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Eddie Jordan Confidence Meter

Real and Speightacular on Oct 5 at 6:41

To the degree you believe bringing in a coach who is more famous for his offensive strategies than defensive was the right move to make, I don't know that there's much to vote on just yet.

Other than the Jrue issue--which I think you have to admit is complicated by the fact that Jrue didn't impress much in observable summer league/training camp while Willie happens to be a low-risk distributor who knows how to cut and make 2pt shots--he hasn't set off any alarm bells yet. In my book, for right now, he deserves the benefit of any doubts.

Every coach is going to value both offense and defense. It's a question of which end they themselves are most comfortable coaching. I'm pretty sure I've seen an article saying in effect that they'll look to keep more or less the same defensive schemes they had before (just as they're also going to keep some run n gun, too). Defense, Miller aside, was never really a mindset issue with this team.

p.s. I'm curious, I'd like to know what "intentions" should he have toward Brand? It's like Jordan's the suitor come to marry our daughter ;-)
p.p.s. One other pro: dude is smart enough not to be caught talking up Willie too much.

Check the comments below, I think I mis-read that quote from Jordan about Brand re not using him in pick-and-roll situations. He was probably saying Brand wouldn't be the ballhandler in such situations, which makes sense. I read it as Jordan saying Brand would be posting up, but not be the picker in the pick-and-roll/pop plays in the offense.

No matter what Jordan's intentions are with Brand, he seems to have a better idea of how to use him than Cheeks. That, plus Brand supposedly being healthier this year should be an improvement. The offense, in general, should become more sophisticated as the year progresses. Since the sixers have been playing better after the allstar break the past two years (attributed due to their athleticism), that in combination with being more comfortable with the PO might make them even better this year.
As far as defense goes...as much as people loved Reggie Evans, I wasn't a big fan of his defense. So many times last year I watched him run out of position to pressure guys, then he wouldn't get back in time - resulting in an easy play for the other team. I hope the backcourt bench players this year play smarter defense. I think the bench players in the front court will be better this year with Carney and Ivey (exception being Kapono).
I think Jordan might be looking to get Green in there in the beginning of the season. Once he sees how much Green sucks and doesn't contribute, I can see him using Jrue more for defense.
I think Lou will play better defense than Miller. And of course we all know with Thad playing his more natural position and Brand at the 4, the starting line up should have better defense than last year.
I'm confident Jordan knows what he's doing. I don't have any reason to doubt him as of now.

Jeff reply to Jeff on Oct 5 at 8:45

correction: when I said back court bench players (referring to Speights an Smith) I meant front court and vice versa.

Good thoughts. Agree with your take on Reggie Evans, we've talked about that at length.

Jordan seems solid. He seems to have a clear vision for the team and how best to use the players. I'm actually encouraged by most of his statements. Brand has scored a lot over the years with crafty short flip shots and short jumpers. Jordan looks to be trying to get Brand into a position to succeed instead of simply dumping the ball to him in the post or only running pick and pop at the elbow.

When you look at everything Jordan has said through the lens of trying to win games then it all makes sense (I realize you don't win with Green, but other players may not be ready to supplant him.) He has not talked in terms of player development other than talking about the learning curve of picking up the new system.

He also seems to have found a good balance between leadership and ego. He is clearly a coach who is in control, but does not seem to have any personal ego driven agenda at this point. He has talked about changing his system to fit the players and even running some standard NBA sets early if the team is struggling. I guess no one is in his dog house yet, so I guess time will tell.

Am interested in seeing what type of game coach he is. Certainly can't make any type of overall judgemnt yet, but so far he is off to a good start and seems like a good fit.

Hey Brian,

You misinterpreted his quote regarding Brand.

"In some ways, Elton reminds me of Willis Reed," Jordan said. "He's a good shot-blocker, good rebounder, good defender. He can play at the elbow and can play on the box. He's going to have so many different angles and spots on the floor and little jump shots that are going to be there for him. It's going to take him a while to find the niche in the offense. Forwards are going to run pick-and-rolls, though probably not him. Forwards are going to post up, and that's probably going to be a lot of him. He'll find his place."

He means that Brand will not be running the Screen-Roll as the ballhandler, like some Forwards on the team(Dala, Thad, Carney, Kapono), as opposed to being the screener(like Sam or Speights or Smith). No reason to be unsure at all. The only reason he even mentioned it at all is because of his constant meme about interchanging(a la "forwards will do guard things...").

Overall, I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised. In today's Daily News, there is a quote about how Ayers is staying on him about defense, almost to being overeager and meticulous. That's a good thing.


I'll worry about Willie Green if we are having this same convo in January/Feb.

I see what you're saying about the quote, still not 100% sure what he meant by it, but your interpretation makes more sense than mine.

