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Open Practice At The Spectrum

Free you say? Pencil me in.

Brian, As we discussed on Twitter I will be there. Maybe I will breakout my Brand Jersey for that. The other reson I am going is as a season ticket holder I will be getting a Thad Young personally autographed Jersey after the practice. By the way if anybody wants to follow me on Twitter this is my handle : @Rob_STC.

Free parking as well?

Hmmn. No mention of parking, but you'd have to assume it's free, right? I wonder if the Phils could have a home game that day. That may complicate things.

johnmagee reply to Brian on Oct 1 at 14:35

It's doubtful that phillies will have a day game on that day - MLB doesn't do day playoff games any more do they?

They did as of a couple years ago. Not sure now. Didn't pay much attention to the playoffs last year :)

Ryan F on Oct 1 at 8:04

Never pay for parking at any Philadelphia event, park in Roosevelt park and just walk across Broad St. Turn in off of Pattison Ave and follow park drive around until you find a spot right across the street. It's free. It's kind of a hike to CBP but to the Spectrum or WC its nothing.

DeanH reply to Ryan F on Oct 1 at 12:39

Is it safe and allowed to park there at night? Wonderful if it is true, thank you! I park the other direction for the Phillies for free, btw.

Yep, I've never been worried parking there, ever had an issue and been doing it for years. Tons of people do. I normally park there for the phills and birds even though it's a hike because the tailgating is good, and everyone is friendly.

DeanH reply to Ryan F on Oct 1 at 18:08

Thank you, you made my day!!!

So is there a meeting place setup?

I'm not familiar with the Spectrum, so I'll put a post up tomorrow (Friday) afternoon) looking for suggestions for where to meet up.

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