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Predicting 2010: Samuel Dalembert

I'm quite opimistic about Sam's offense this year given that he will playing with Lou/Holiday and not Miller. Miller was always freezing him out and when Lou was in the game, many times 3rd or 4th quarters, he would find him down low or on the alley oop.

The big thing about Sam as always is foul trouble, hopefully that will determine his playing time and not a small ball hungry coach that we've seen the past several years.

That's a valid point about Miller. Not sure if he was 100% responsible, but there were definitely times that he would lock people out of the offense. Usually, it was called for and the guy who wouldn't get the ball was Willie (or Evans). Could've been the coaches as well, though, so who knows, either way it could improve.

The bigger issue last year was the coaches only allowing Sammy 4 fouls for the entire game. 2 in the first, then he sat. A total of 4 at any time in the second half, and he was done for the game.

I am somewhat hopefully that Brand and Dalembert will bring the best out of each other. It's kind of like a poor man's version of the two Wallaces for Detroit in 2003-05.
Dalembert gives the length and athleticism while Brand brings the strength and toughness. And both of them can rebound well.

I don't expect anything from Daly offensively to be honest, except a couple of offensive boards a game as well as the occasional putback. If he can stay foul-free and reduce the boneheaded plays he'll be an asset to this team.

They had great success playing next to each other last year, before Brand's injury. At least in the defense/rebounding departments they did.

Brian: agreed

for the life of me i dont get why many people think Sam is only a detriment to this team. i guess maybe he is easy to dislike and has a somewhat enigmatic/fragile personality. anyway his greatest problem last year was his offensive liability whihc was basically bcos we run ISOs everywhere and he cant do much on his own.he should do much better this year.

Sam is seen as a detriment to the team because he is terrible offensively, thinks he isn't and in the past 3-5 years has shown very little if any improvement in his understanding of the fundamentals of basketball (be it boxing out, passing, dribbling, etc...)

I don't expect Sam to be any better or any worse than last season - he'll do - you won't win a title with him - but this team isn't a title contender yet anyway - all this off season stuff is nice (and awfully public isn't it?) but I am not so easily convinced that one off season makes a difference after how many wasted off seasons?

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