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Kidd vs. Fisher On the Refs

All I know is that Violet Palmer has set back women referees at least a decade. Not to insert politics, but she is the Sarah Palin of women referees.

DeanH reply to tk76 on Sep 24 at 11:40

That is a low blow on Sarah Palin using her name in the same paragraph as Violet.

On another note, I agree with Kidd and Brian 100%. It makes it very hard at times to enjoy the game w/ some of the calls or lack of calls.

New uniforms out: http://i35.tinypic.com/sqh36b.jpg

Wish they had kept the border around the numbers and Sixers like in the retro jerseys. Oh well.

More importantly, does Thad have a quarter inch on Brand?

Standing reach:

Thad 8'10"
Brand: 9'2"
(Jason Smith and Kevin Love: 8'10")
(Tyson Chandler 9'2" and about the same for Kaman, Gortat and Bogut)

Its the low center of gravity and long arms that makes Brand so tough to deal with inside (or at least used to.)

Yeah, I just thought he had some height on Thad.

Same database from draftexpress:

Brand: 6'8.25/6'9.5
Young: 6'5.75/6'7.5

(with and w/o shoes.)

That picture makes it look like Thad has grown or Brand has shrunk.

well Brand is an old man... and Thad was 18 when those measurements were taken. So Thad could have grown an inch or two. I remember him being quoted saying how his dad grew a few inches after 18...

The text does seem to be swimming in the background. You're right about the border.

Overall, much better than recent jerseys, nowhere near as good as the retro jerseys IMO.

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