant jump back on anymore. I'm already rooting for the wildshot Holiday to take over. Dunno why I am saying this but meen I envy your optimism Dean, and Brian.
good luck LW. hope that helps. he's gonna need it.

Charlie Ace on Sep 17 at 18:14

Good comments. I agree with your statement that the PO is the perfect offense for Lou to ease himself into the starting lineup. But it's hard for me to see 17 points a game from him. That's what veteran scorers average. 14 would be nice.

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