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Predicting 2010: Elton Brand

17pt/9.2reb/.47% 58 games

I think Brand will get his numbers because of opportunity and hard work. But I need to be convinced that he has the explosiveness back to be an impact/star.

I understand that his game is not built around athletasism or jumping ability. But he still needs at least some quickness for his moves to be effective and some ups in order to finish contested shots inside. Last year before the shoulder injury Brand had a hard time finsihing contested shots inside. Maybe another year on the shelf helped him fully heal from the achilles... or maybe the inside part of his game is gone. We will see.

We have watched a number of big men who could not jump over a loaf of bread (Jackson and CWebb.) Neither could finish inside when challenged. Brand might score a bunch from the high post and battle on the boeards. But unless he can also be a bull in a china shop in the lane like in his prime expect his FG% and his overall impact to suffer.

To me, the lift seemed to be there immediately preceding the should injury, and also during his brief return. That leaves me hopeful the Achilles will be fully healed and he shouldn't look like Chris Webber out there.

That being said, it's a legitimate concern. 17/9.2/47% wouldn't be terrible production from him, depending on his minutes, but they really need him for more than 58 games.

I hope he gets his inside finishing ability back.

According to 82games his last few years on the Clippers about 1/4 of his shots were inside shots (another 4% where dunks.) .626 on inside shots 2 years ago. On the inside shots his FG% was 62%.

Last year he tpok the same proportion of inside shots and dunks as when he was a Clipper. But on the inside shots his FG% was only 45%. That is a huge drop, but again maybe his will return to form this year.

I have no doubt he can rebound and hit short jumpers. But he needs to also be ableto score inside to be an impact player who brings a skill the other bigs lack.

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