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Predicting the Southwest

Real and Speightacular on Sep 29 at 8:21

Memphis trying to sell tickets til a Seattle concern takes them back home? I'll bet Houston creeps a little closer to 40 wins.

The AI signing, IMO, shows you are correct. It is all about ticket sales in Memphis. That sums it up. And, considering their competition, maybe not a bad move as a GM, Brian?

i don't have a problem w/AI signing. memphis is a few yrs away from being a playoff team. So why not sell as many tickets as you can while you are still developing?

johnmagee reply to stan on Sep 29 at 18:19

Because Iverson doesn't sell tickets any more...and he won't sell em in Memphis

Real and Speightacular reply to johnmagee on Sep 30 at 4:42

Last season was only his first undeniably poor season. The year before he was All-NBA (third-team) and for years and years before that he one of the NBA's most exciting, prolific, and high-profile scorers.

I think that'll be enough for Memphis rubes. He's gonna sell a bunch of tickets, believe.

does anyone have espn insider? I want to read this article.

Hollinger puts the Sixers at 42-40 in that article. Here's the best quote:

Signed Rodney Carney to a one-year deal for the minimum. I really liked this deal from a value perspective, as Carney is only 25 and was productive last season for the Timberwolves. It's surprising he didn't command a better deal. He should see heavy minutes as a wing reserve, especially if Jordan brings the Sixers' inexplicable, half-decade-long compulsion to play Willie Green to a merciful end.

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