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Predicting the Southeast

Interesting, but I just don`t think Washington is going to be that bad this year. Flip Saunders is a solid coach, and although it may take him more than a season to solidify this team to his liking, with Arenas and Haywood back I just don`t see them only winning 27 games. The southeast just might be the strongest division in the conference this year.

Whoever does Gilbert Arenas' publicity is an absolute genius. The guys has played 15 games combined over the past two seasons, he has chronic knee issues, yet everyone is taking for granted that he's going to be back, at 100%, for the full season. Whereas Elton Brand suffers two unrelated injuries, works his ass off to get back on the floor, yet now he's "injury prone" and probably won't be the player he once was.

I guess all you have to do is be loud and make an ass out of yourself for people to believe in you.

And Haywood is essentially Sam Dalembert with a hair better offense, much worse defense and rebounding. That's not exactly a potent combination.

Jeff reply to Brian on Sep 25 at 22:17

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Wizards fan, but Haywood is more of a legit center than the backups they had in there last season. That automatically makes them a bit better than last year, at least at the center position. As for Arenas...let's say he has finally rehabbed his knee correctly and plays the full season - only 27 wins for this team?
I see this team getting 27 wins if his knee completely bums out and he is done for the season in the first 15 games. So at worst - 25-30 wins, at best, they make a low seed in the playoffs.

I don't necessarily disagree w/ you. I'm extremely doubtful that (a) Arenas will be the player he once was (b) He'll stay healthy and (c) that it even matters w/out Jordan's offensive system.

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