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Predicting 2010: Andre Iguodala

I agree that those are lofty numbers. I think we should change the blog to Optimistic fan. They seem more like best case scenario.

I'm not sure how Iguodala and Lou, two of the worst high volume 3pt shooters in the NBA, suddenly become nearly 35% shooters from deep. Are you attributing this improvement to the new scheme or the players improving?

The 7 Assists is possible, but I guess I'll believe it when I see it (and hopefully he makes me a believer.)

I think you are about right but do not believe his shooting percentage will drop. I actually believe it will increase in that he will have more control of the ball, therefore better shots.

Also, you maybe a little low on his averages on points and assists.

i think he is the biggest question mark simply because the team's offense should run through him dunno how he fares in the PO. if its ok, they'll be aite. if he can really get into it, then we have reason for optimism. numbers dont matter with this guy anyway. he just needs to get better with the shot. who knows whether he will have a good enough start to make the all star team.

Both Iguodala and Williams saw their 3P% drop last season. For Lou, it may have been volume, but Iguodala actually took fewer threes than the year before, and still saw his percentage drop by 2%. I have a hunch that may explain a little bit of it (but I'm going to need some time to do the research). Mainly, though, I think the offense will give better looks, hopefully from better spots on the floor for both guys, which will help them get to just a little bit below average, rather than way below average.

I hope you are right. Lou was really horrible at the 3 last year. No one who shot nearly as many 3's was close to his horrible percentage. He was better in prior years, so it would be great to see him rebound.

Just read this on Hoopshype, link is spanish so:

"Philadelphia has the best fans that I've ever seen. The level of loyalty to the team there is bigger than with other teams." El Mundo

I agree. :-)

Hmmn. I'd say their core of fans are very loyal, but the number is way too low. It's funny, if/when the Sixers ever turn the corner and become contenders I'm probably going to hate the bandwagon people who have abandoned them for years.

I don't have anything against bandwagon fans, as long as the own up to it.

I'm a casual baseball fan, so the last few years have jumped back on the Phillies bandwagon. Honestly, I get less out of the Phils success then a true diehard fan, and I'd never start talking smack to a diehard Mets fan since I never really lived and died with the Phillies when they were mediocre.

As for the Sixers, the more fans the better. I pulled for the team during the pre-AI (Spoon/Barros) years, and it was great when fan interest was up in the early AI years. I'd gladly welcome the fanbase back on the bandwagon- if only the team could generate more interest.

Top 10 player? He hasn't even made an all-star team yet.

Yeah but being well rounded doesn't normally translate into All Star appearances, scoring 30ppg and being a celebrity do. He'll make it this year, unless he starts out flat again.

"Yeah but being well rounded doesn't normally translate into All Star appearances"

Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Dwyane Wade
Chris Paul
Dwight Howard
Kevin Garnett
Tim Duncan
Deron Williams
Brandon Roy
Carmelo Anthony

Andre Iguodala does not belong among these names. Gerald Wallace is well-rounded too. There's a little more to being an NBA superstar.

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