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This One Time, At Training Camp...

samueldalembertdotca on Sep 30 at 8:19

"he's 100%, nail-on-the-head, sure as shit correct" haha that's a classic quote, and definitely true.

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johnmagee on Sep 30 at 11:31

Hmm...the thing about the shooting drills is that it's not about making shots per se it's about refining your technique and being consistent with your technique...if Iguodala is doing that - finding a consitent solid technique and shooting rhythn that's more important than the actual makes

Hmmn. Not sure I agree with you there. The best possible news would be that he spent the summer working with a shooting coach (which I haven't seen mentioned at all). Beyond that, repetition is the key. 500-1,000 makes per day should improve his touch/feel and the muscle memory to repeat his mechanics again and again. Or at least that's what I'd hope.

johnmagee reply to Brian on Sep 30 at 12:25

If it's consistent mechanics when he makes the shot - sure - but if his mechanics are not the same on each shot - if he's not refining and working on his mechanics as much as he is making sure it goes in - there won't be a memory - or a pattern knowing to his body when the shot is taken.

Well, if his mechanics aren't consistent in the gym, you'd expect it would take longer and longer to make 1,000 shots. If it takes 3,000 to hit 1,000 he'd be spending like 20 hours a day in the gym :)

Tray reply to Brian on Sep 30 at 12:34

500-1000 makes out of how many shots? I mean, Shaq could've made 500 free-throws a day every summer, still wouldn't have done him much good if he had to take a thousand to do it.

johnmagee reply to Tray on Sep 30 at 13:36

not that egergious but that was kind of my point - it's not about the shots as much as the mechanics and consistency - number of shots made impresses a lot of people - never really impresses me :)

I find makes to be a better psychological barometer. Results oriented, rather than simply going through the motions. 500 makes means more than 500 shots to me.

Tray reply to Brian on Sep 30 at 19:48

So you think if Shaq had gone into a gym every day and never left until he hit 500 foul shots, he'd be a better foul shooter? I think all that would mean is he'd be taking 1000 foul shots a day for a summer and making 500. That's not going to make him so confident, not going to improve his technique either.

Yeah, I think if he had to make a certain number every day before he could eat a sundae, that would've probably motivated him.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 1 at 14:00

But again, all he'd have to do is show up really early in the morning and take 1000 shots, getting him to 500 makes. It's like anything; I could make myself make 30 15-foot putts a day, and all that would mean is I'd be putting ALL DAY.

Sixers are giving this guy a chance.


I am pretty big into skill development and I can say with certainty repetitions are not key. Quality repetitions are key.

All repetitions do is develop habits - good and bad. Most players don't understand that they can actually hurt their game with tons of reps that are performed improperly. The biggest mistake is when a guy shoots with poor inconsistent form and make a shot. Mentally and physically that reinforces the bad habit and it's something a shooting coach could help the player overcome. People don't change habits they replace old ones with new ones. It's an important concept to understand when it comes to skill development.

He needs a shooting coach to help him develop a shooting form and mechanics that are consistent, repeatable with the end result of having good accuracy.

Developing a simple, consistent and repeatable shot with strong accuracy is built piece by piece from the ground up. His footwork need to be looked at, his grip, is the ball lined up on his shotline throughout the whole shooting motion, his release, his follow through. And the focus of each segment is on the form not making or missing the shot. Once you drill each individual part of the shot the end result is more makes at a higher percentage.

Making shots is okay, making a high % of shots is much more important. that comes from good mechanics that are repeatable and confidence.

Here's a question for you guys. If you were a player like Iguodala, with one area of your game that really needs work, wouldn't you hire your own personal shooting coach to work with every day over the summer?

I remember reading that Iguodala had spent the summer of 2006 working on his free throws. The following season he shot 82% from the line. I'm hoping we see the same type of results from his work this summer. I'm not sure how active he was last summer, at least before he signed his contract.

No brainer. I would have a full-time shooting coach year round, not just the summer if that was the #1 area I needed to work on. There wouldn't even be a thought of not having one.

Hell Herb Magee is even local.

Maybe someone can Tweet him on whether he has a shooting coach. I'm assuming he was working with someone out there this summer. Doesn't he usually train with Kobe's group in the off-season?

RagedCage on Sep 30 at 15:18

Where's jrue? I would have put him over willie green (obviously) but does that mean that willies gonna get more minutes then jrue? WTF!?

People were assuming Willie would be out of the rotation. But after that press conference we bloggers had with Stefanski and he said they envision Willie playing an irregular point guard role like Lucious Harris did for the Nets when Stefanski was there.

That immediately told me Willie was the back-up point guard in Eddie Jordan's "you don't need a true point guard" offense.

In my mind Jrue has to take minutes from Willie in camp and during the season. He isn't coming into camp as the back-up.

Does anyone have a different take on that observation, assumption?

Nope. It's Willie's job to lose at this point, and I fully expect him to lose it quickly unless (a) Jordan has a bias against rookies (b) Jrue is way too careless with the ball (c) Jrue can't grasp the fundamental concepts of the offense or (d) all of the above.

I'm going to have to do some research on rookie minutes under Jordan in his time in Washinton.

Per Tom Moore:

Jordan on Willie Green: "First of all, his teammates look at him as a leader. That’s very big in my book. He leads by example and verbally. He’s going to be there. He’s one of the top three guards (we have)."

F me. That's just absolutely horrible, terrible, disgusting news.

johnmagee on Oct 1 at 14:33

Any one who sees willie green as a leader should be out of basketball cause they obviously are clueless as to what good basketball is

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