Sean reply to Brian on Oct 5 at 15:00

All in all, I have to say that I am liking it so far. As of now, I am planning to attend the morning practice with a possibility of going to the preseason opener this friday. Want to see this in person.

johnmagee on Oct 5 at 12:13

I have as much confidence as I do when he was hired, nothings been accomplished yet, nothings happened yet...just some nice spin control in the papers and fans blowing things out of proportion in all direction (but while he may not have impressed some, Holliday did inspire both coach and GM to say nice things during summer league - that would be missed if you only look at the box scores in a league where John Salmons once wowed Larry Bird)

I don't agree with all the decisions he's made, but I don't think I know better than Eddie Jordan or Ed Stefanski...if they think lou is the best option to start right now, fine, if they couldn't find a taker for Sam, fine...whatever...they know what's out there...I currently have no hope that this team will be any better (or worse) than last year.

The only thing I find fascinating is that the great tom thibodeau can't get a head coaching job - anywhere - two years in a row he's the hot name and no jobs...maybe that's because the NBA just likes to recycle old names OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER - medicre coaches continue to get jobs - and maybe jordan is just a mediocre coach.

But then again, right now, I think the sixers have a mediocre roster, so I guess they fit together

Tray reply to johnmagee on Oct 5 at 12:47

John Salmons is a pretty good player now.

johnmagee reply to Tray on Oct 5 at 12:53

He's better than Willie Green - that's true

But I don't thnk he's wowing anyone.

Every year people say 'don't read too much into summer league' and every year people read too much into summer league primarily to fit their preconceived conclusions about a player.

Real and Speightacular reply to johnmagee on Oct 5 at 13:05

You only read too much if you suppose a great summer league is going to automatically lead to an all-star-worthy regular season.

Summerleague's exposes more pretenders than stars.

Then again some people think a player's going to be awesome no matter what the player does. Preconceptions/Excuses can go either way.

Cool how sideways jabtalk keeps the homefires burnin. On and on it goes, when it rests, nobody knows.

That's true

I mean look at you and Speights - you're convinced he's going to be awesome no matter what he does...no matter how crappily he plays defense you think he's still doing great.

You have your agendas - we all get it - and you're one of the primary reasons I'm probably going to stop posting here.

Real and Speightacular reply to johnmagee on Oct 5 at 14:06

Ha ha! There it is, out it comes! Talk about retreading old ass business.

"I mean look at you and Speights - you're convinced he's going to be awesome no matter what he does...no matter how crappily he plays defense you think he's still doing great."

I love the way you characterize things, John. So definitively extreme. That's so you. I'm going to miss that, but first a challenge: see if you can find one instance of hyperbole on my part re Speights and I'll head out before you do. Just one.

Re my man Speights, I really only defend against what I feel are comments that go too far. I'm a fan, absolutely, but I don't overboost and I will and have admitted his flaws (something you have never done re, oh, say, JH). Any agendaless regular here has seen that from me on more than one occasion. That's what I say, and I welcome you to find different.

Hey, you say "probably" will stop coming here? Let us know what you need to make that final exit and I'll try to accomodate, if it fits my style.

For the good of the order, you should both stop posting. When one or two people dominate things as badly as you do, making every effort to boost your own egos at the expense of others who simply want to have a friendly chat about their team... well, it ruins things for everyone. So, congrats, guys... you're ruining things for everyone and driving people away from what's probably the best Sixers blog out there.

You both suck.

Real and Speightacular reply to Dutch on Oct 5 at 15:11

And now it gets personal. Way to keep up the level of discourse, Dutchieboy. It is, as John would surely say, ironic that the guy who wants to keep it friendly sees no difference between me an John. Amazing, really.

"When one or two people dominate things as badly as you do, making every effort to boost your own egos at the expense of others who simply want to have a friendly chat about their team"

Dude. Pull up your skirt, will ya? You're always free to join the convo, make a different point or side step altogether. If John has prevented you from enjoying the site, well shame on him. Me? I'm a lover and counter-puncher. The site is big enough to accomodate aggressive snipers like John and invective spitting doves such as yourself. You must be new to blogs an forums or you'd realize this stuff is relatively tame.

johnmagee on Oct 5 at 14:57

I hadn't posted for a while so I'm wondering how I could have been dominating anything, but if it makes Dutch happy - I'll leave. I was planning on it anyway

I really don't have the time or energy to police the comments. If this starts to become like the comments on Philly.com, I'll just make registration mandatory and ban people when they become a problem. I don't think we're at that point yet, but seriously, was there any reason for this post to turn into a pissing contest?

To get back to the blog, I voted 7 as confidence in EJ. I am happy so far that he seems to have a plan (unlike Mo who I liked alot as a player). But, until the season starts, I really do not know how I can objectively rate him. Hopefully he is a 10 with Green being used just a few minutes a game (unless he is hot on shooting that night!).

And, no one should leave, just keep to the point! That is my vote on the fight above!!

deepsixersuede reply to DeanH on Oct 5 at 18:25

I also gave him a 7, for the reasons you listed and hopefully he has a clue when it comes to game time adjustments.

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